Coherent Systems - Cables

A Coherent Systems speciality! All the cables we stock are designed, tested and manufactured by ourselves.

  • All our cables are hand assembled from raw materials
  • Coupled with high quality terminations from Furutech/Eichmann/WBT/Cardas/Neutrik
  • Formulated to produce that unique Coherent signature naturally involving sound.

Are you something of a cable sceptic? Do you find it hard to believe that changing cables will make a real and positive difference to your system? Let us demonstrate the difference for you!

We supply a full range of interconnects (digital, audio and video) and speaker cables and as every cable is made to order you can specify the length to suit your system.

We currently offer the following cables:

Maestro - More Details
Some of the best real world priced cables around; they produce an even handed natural sound, never favouring bass extension at the expense of the upper frequency extremes or aggressively over-projecting the mid band.

3rd Dimension Cables - More Details
Next stage evolution of the Connoisseur cable. Greater detail, sweetness and musical flow coupled with a more bass extension and improved tonal texture

4th Dimension Cables - More Details
Simply put, realism and palpability beyond reproach. Supremely natural with stunning dynamics with amazing transparency coupled with that elusive music flow.