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Cabasse Idea Range

Cabasse Idea Range
The Idea range of products have been inspiried by the famous Baltic line and based on the same principles of SCS technology. Spatially Coherent System technology can give such a compact system the fundamental characteristics that all our speakers share: linearity, coherence, dynamics, power handling and absolute spatial coherency.
Cabasse Idea Range
Cabasse Idea Range
Cabasse Idea Range
Cabasse Idea Range

Egea and Iroise, names of two seas that have, for 15 years, graced successful three-way tower speakers fitted with Cabasse’s unique co-axial midrange-tweeters. To be deserving these names, the new Egea 3 and Iroise 3 models had to pass a series of rigorous lab tests and listening room evaluation. They had to adhere to the absolute fidelity of the Cabasse Spatially Coherent System principles and show their ability to express all the nuances of music, presenting the listener with an emotionally stimulating experience of sound.

From the totally understated Io2 system with it's superb free flowing, sweet and large open soundscape to the mighty Iroise 3 who's ability to recreate large and encompassing sonic landscapes embarrasses many speakers at nearly twice the price. Cabasse's Idea range contains within it some beautifully crafted and superb sounding speaker packages.

Cabasse's new editions to this range we added in late 2008, the Egea 3 and the Iroise 3. Egea 3 and elegant and clean looking slim sized floor-standing speakers utilising the BC-13 co-axial driver with SCS technology. a range of finishes that will compliment any room or living space. Egea 3 portrays a wide open stage with tight, fast punchy bass, beautiful layering and depth to the sound, coupled with correct timbre's and tonal quality with Cabsse hold so dear. All of the Idea range of speakers have the Cabasse ability to 'disappear' from listening space, just leaving you attached to just the music.

New for 2009, building on the great success of the Iroise 3 and building on it's technological and physical prowess is the brand new 'Bora' a stunning new stand-mount speaker with an 8" Duocell bass driver coupled with the superb BC-13. Performance from this speaker is nothing short of amazing!

2010 see's the release of the greatly anticipated matching centre speaker. 'Amborse' embodies all of the Cabasse virtues in one superb sounding and beautifully constructed masterpiece. Now you can unleashed the full potential of the Idea range with fully matching centre channel that compliments the rest of the Idea range perfectly.

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