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Alto Extremo Prestige Ranges

Alto Extremo built on solid German engineering principles which can help you achieve a more involving and musical sound. Through our wide range of products, you have the opportunity to optimize your audio equipment in all areas. "With Alto Extremo absorbers you will be able to reach unprecedented acoustic patterns with a better spaciousness, clearly defined device and starting dynamics." Volker Behrens CEO Alto Extermo

Alto Extremo Prestige range of feet can improve the nuances and detail within a musical passage that can bring forth an excellent performance. The internal energy that from the audio equipment device can be removed easily with the Alto Extremo isolation devices which can greatly reduce the vibrations that penetrate the affected area relating to the audio system and its components. In combination with the optimized footprint for each piece of audio equipment the Alto Extremo absorbers are quality isolation devices to help produce a more favourable acoustic result to the applied audio components treated. The Alto Extremo Prestige series consists of two dedicated devices which are designed for different applications especially CD-players, tube devices and preamplifiers as well as loudspeaker will benefit of them. The Exact is most suited to CD Players, pre amplifiers and smaller speakers. The Classic can be especially beneficial to tube amplifiers, (both pre and power)

The Exact construction consists of a Delrin body; the bronze ball and the stainless steel puck combined make an excellent and effective combination of materials for isolation devices. In combination with the optimized platform the Alto Extremo Exact is a very good product for audio components and loudspeakers, superior sound quality is possible with the following traits that can improve precise three-dimensionality and differentiated dynamics . The Exacts M4 thread it can be directly mounted to the components of speaker.

The Classic isolation device is an absorber specifically for tube-devices. The body is made of stainless steel and the puck of Delrin. Situated between the puck and the body there is an extra large ball made of bronze. Thanks to it's unique design and optimized isolation platform the Classic provides better absorption and can be used with racks with glass or stone bases allowing for a broader use with a wider variety of audio support systems.

As will all types of isolation devices of this nature results can vary form system to system due to different component situations and environmental conditions, contact ourselves for more information and application suggestions.


Alto-Extremo Exact Specifications:

  • Weight capacity: 50kg per absorber
  • Diameter: 49mm
  • Puck height; 30mm
  • Thread size 4mm
  • Three (3) Pieces £195
  • Four (4) Pieces £245


Alto-Extremo Classic Specifications:

  • Weight capacity: 50kg per absorber
  • Diameter: 64mm
  • Puck height; 42mm
  • Three (3) Pieces £345
  • Four (4) Pieces £445




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