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Quadral Speakers arrive

Quadral speakers; German engineering with a twist! Not just exceptional build quality, stylish looks and easy on the eye. Unlike many other offerings from that great country they are extremely musical. Superb transparency, wide open sound, seamless integration yet very engaging and offer genuine long term listenability.

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Belcanto Releases Ref 600M Ncore amplifiers

Belcanto launches it's latest monoblock amplifiers, first using the Ncore's advanced analogue switching mode technology combined with Belcanto's unqiue input filtration all adds up to a superb sounding and cool running green design that delivers the pure treble of a class 'a' design, the slam of the best class 'd' with a mid band presence that brings your music to life.


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Oracle Launches revised Delphi model

Oracle has released the revised Delphi Mk VI to the Gen II specification. Now sprting a two piece platter and bearing, improved motor torque and new Turbo MK II power supply. Improvements to imaging, stage depth, greater three dimensionality, bass response have been made without losing that superb Oracle natural fluid sound.


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Belcanto Refstream and Dac's

Belcanto Designs have introduced a whole new range of improved and upgraded Dacs's with the 1.7 and 2.7 sporting full USB2 24/192Khz inputs, improved 300MA headphone output full mains powered LNS style conditioners fitted as standard and the new superb looking front panel designs.

The Dac3.7 has a slick new clocking ciruit and improved power supplies and demosntrates a level of performance that few can approach at its price point.


Also new form Belcanto is the stunning new Ref Stream media renderer for those with file based systems looking to improve their sound quality.


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Oracle dealer award

Coherent Systems has been appointed an Oracle dealer of distiction this week. Our experitise with all Oracle products is goes back some twelve years both with their stunning turntables and their  superb digital pieces too.

So if you are looking for a service, overhaul, spares or a set up then we can cater for all of your needs.

We can also upgrade your Oracle products with offical factory genuine parts so why not contact us for all of your Oarcle needs.


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Black Ravioli launches new products

Fresh from the Black Ravioli stable for the summer of 2014 comes three new products from their superb portfolio of isolation devices.

The new BR Base a totally new device which utilizes a new concept for BR for the first time a dissipation platform available in two guises.

The BR riser + caters for those large pieces of equipment and loud speakers with two different heights available to cater for those big amplifier and power supplies.

Not forgetting the stalwart BR sticky Pad and the superb Big Pad an expert in the field of vibration control technology.

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Cabasse Launches Stream Range

Cabasse have lunched their exciting new range of streaming products in the UK.

From the Stream source (think improved SBT), to the Stream 3 complete wireless audio system, all fully android and apple friendly with Cabasse own custom app controller.

Starting at £299 the Stream range has a solution for everyone.


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New UK Mains plug

Ms HD power products have released their fully certified (BSI / CE) UK mains plug which sports a genuine three (3) micron coating of either Silver, Gold or Rhodium plating.

A genuine hi end alternative to Fututech. Also matching IEC's with the same ultra high quality plating and clamping surfaces.

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New Belles Reference Pre

The new A10 reference pre amplifier from Belles, more than just a superb quality pre, a dac and phono stage  as well with dedicated off board power supply.

This new reference model combines a very flexible pre amplifier which delivers amazing soundstaging, tonality, dynamics with a truly musical performance. Coupled with a USB 24/192Khz dac using Wolfson's WM8070 chipset and a very special MM / MC phono stage, all this gives the Belles A10 a high desirability factor.

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Renaissance Amplification

Coherent Systems are proud to add to their portfolio the Renaissance Amplification range of full electronics.

A true UK company that have been designing and producing high quality affordable electronics for close to fifteen years.

Majoring on musical enjoyment Renaissance Amplification products will surprise and delight listeners with there great sounding and well made electronics. While producing a complete audio system, from CD transport, phono stage to sublime 300B mono amplifiers this UK company attention to detail, original innovations and musical delivery will put a smile on your face.

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Audiophile Base Award

Audiophile Base has beed awarded "Editors Choice" by HiFi News in February 2013 edition for their generation II QuattraBase  audio support system. Sporting one of the stunning new finishes light oak with the very latest matching Audiophile Base  platform design and finish.

