Coherent Vinyl selection

Oracle Puresound Puresound Oracle Delphi MK VI

Diverse Vinyl the music lovers choice

The pride of ownership you obtain from a quality turntable is matched only by the music you play through it, allowing it to breathe metophorically speaking!

Our partners in 'musical crime' so to speak are Diverse vinyl, who's superb selction of new and used vinyl is second to none, not to mention their own record label!

Weather you are browsing for the lastest releases or searching for the long lost track you just can't get out of your head Diverse Vinyl will point you in the right direction.

With everything from Aaron Copland to ZZ top, audiophile pressing and cuts to CD's yes the even do CD's so if you are aching for the 24Kt audio fidelity Deep Purple Machine head then Diverse Vinyl will cure your ill's.

Oracle turntables have a superb musical synergy and a naturalness that very few decks can approach, make the best of these stunning replay devices with Divrese vinyl's offerings now!

Oracle turntables and Diverse Vinyl make beautiful music together

Oracle Puresound Puresound Oracle Delphi MK VI