Coherent Systems - Cables

At Coherent Systems all our cables have been designed, tested and manufactured by ourselves for over 15 successful years.

Our cables are hand crafted and assembled from dedicated drawn base raw materials, specially manufactured dielectric's, bespoke screening etc. Nothing is produced from an 'off the reel' style cabling supplies. Each cable is manufactured to an extremely high standard, great care is taken through every stage of the process, from raw material selection to final material treatment and burn in. Coupled with high quality terminations from Furutech/Eichmann/WBT/Cardas/Neutrik/MS/X-Shadow

Designed with a passion, through many years of constant progression and development, our cables could deliver your system with that unique Coherent signature, a naturally involving sound with total cohesiveness.

All Coherent cables are guaranteed for life for the original owner (providing they are used for the purpose they were manufactured for!)

Are you something of a cable sceptic? Do you find it hard to believe that changing cables will make a real and positive difference to your system? Let us demonstrate the difference for you!

We supply a full range of interconnects (digital, audio and video) , speaker cables, mains cables. As every cable is made to order you can specify the length to suit your system.

Coherent currently offer the following cables: