Ex demonstration and Used Equipment far sale

A carefully chosen selection of quality used equipment that is fully checked and inspected. A Coherent Systems full three month guarantee is standard for all used sales.

We also take selected trade ins against our used stock call for details

Belcanto CD3T CD Transport - 795.00

Just arrived a very clean Belcanto CD3T Cd transport in silver with all original boxes and paperwork. One of the last decent quality CD transports for sensible outlay. new Cost £1700

Coherent 3D Analogue cable - 325.00

Coherent 3D 1m Xlr balancd pair of analogue cables. Coherent cables are very natural, open, articulate and musical and have a natural unforced pace. New cost £750

Coherent 4D 1m Analogue Interconnect - 550.00

Coherent 4D analogue 1m interconnect, a very well regarded and higly performing cable, musical, engaging, open and dynamic with no edges, just flowing music. Good condition. new cost £1500

Coherent 6D 1m Analogue Interconnect - 1,500.00

Our famous previous top of the line cable the 6D, superbly musical and fluid sounding, also very quiet, wide open sound, grain free. Excellent condition 1m RCA Customer upgraded to the new BD range. new cost £3000

Coherent 6D rca - 1,600.00

Reference analogue cable, ultra open, silky smooth, superb dynamics, superb tonality and stunning bass coupled with an incredibly low noise floor. Very few cables can approach the performance of the the 6D. New price £3000

Coherent 6D+ 1m Xlr - 1,600.00

One of our very special analogue interconnect cables, a very open, natural musical sound with superb linearity more than a match for the usual top end upper range cable brands. New cost £3250

Coherent Special 4D Xlr<>Rca interconnect - 825.00

A Coherent special construction a 4D analogue interconnect 1.75m XLR (Male Xlr to Rca) superb interconnect with the added attraction of coping with balanced and single ended equipment. new cost £2500

Macintosh MCD 1100 SACD CD Dac Pre - 4,975.00

Just Arrived this superb example of Macintosh's MCD 1100 player genuine UK model, all boxes, paperwork and remote control. Beautifully sweet and open sounding system controller, smooth and engaging sound totally grain free. Absolutely in first class condition. Only one owner. New cost £11000

Missing Link Cyro Reference mains cable 1m - 135.00

Mark Sears (Missing Link) high regarded Cryo reference UK mains power lead 1m in excellent condition New cost £250

Missing Link Cyro Reference mains cables 1.7m - 175.00

Mark Sears (Missing Link) high regarded Cryo reference UK mains power leads 1.7m in excellent condition New cost £325 each. Price for each cable

PS Audio Xtreme Power Plus 1.5 mains cable - 150.00

PS Audio's mid point mains cable. Xtreme Power plus, 1.5m UK furutech plug original box, a great all round postive upgrade to your system . Retail £495

Shunyata Research Python VX 1m power cable - 475.00

Shunyata Research one of the US finest cable companies, we have one of their former top tier power cables in excellent condition 1m (US terminated). This one has the FESI material. Ideal digital or pre amp cable New cost £995