Coherent Systems - Maestro Cables

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Coherent Systems have introduced a new cable to their rang the Maestro a step forward from the previous Connoisseur '+'.Maestro is perfectly weighted from top to bottom, encouraging a totally natural reproduction. The upper frequencies are transparently open, enabling you to hear all the details and nuances that previously eluded you, in a manner that’s clean and crisp, yet not lacking in emotion and feeling or giving you that etched or fatiguing feeling.

Dynamics, as in all Coherent Systems products, are a feature the 'Maestro' has in abundance; immediacy and speed are manifest, but never in a forced or mechanically contrived fashion.

Coherent Systems 'Maestro' is a seriously transparent and open cable, with the ability to ‘let the source do the talking', and consequently won’t be ideal for every system.

Our prices for the Maestro Cable Range are:

  • Speaker 2m.............£600.00
  • Analogue 1m...........£475.00
  • Balanced 1m............£525.00
  • Digital 1m................£325.00

Cables are supplied with either Neutrik XLR, Eichmann Silver bullets, Furutech IECs or MK Tuffplugs silver plated. Speaker Cables are supplied with either WBT locking bananas, Eichmann silver bayonet plugs or Furutech 8mm spades.