John Bamford enthused "It's fabulous quality of construction and considerable attention to detail. Moreover it will ensure you enjoy your audio components at their very best"

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Stereophile Award

Oracle Audio has been awarded "Best sounding high end product" by Stereophile magazine October 2012 for the Delphi MK VI turntable. Based solely on the sheer performance of the component this is high praise indeed from one of the most highly recognised audio publications in the world.

The Oracle Delphi MK VI turntable has be given this prestigious award for it superb musical reproduction at the highest level, not only is the Delphi a work of art, but a stunningly engaging communicator of music.


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Belcanto USB links

Belcanto have just released three new asynchronous USB devices to cater for the growing PC / Mac compter audio market.

Starting from £299 these superbly designed and though out devices deliver greatly improved audio performance by utilising new clocking and power supply isolation technology.


Each one is tailored to suit different enthusiats stages, from basic SPDIF to AES/EBU ST fibre optic, the new Belcanto USB links represent a great way of obtaining high quality audio from computer audio


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Coherent move completed

Coherent Systems have now finished our recent business move to larger premises.

While the move has not taken us too far from our previous location, we are now fully up and running again.

Looking forward to seeing our clients in the new location which means we can now demonstrate the move advanced audio equipment as well as the physically larger ones!

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Belcanto C7R here!

This supremely flexible Belcanto amplifier just bristles with features and sound quality, with a full 24/192Khz four input dac, USB dac, head phone amplifier, MM phono stage, pre amplifier coupled with a seriously good FM tuner.

Belcanto's C7R makes for a superb all in one music centre for the 21st Century all you need is a pair of speakers!


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Black Ravioli News

Black Ravioli has announced a New Year surprise for it clients, the retail price of the BR sticky feet (both options) and the new big pad have been reduced for the start of 2012.

Sticky feet are a great introduction to the world of Black Ravioli isolation products and now you can sample their great performance for less.

The cost of the sticky pads is now £30 per unit, the big pad has been reduced to £70 per unit.



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Black Ravioli another award!

Black Ravioli has just been awarded a 'Brutus' for it's superb range of total isolation solutions by Positive feed magazine in their end of year round up of outstanding products for 2011.

Dave Clark made the following observations "These are marvels of realising the true potential of one's system" . "I feel like am I listening to a new system..... One that is WAY better that what I want in every respect!"

The Brutus is now added to a long line of awards that Black Ravioli has received in the last three years, finsd out why it's causing such a stir.

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Dublin Sound & Vision 2011

We are proud to exhibiting Oracle Audio products at the sound & vision show 2011 on the 5th/6th of November at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

Debuting for  the stunning brand new Oracle Paris turntable along with the legendary Delphi Mk VI for the very first time in the Emerald Isle plus the stunningly musical CD2500.

All the equipment will be used in cojunction with Audiophile base support systems and platforms bringing a more realistic & natural sound to the proceedings.

Come along and say hello to the crew and listen to some beautfull music in great surroundings

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Coherent's dc power lead

Coherent have launched a replacement for Belcanto's umbilical cables for the VBS range of equipment.

Giving a very worth while lift in performance across the audio spectrum whilst keeping the flexibility of the original cable.

One of the best methods of improving your Belcanto system sound quality for a pound for pound modest outlay

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Musical weekend

We are having a musical weekend of relaxed and informative sounds August 6th and 7th , banter and food (BBQ weather permitting) We will be show casing the stunning new Oracle Paris with the superb valve equipment of Puresound. We will also be demonstration high resolution digital streaming too.

Guy Sargent will be on hand through out the weekend so your chance to meet the man behind the brand in a more informal way. There will a number of systems on demonstration all through the event, with Audio Physics, Audiophile Base,  Belcanto, Belles, Cabasse, Puresound and Vivid audio speakers.

We are opening the time up to the ladies and families as well, we have a dedicated chill out areas and large gardens. so all are welcome. Refreshments will be provided all through the day.

Please contact use via the email to registar your place

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Audio Physics '25' models

Audio Physics have replaced the following speakers with the '25' version. Step, Sitara, Celius, Scorpio II, high-end centre and the Orea centre.

