Belcanto Design and Coherent Systems

Coherent Systems are the country's leading independent Belcanto specialists, with over 20 years of intimate knowledge of the brand ranging across the various products formats. We offer servicing, repairs and carefully considered upgrades to enhance your listening pleasure. We also include our 3 or 6 month warranty programme depending on which route you take. So for unparalleled experience with Belcanto Design products contact us for all your requirements.

Bel Canto has created cutting edge audio products for over 20 years, designed specifically to convey the subtle details in the original recording. Our e.One products achieve this goal by developing efficient new technologies and superior designs.

Pieces of the puzzle

The e.One interface design is intentionally minimal, useful, and efficient. The focused dual-function knob gives you full control of volume, channel selection, and mute within a few turns or presses. The green multifunction display is easily read from a distance. Our 4 digit display is simple and efficient, and the programmable 8 digit alphanumeric displays provides customized operation and naming of inputs. Either display can be turned off for unobtrusive operation. The included 36 button remote allows instant fingertip access to every function.

Preserving and conveying the original nuance of a recording drives our choices in technology and circuit design. Though not the easiest path, we have found that it leads to true musical expression. Not just a new or different ‘sound’ quality, this approach results in true advancement of the audio art and your listening experience.

Bel Canto’s High-Dynamic Resolution (HDR) Core is fundamental to the integrity of our Digital to Analog Converter design. HDR Core is the result of over 20 years of R&D into optimum DAC architecture. The HDR Core incorporates refinements in power supply architecture, asynchronous retiming of all digital inputs, ultra low noise (ULN) master clocks, full ClassA I/V and voltage amplifier stages and carefully selected passive devices to ensure that all of our DAC products provide market leading transparency from any musical source.

All e.One amplifiers are designed with Bel Canto's Impedance Optimized Input to ensure optimum balanced signal drive to the amplifier module and optimal impedance balanced signal loading from the controller output stage. The input stage ensures low noise and low interference operation in a real world environment, preserving signal integrity. Many e.One amplifiers also take advantage of our custom AC/DC input filter and energy storage stage to allow the amp module to operate in a better controlled environment, providing lower noise operation and better dynamic signal handling, making the amplifier sound ‘bigger’ and conveying dynamic nuance more accurately.

e.One products are designed to work as a complete audio system from source to amplification, delivering maximum performance and transparently pristine audio reproduction in a compact, efficient footprint. While each component is designed robustly to enhance any audio system, a system assembled with all e.One components will provide the most transparent path from source to loudspeaker.