Coherent Systems - Oracle Audio

Oracle Audio, a superb addition to the Coherent stable of quality products that imbibe musical satisfaction and involvement.

Why the keenness with this eclectic brand? Very simple, excellent products, unique looks, first class service and back up, amazing build quality, though above all engaging musical sounds that endure and captivate.

The most outstanding features that drew our attention to the Oracle brand, were simply their utterly amazing looks and their ability to produce a really musically involving sound, that pitches in-between the Esoteric expressiveness and the warmer enticing sound of the bigger Marantz red book players. Throw in those other worldly looks and sublime build quality and you have a superb all round package that delivers right across the musical spectrum.

Oracle's own in house research and design team create innovative solutions to traditional problems, All design and manufacturing is produce in Canada since 1979, so 30 years of high quality engineering and true passion have gone into producing truly great products that will satisfy the most demanding music lover for a long time.

When we listen to music, we share an experience that is uniquely human. We seek out that experience in the concert hall. In the cosy atmosphere of our favourite club, at home, in our listening room. But no matter where we are, our objective is always the same - to reach beyond the performance and rediscover that wellspring of human emotion which inspired the artist to bear his soul. An Oracle Audio system will take you there!.

Here at Coherent systems we are passionate too when it comes to music, faithful reproduction in a natural flowing untainted way is our aim. Together with Oracle we make great music a joy and a pleasure to listen too. hense beautiful looking and sounding products compliment a wide range of amplification and speakers, book a demonstration and hear what these stunning products can do for your system

Product Range

Oracle Paris MK II
Oracle Paris MK V deck
Oracle's new Paris '

Oracle Delphi VI
Oracle Delphi VI deck
Oracle's pinnicle turntable'

Oracle CD 1500 MKII
Oracle CD 1500 MK II
Stunning looks and musical expression.

Oracle CD2500 player
Oracle CD 2500 player
Oracle's pinnicle single box player'

Oracle Dac 1000
Oracle Dac 1000 pre
High end musical performance and flexibility.

Oracle CD 1000 transport
Oracle CD 1000 transport
Sublime styling and build quality.

Oracle CD 2000 transport
Oracle CD 2000 transport
Oracle's premium transport'