These units will feature totally new tweeter driver, a new encloser tweeter chamber, new mid range units, upgraded X/overs, WBT pole terminals all wrapped up with the new '25' logo.

Also is the Launch of the long awaited Avanti replacement the Avantera in the coming months we will keep you posted!


Vivid 6 moons exposure

The specialist on line audio magazine 6 moons dot com has recently visited the Vivid Audio factory in South Africa. It offers a great in-depth expose' into Vivid themselves as designers and manufacturers. Also their unique postion with regard to technical know how and production facilities.

Including the new Giya G3 launch toweards the end of the year, it makes a very interesting read.

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New Oracle deck launch

Oracle we like to announce the release of the 'New' Paris turntable, its stylish lines, superb finish and bespoke new carbon fibre tone arm with grace any high end audio system. The Paris is contructed with Oracle's superb attention to detail and finishing. Available in four great high gloss finishes, new lid and hinges and now with a matching phono stage.

As you have come to expect from Oracle sonically it's top notch, easily identifiable as one of the great music communicators of our time.

Decks with be available in various guises and price will start from £3200

Please contact us for more information

Grand Designs Live 2011

Coherent Systems will be presenting the stunning Cabasse L'Ocean loudspeaker system for the very first time in the UK. Taking pride of place alongside Virgin Media in the house of the future theatre, these amazing speakers can be seen in all of there glory at Grand Designs Live 30th April - 8th May 2011 at ExCeL in London.

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We are giving away five (5) pairs of tickets worth upto £36 for this great event so all you have to do to enter is mail us on the link below and leave your full contact details thats it's couldn't be easier!


Show entry email


The draw will take place on Saturday 23rd of April and all of the winners will be notified by phone.


Look forward to seeing you there!



belcanto launches C5i

Belcanto have just released their brand new integrated amplifier on the UK market the C5i, this cunning little device manages to emcompass a whole hifi system in one box with just the addition of a pair of speakers!

The C5i boasts an impressive spec including 120Wrms amplification stage with built in 24/96Khz USB input, 24/192Khz dac section, plus a built in MM/MC phono stage and to top it off with a quality headphone amp to boot!


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World class cable connectors

Coherent Systems have been using WBT on there specialist products as O.E. fitment for close to 10 years now, their build quality are sonic atributes are well documented throughout the audio industry as being one of the very best available.

More and more of our customers have asked "can we buy them?" so now  we stock a wide range of the popular models for next day dispatch and can offer a first class retermination service for your prized cables as well.


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Audiophile Base @ Coherent Systems

Coherent Systems are pleased to announce that Audiophile Base has been added to our portfolio of high quality products.

Some of best looking and performance orientated equipment support systems on the market today.

With their high domestic acceptance factor and great sound they are great addition to any hifi system, now available from Coherent Systems.


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Cabasse L'Ocean launch

Cabasse have released a stunning new speaker from the Artis range, L'Ocean.

The very first fully digital SCS technology loundspeaker from Cabasse.

A true masterpiece piece of design and sonic excellence, superbly brought together by Cabasse and Cannon, amazing sounds and sublime looks all go to complete the L'Ocean pacakge

More details to follow shortly

Cabasse wins prestigious award

The Bora has won Hifi plus standmount loudspeaker of the year award 2010.

Commentimng on its superb musical abilities, Hifi + said of the Bora's "The Bora puts a smile on your face whenever you play music: whatever the music and that makes it worth the money", " That alone makes it a mandatory award winner" Hifi Plus Issue 76


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Cabasse releases new Active speaker

Cabasse have produced a stunning addition to their Artis range of high end speakers, the Pacific 3 SA is a semi active 3 way floor standing speaker.

Featuring the superb BC17 driver with their spacial coherence system, couple with two brand new 21ND34 8" woofers, which are driven by a 450Wrms amplifier with full level integration control.

With 91.5dB sensitivity they are a superb match for low powered high quality solid state and valve amplifier designs.

