Cabasse Artis range

The Artis models were created to sublimate the acoustic qualities of the TC23 loudspeakers, and their lines and volumes will add elegance and purity to your musical world.

With itís unique 3-way coaxial driver mounted in a sphere for a perfectly controlled and homogeneous diffusion, itís definition and dynamic range are comparable to the most sophisticated systems available. The realism and 3D soundstage are exclusive to speakers designed using the Cabasse Spatially Coherent System principles.

Only an Evolution of the Baltic and the launch of the TC23 can surpass this long established reference. This new tri-axial unit offers great improvements with extended throw and power handling for the low-midrange and a new patent-pending diaphragm for the tweeter. Made from new high-tech material, this membrane provides an ultra linear response up to 25 kHz with no compromises in efficiency or dynamic range

This 3rd generation of 8" co-axial 3-way unit is fitted with a brand new tweeter includes an exclusive diaphragm made of a new generation of expensive polyether. The production of these membranes is carried out by computerised machines created by our team.

Cabasse's Artis range of speakers truly puts you at the heart of the performance, their tri-axial technology more than ever gives that believability factor which transcends 'being there'. With superb craftsmanship and stunning wood finishes the Artis range does invoke the 'artisan spirit' of audio reproduction par excellence!

In September 2009 Cabasse launched a new model in the Artis group. The first new model in this range for some period. However the wait has been well worth it! A brand new superb, two way co-axial driver array. The first speaker to use this new technology, the Riga.