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A big thanks to Coherent Systems for their help and guidance since my last review in September 2014. Significant changes have taken place since that period and I would like to the sequence of events that have led my to my finial musical place.

It started by replacing my ageing Bryston 4BST amplifier with the Belles MB200 Mono blocks, this was the start of a new experiance with just how good reproduce music can be.

Recognising my Denson CD player was the weak link in replay chain, Tony (from Coherent Systems) spent the time setting up and alternative A Belcanto CD2 player with my (then) existing Krell 250p pre-amp, which made a great step forward in terms of naturalness and musicality , then by the addition of a Belcanto 3.5 Dac MK2 and VBS power supply. Things were definitely moving forward musically and with a nice improvement in palpability. What next I felt?

It was definitely time for the Krell to move out, Tony suggested trying the Belles LA-01 2 box pre-amp as it complimented the MB200s perfectly. At this point my system had given even more enjoyment than at any time previously. Which allowed me two thoroughly enjoyable years of high quality audio.

In 2017 I was fortunate to now have the ability to my system further than ever before; this time my Martin Logan speakers. Coherent Systems had advertised on their website as pair of quality Focal for speakers for sale. The advice given was that they would not work well in my room due to their physical size and placement issues.

Stand mount speakers were settle upon due to room constraints. However this was not going to impede performance if the correct pair was chosen. I was advised, that if I could increase the budget a little more, that a pair of TAD CE Ones would be top-notch and work well with my current system.

Prior to the conversation at that time I had no idea how good the CE-1's really were, now six months later I am the proud owner of said TAD speakers.

Curiosity got the better of me and so I enquired about the new TAD D1000 MK2 CD player and was promptly loaned one. It didn't take long to hear the D1000 MK2 was far superior to the Belcanto (In all fairness the Belcanto combination was very good).

Tony advised me that the TAD was delivering all of its potential and suggested I tried Coherent BD mains cable to run from the wall socket to my Isotek Mains block replacing my Isotek Syncro 3. WOW, I could hear the sound opening up, more clarity, a new level of musical enjoyment. Was the Tad worth the extra? Definitely yes!

With funds allowing all cables were upgraded to 6D, a new mains block from MS power, rewired with Coherent s own wire, and fed by an BD Mains cable.

The house hold internal wiring was replaced by 6 mm T + E, seperate consumer unit and switchless sockets another good upgrade for sure. So where am I now? I have a very musically involving sound from my system, along with a natural flow, full of detail orchestras ebb and flow as you would expect.

I am pleased to say that I've come to trust the judgement and expertise of Coherent Systems (Tony Sallis) in putting a well balanced system together. I can sit back and enjoy without looking for the next level because I'm already there!

Mr P Smyth August 2017

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