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Soloist Integrated

At long last the much anticipated new Soloist integrated from Belles has arrived on these shores. A beautifully engineered package matched with superb sounds and flexibility. With a genuine 125Wrms and its uncanny knack of making music enjoyable and involving. The Soloist Integrated performs way above its station both in outright performance and its ability to turn short listening sessions into to long ones.  The wait has been worthwhile the Soloist Integrated is one serious performer. Projected price £2700.

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Belles phono stage

Belles have just released onto the market a brand new phono stage in the 'Soloist' range. Featuring both MM and MC inputs. Great care has been taken with this design with regards to the reduction of outside interference on the signal. A very neat and elegant package producing beautiful engaging music projected price of the Soloist phono 1 stage is around the £900 mark.

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Oracle Delphi HFN award

Oracle's stunning new Delphi VI turntable has just been reviewed as well as an interview with Jacquces Riendeau new co-owner of Oracle in Hifi News August issue. It has also been awarded 'Highly commended'

John Bamford enthused  'The result is a vivid stereo image extending way beyond the plane of the loudspeakers, thanks to its legendary sense of air and space.'

John further commented 'With no tubbiness or overhang, the clean and tuneful double bass was nicely focused, the acoustic percussion sounded pristine and hanging in space as if suspended on wires'

John also added 'The Delphi VI brought out the immense detail as the 'biscuit tin' drums and fulsome bass lines were kept under strict control', 'Without smear or bloom it bounced through the infectious riff, Watson's sublime guitar technique hovering high in sound image while surrounded by studio reverb'

John wrapped up ' For delicacy and poise the Delphi VI is in a class of it's own'


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Cabasse wins high praise

Cabasse's Bora stand mount speaker wins great acclaim in Hifi Plus issue 72

Alan Sircom wrote 'It's deceptively eay to get a good sound from the Boras-just plonk them in the room roughly in the right place'

Alan continued with 'Most will be beguiled by its effortless musicality, because of that, it puts a smile on your face when you play music, whatever the music, and that makes it worth the money.'

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New Belcanto dacs

Belcanto Design have just released three new digital to analogue converters into their portfolio.

From the extremely capable Dac1.5 to the outlandishly good Dac 3.5 this new series of dac's will bring high quality audio to the first time digital streamer right through to the discerning audiophile.

Prices start from £1300, though currently the DAC 1.5 is on introductory offer @ £999

Belcanto's new products

Delphi MK VI has arrived

Oracle's stunning new turntable the Delphi MKVI has arrived in the UK, this updated version of the legendary deck is rather special, Jacques Riendeau and his team have raised the bar to a significant level.

With three new design features bristling on the new Oracle, the Delphi MK VI defines a natural musical realism that very few decks can even begin to approach or emulate. We believe this is one of the finest musical reproduction systems around. Simply beautiful music plus a stunning design statement all go to make the Oracle Delphi MK VI an masterpiece of musical engineering

Contact us for details of your nearest dealer......More information

Big Foot Launched

Black Ravioli are pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to the highly praised family of pads and risers. The 'Big Foot' is the latest advancement in Black Ravioli technology, these 'next gen' devices represent the cutting edge of equipment isoltion, bring you closer than ever to the music.

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Idea centre channel launched

Cabasse have just released the finishing touch to the Idea range with the Ambrose 3 centre / surround speaker. This 3 way D' Appolito array uses the BC13 co-axial midrange tweeter unit, with a pair of duocell 7" mid range / mid bass drivers. Tonal quality is superb, texture of vocals and depth are class leading,. Ambrose 3 can be used as high quality surround speakers as well giving multi options.

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La Sphere' front cover HFN

Cabasse's falgship speaker La Sphere' has pride of place on the front cover of February's Hifi News, inside has a massive 4 page review of the prestigious speakers.

"Their exceedingly coherent seamless sound seems wholly disassociated from the spherical cabinets themselves"

"La Sphere intimidating presence translated to a mighty impressive sound, one clearly capable of filling a very large room with an immense soundstage"


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Cardeas the new musical reference

Audio Physics Cardeas manages to add to the pantheon of high end. If you are tired of large scale loudspeaker sound big, fat and boomy in the bass, and want something that delivers big speaker scale with all the fast, precise and detailed performance of a neat two way loud speaker, then this is arguably the best of the bunch.

