Renaissance Analogue and Digital Sources

Enjoy CD playback more than most with the exceptional RT-01 and RD-01 digital products which will cause you to re-evaluate Red Book performance, plus with teh added incentive of being able to stream music via your PC/Lap top/ Mac book / Squeeze Boxes / Sonos with greatly improved performance. Invest in the RD-01 D/A converter to gain more involving performance from your existing CD player (assuming that it has a S/PDIF digital output). You will benefit from increased intelligibility , musicallity and realism. Hear more of the recorded performance in more enjoyable and engaging way.

Benefit from the full dynamic range and infinite variety of subtle timbres, textures and dynamics hidden in your record collection with the Renaissance RP-01 phono stage. Bringing music alive in a very natural and hugely enjoyable way that will deliver many hours of satisfying listening across a wide range of musical tastes.