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Oracle Audio 1000 Dac/Pre Amplifier

Oracle Audio 1000 Dac/Pre Amplifier
Oracle's very special Dac 1000 is culmination of many 100's of hours of dedicated listening, fine tuning and scrupulous attention to detail on the from the Canadian design team. Resulting in what we here at Coherent Systems call "total musical absorption" the Dac 1000 has an uncanny knack of taking you away from the equipment and just immersing you in the music. Very few pieces of equipment have this capability, the Dac 1000 has it abundance!.
Oracle Audio 1000 Dac/Pre Amplifier
Oracle Audio 1000 Dac/Pre Amplifier
Oracle Audio 1000 Dac/Pre Amplifier
Oracle Audio 1000 Dac/Pre Amplifier

A true musical Maestro

The exceptional technology combination between the pre-amplifier and D/A converter sends the appropriate signals to the rest of your audio system leading you to experience enlightening musical emotions.

True artistry combines these elements by means of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

The DAC 1000 is specially designed to guarantee the full fidelity of high-end sound reproduction for almost a lifetime usage. High quality Digital volume control and dual monaural design provide excellent separation with pinpoint imaging. Should you want to use DAC 1000 as a pure D to A Converter with a fixed output, a switch on the rear panel makes this change possible by selecting "FIXED" mode instead of normal "VARIABLE" mode.

Oracle's beautiful Dac 1000 compliments many other brands and marques. With the advent of high end computer based audio systems, this Dac should be high on your audition list.

Oracle Dac 1000 Specifications

  • Digital to analogue section
  • 24/192 Upsampling DAC
  • Selectable Up sampling 48, 96, 192kHz
  • 6 Digital Inputs:
  • 4 Digital Outputs:
  • Pre-amplifier section
  • Analogue Inputs: 1 XLR , 1 RCA
  • Full Digital Volume Control
  • Analogue Output: Fully Balanced
  • Analogue Outputs: 1 XLR, 1 RCA
  • Surround Processor bypass
  • (96kHz/24Bit) Digital Recording Output
  • Freq response 10hz to 55Khz +/-3db
  • Size 480 X 100 X 400 mm
  • Weight 12kg
  • Retail Price £7495.00

The Company

We are one of the foremost digital audio specialists in the country with over 25 years of specialist experience in this area, from CD players to high resolution playback we can deliver a sound that will delight.


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