Out of the listening room its pretty good too. One of the secret acid tests of any good speaker system. if it sounds good outside the room, then odds on its doing some right.

By removing your direct attention to the sound and listening to it, you hear almost hear unconsciously how the system sounds in terms of musical cohesiveness and dynamic drive. It is hear that these speakers a pretty damn fantastic!


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Alan Sircom Hifi Plus Issue 70

Black Ravoili wins award

Black Ravioli isolation products have been awarded the prestigious 'Blue Note' award by Enjoy the music dot com.

Having serious impressed the panel at the 2009 awards, "This is one of the best reasonably priced tweaks I have evaluated over the past umpteen years"

"As with the previous experimentation at Steve's house the improvement in the systems clarity and bass response with significant considering their reasonable cost as a high end tweak."


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New pre-power combo

Belles just released a superb new affordable high end combination amplifier pairing comprising of a hybrid valve pre-amplifier the A22 and a new and uprated 150a reference version two (V2).

The all new A22 valve hybrid sets new standards for quietness and low noise floor for a tube amp, coupled with superb involvement and musicality, headroom and dynamics. The upgraded 150A V2 boasts improved bass definition, texture and tautness, greater fluidity and a better spacial acuity, deeper staging and greater tonal shadings.

Both add up to a great musical combination that drive most speakers with ease, the price too is very favourable, the A22 preamplifier is £2500 and the 150a V2 power amplifier is £2300

A22 details

V2 details


Coherent trade allowences

You may not be aware that Coherent Systems offer very competitive trade in allowences against our new equipment from our great selection of first class products.

If you have been considering changing your equipment in the last six months yet due to circumstances have had to put the notion on the 'back burner', why not give us a call and see what your current equipment is worth against the new item you may be hankering after, you could be pleasantly surprised.

From amplifiers to zero gravity belts ;-) we can handle most requests!

Coherent finance options

Coherent Systems can now provide easier methods of obtaining the equipment you desire.

We have a wide range of option packages available through our partner 'Way 2 Pay' that will enable you to treat yourself to that  special something you have been hankering after or maybe at this time of year a Christmas present.

Contact us

Belcanto Virtual Battery Supply

Belcanto have released there long awaited virtual battery supply (VBS), newly developed mains and dc isolation techniques have enabled Belcanto to come up with this superb upgrade path for owners of the CD2 / Dac3 / Pre3 / Phono3.

The VBS can supply pure virtually uncorrupted DC power to 3 belcanto units at any one time, providing greater image stability and depth, improved spaciality and detail. Bass depth and texture also improves along with a large drop in the noise floor. All housed in a matching Belcanto 'shoebox'

To upgrade to the VBS system, your unit will need to be sent back to the distributor and upgraded internally (usually 2-3 working days).

For those not wishing to jump to the VBS, there is a high quality LNS1 power supply which does improve the sound well for a smaller outlay, this LNS1 only provides power for one unit at a time.

Coherent Systems have the full VBS suite on demonstration.

VBS details

Cabasse limited editions

Cabasse have now included in the finish line up for the MC40 and MT 30 ranges the glossy black version.

As for the Idea range, the Oceo range will now be available in this stunning high gloss finsh, units will be ready for shipping by the end of the year.

We have to say they do bring the great speakers in these ranges an option that has been sought after. Cabasse has decided the time is right to bring this great finish to the Oceo ranges.

Oceo range

Cabasse Baltic HFN

Cabasse's high end sub/sat package scoops a 'Highly commended' award in this months Hifi News magazine.

The Artis range Baltic Evolution and Santorin 30 digital subwoofer.

HFN commented " There is no denying that the Baltic Evolutions have an 'uncanny' ability to 'disappear', creating a holographic three dimension image"

Further obsevations "It is not difficult to imagine one is listening to truly massive and sophisitcated high end floorstanding costing anywhere from £15-30K."By the time I had spent a week listening to these speakers, I was simply wallowing in the massive sound image, I was struggling to imagine a less costly way of getting such a full scale and tonally refined sound"

"with natural recordingsof musicians in acoustic space these speakers come extremely close to making you feel you are in the presence of live music making!"

