Belles Soloist integrated amplifier

For most of his working life Dave Belles has been very much a pre and power amplifier man and had resisted going down the integrated amplifier route, until two years ago when after some 'Persuasion ' he produced the critically accalimed and highly successful IA-01 Statement series integrated amplifier.

Pleased with it's reception, he embarked on a project to make a samller, but no less impressive version for the Soloist range.

Sporting some of the technology of the superb IA-01 the Soloist SI-1 has been molded in the same vien, serious performance, great looking package and high value for a modest outlay.

Musicality is at the heart of all Belles equipment and the Soloist integrated is no exception, with a genuine 125Wrms and over 30 amps of current the SI-1 packs a punch, yet does so in a very involving and engaging way, superb presence that flows through the musical peak's and trough's. Very linear yet full of depth and texture with great bass depth, detail and articulation

The Soloist SI-1 performs well above it price point and beyond, easily mixing with far more exhaulted company. The SI-1 comes with 5 inputs (and monitor loop), one pre output, full remote control, superb build quality and 5 year warranty.

Now with Black Ravioli Isolation feet as standard

Soloist 1 integrated amplifier AV Review June 2011

Soloist 1 integrated amplifier Ultra High End Review April 2012


  • Inputs 5 pairs of rca's plus 1 monitor pair rca
  • Outputs 1 pair of rac pre-ampilifier
  • Power rating 125W (Rms) per channel @ 8 ohms
  • Power rating 250W (Rms) per channel @ 4 ohms
  • Damping factor over 2000 @ 1Khz
  • Current delivery >30 amps
  • Input sensitivity 0.43 VRMS for rated power
  • Crosstalk over 60dB
  • Noise over 100 dB A weighted
  • Input Impedance 100K omhs
  • weight 12kg's
  • Size 432mm W x 102mm x H 305mm D
  • Retail Price 3195.00