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John Bamford Hifi News Decemeber 2009

Belles in HFC

High end praise for the superb Belles VT-01 & SA-100 combination in this years Hifi Choice's periodical 'Collection Edition 2009'. Which targets quality equipment

Discribing the combination Alvin Gold wrote "The Performance 6 can sound a tad too sharp for some tastes, but the VT-Ol has a warmth and grace that neatly complements the Mordaunt-Shorts, without the sound losing its grip and projection."

He contiuned " We found the Belles combination very easy to hear though." "Pointers like pitch and timing are handles with particular grace." "Bass is deep and well controlled." "The warmth we referred to ealier is definitely indentifiable aurally as a valve amp, though without the loss of presence and definition that valves often bring in their wake."

"The power amp does nothing to diminish these special qualities, but does insure that loudspeakers speak with a full measure of authority and conviction."


Alvin Gold Hifi Choice Collections Edition 2009



Cabasse at BMW

Coherent Systems are pleased announce the Cabasse La Spheres will be on display at the UK launch of the new BMW X1 and Grand Turismo 5 series at London's prestigious BMW dealer, Park Lane BMW.

The brand new Cabasse Rigas and Baltic Evolutions will be on demonstration along with Belles and Oracle Electronics. Come and see the superb new BMWs and Cabasse speakers at this great event during the weekend of October 24th/25th



New Delphi VI turntable imminent

Coherent are proud to announce the imminent arrival of the stunning Oracle Delphi VI turn table with its all new bigger sub chassis, redesigned and improved platter main bearing assembly, brand new Micro vibration stabilizer system and new Delrin adjust feet package. The MK VI provides a large leap in performance over the MK V, greater image solidity and depth, bass extension and textural enhancements, great separation along with better resolution, while enhancing the famous Oracle musical involvement. It all adds up to a stunning package. Due in soon!


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Oracle chooses Coherent Systems

Oracale Audio Systems has chosen Coherent Systems to take over the reigns of distrubtion of their fabulous anaolgue and digital products. We have been working closely with Jacques Riendeau over the past months to ensure that all of the UK customers past and present will receive the same high class service and dealer support. Look out for some exciting new products with will be docking on these shores in the not too distant furture.

Belles IA-01 review in Hifi Choice

Belles IA-01 wins high praise in Hifi Choice.

"A new integrated amplifier from Belles pushes the envelope on high end sound!"

"The Belles gives a great account of itself as a bold, well controlled and dynamic amplifier." " Generally it doesn't have a strong voice of its own, which is a good thing." "It almost sounds as though it is enthausiastic  about getting involved"

"The bass is audibly completely unobstructed and generous, never constrained or lacking in drive." "The proposition is even more attractive, be the amplifier is so sensibly priced by the standards of its peers!"

"Good solid straightforward amplifier with a performance that is fundamentally music, there is no denying you get a lot bang for your buck"


More info


Alvin Gold Hifi Choice November 2009

Cabasse Java wins Hifi Choice award

Cabasse wins Hifi Choices 'Best buy' for it's superb MC40 range Java.


"The Java's most salient sonic feature is its smooth neutrality, right across the board"

"The bass and mid band are beutifully integrated, the top does err on the cautious side, the bass drives things along purposefully with plenty of weight and scale."  " While the stereo imagesfurther up the band are well formed with good spaciousness." "Dynamic range is very good, there is room for a little more tension and transparancy here, but essentially vice free behaviour singles it out form the pack"


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Paul Messenger Hifi Choice November 2009

Belles wins Hi FI + Product of the year award

The stunning two box Belles LA-01 pre-amplifier has won 'Highly commended' at this years Hifi + awards. "Combining excellent solidity of sound with the slippery fast transient speed of the likes of DarTZeel", "The pace is incredible". "A package that challenges considerably more expensive pre-amps". "That could prove irresistable for many seeking a top class sound over fancy frills". "Thats a heady brew"


More details


Alan Sircom Hifi plus issue 67

Cabasse Bora wins Hifi Choice award

Eccentric but compelling three-way standmount

"What the Bora offers that so many others don't is a clear sense of music flow and narrative and an organic way of dealing with the information that makes very easy to engage - not just the notes, the expressive qualities that the performers bring to bear"

"The Bora does no stray too from the straight and narrow, but it does offer superb, stable three-dimensional imaging and suprisingly potent bass."

"Capable of immersive, enaguging music making, the Bora offers high sensitivity, strong bass and powerful dynamics given its size"


More Info


Alvin Gold Hifi Chice October 2009

Oracle Scoops HFN award

The Oracle CD2500 red book player has been awarded 'Highly Commended' in this month's edition of HI-FI News magazine.


'It takes but an instant to hear that the CD2500 is simply sumptuous'

'It's got energy and drive in abundance, with plush textured bass that never fails to convey the drama of large orchestral works or the vigour of stirring rock or pop productions'

'It took precious little time to fall in love with the Oracle, it appeals to the heart rather than the head, thanks to the energetic manner it which it describes a musical event, drawing into the music and compelling you to pay attention'

More details

John Bamford commented in September 2009 edition


Belles duo wins award

The Belles VT-01 and SA-30 amplifier combination has been awarded 'Highly Commended' in this month's edition of HI-FI News magazine.

'Majestic is a word that keeps popping into my head' , 'I can confirm the VT-01 is remarkable  free of spits or crackles' , 'Still it pocessed more than a hint of valve lushness', 'It's astonishing bass and dynamics belie it's power rating' , 'The freedom from grain marks it a thoroughbred', 'As a pair the Vt-01 and SA30 are truly magical' Hi-Fi News August 2009

More info

Ken Kessler Hifi new August 2009



Puresound A10 Integrated

Puresound have launched the superb A10 integrated amplifier for those wishing to 'try' thermionics for the first time. This very simple, yet great performing EL84 push<>pull amplifier has a flowing musical sound loved by so many and is a great way to get onto the valve ladder. Ideal starter / second system piece that really does show that a great sounding system need not cost the earth! The Puresound A10 is a little gem of an amplifier coupled with the very affordable price of £600 Guy Sargent has come up with another winner

Oracle CD1500 MK II review Hifi world

Oracle's stunning red book player the CD1500 MK II has caused Hifi World's July 2009 edition to rethink his bias towards CD players. " I am sorry to say the Oracle CD1500 MK II has rather confused my predudices against the compact disc format ". "Simply the best player I have ever had in my system"

Oracle details


David Price Hifi World July 2009

Cabasse Bora launched at Munich show

Cabasse launches a brand new stand mount loudspeaker based on the superb Iroise 3 floorstanding speaker.

The all new 'Bora' sports an 8 inch Duocell woofer and the cutting edge BC-13 mid range/tweeter unit with a new front ported design.

The performance of this speaker is nothing short of stunning.

More details

Cabasse Iroise 3 review Hifi News July 2009


The superbly musical Iroise 3 floorstanding loudspeakers from Cabasse have been given a 'Highly Commended' by Keith Howard in this months Hi-fi News.

"Consistantly engaging and generous with it's music making, it is just plain good fun to lisetn too across a wide range of genres"

"Those that treasure its outgoing musical nature which tends to turn short listening sessions into long ones"

More Info

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Cabasse Egea review in What Hifi june 2009

What Hifi has placed Cabasse's Egea 3's in the temptations sections of their magazine
"A seamless blend between the drive units', 'there are very few multi driver speakers that sound as integrated as the Egea 3', 'Wonderfully even sound with little undue emphasis on any part on frequency spectrum', 'Excellent detail resolution and stereo imaging', 'Dynamic and insightful, and material complexity and high volume does little to dent there composure',' These speakers are at the cutting edge of ability at the price point and beyond'

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What Hifi June 2009

Eole 2 gets superb review in Home Cinema Choice

Cabasse's Eole 2 given 4 stars and 'Best buy'

'Beguiling to behold', 'Speech is unusually clear and articulate', 'I can say without fear of contradiction, that this level of performance is difficult to pull off at any price', 'Good in stereo mode too, songs oMahlar and Brahams gripped as a performance and casued the hairs on the back of my neck to rise'  'This beautiful looking sub/sat package really can deliver the a/v goods'

More Info


Alvin Gold HCC Issue 169

Cabasse wins prestigious Japanese Award

Cabasse has been awarded top honors for it's sublime reference loudspeaker 'La Sphere' by Stereo Stereo, Japan's premier hi-fi magazine.

This comes on top of three other top flight awards by, Haute Fidelite (France), Stereoplay (Germany) and Stereophile Class 'A+' (America).

Another great achievement for Cabasse's class leading SCS technology!

You too can sample this technology right the way through the Cabasse range of speakers.


Bristol sound and vision 2009 prize winner

Coherent Systems would like to announce the winner of the Cabasse Alcyone home cinema package.

The draw took place at 2.15pm on Sundy 22nd of February in front of the show visitors, Guy Bourreau Cabasse's main man drew the winning ticket number 444 which belonged to Mr. James Morgan of Swansea so a big  congratulations to James.

Coherent Systems appointed UK Marketing partner

Cabasse relaunch into the UK at the Bristol sound and vision 20-22 February. Cabasse has been absent from these shores for few years, now they are back with new impetuous and stunning new products Coherent Systems has chosen to be the new marketing partners with Cabasse We will bring our professionalism and expertise to this long established and well regarded brand that has earned a top reputation without the world. More details very shortly on dealers and products.

Oracle Electronics come to Coherent Systems

Oracle electronic's offer some of most sought after equipment on the market today their style and build quality are totally unique within the audio world, the sound the produce is pretty special too Offering a mid way point between total expressiveness and the touch warmer side of things, the span the divide with consumate ease, a great easy listening harmonicaly rich sound with detail and free flowing presentation.

Belles MB500 mono amplifiers

Dave Belles has a habit of designing great sounding products, and this year (2008) power modules has really come up trumps with some seriously great products, LA-01 pre-amplifier, MB200 mono bloc's and the very special IA-01 integrated. However this time Dave, has really out done himself, the truly breath taking MB 500 mono bloc's has taken solid state design to a whole new level. hese are not just MB200 beefed up, but the design taken to a whole new development evolution! Words do not do these amps justice!

Hifi plus awards Belles MB200 mono's

Belles superb 'statement MB200's monobloc amplifiers have been awarded the prestigious 'Discovery' of the year award by Hifiplus magazine. Roy Gregory enthused 'these Belles monoblocs stand to become something of a reference around these parts.' Immediately impressive, even from cold, they are so well organized and well behaved that they simply get better over time, with none of the ultimately frustrating, etched leanness that so many high-end wannabes resort to. The MB-200s are unmistakably real world and the real deal right from the off.'

Belles ground-breaking IA-01 integrated

First unit outside the US now on permanent demonstration the brand new Belles IA-01 integrated. Based on the award winning MB200 mono-bloc's and LA-01 pre-amplifer, the IA-10 is a stunning performer at any level. Combining the 2 superb products to create a work of sonic art, single box solution with a huge amount of performance. Belles IA-01 like its parents (MB200 and LA-01) just gets out of the way, to leave you the music. Superb sonics coupled with amazing build quality in a neat package, the new reference for integrated ampifiers

High end pc audio system on permanent demonstration

Coherent Systems are now demonstrating high resolution pc audio. Come and step into the next sound revolution and truly hear music as it was meant to sound!. Combine the best parts of vinyl with the benefits of red book coupled with 50 to 100 times the data available from CD the results are quite soul stirring! Book and demo and find out what you have been missing!

Belcanto's new CD2 player

His is one funky looking and serious good player, unique looks coupled with a genuine hi-end sound, the CD2 can be used direct into power amps of your choice although it pairs superbly well with Belcanto's own range Further features include off board power supply (DC input to the player only) selectable sample rates for both analogue and digital sections,fixed or variable outputs (analogue only). Belcanto's CD2 makes for a quite superb CD transport especially when paired with the Belcanto DAC3 is damn engaging!,all wrapped up in one very neat and great looking pacakge. Price ?2395.