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Alto Extremo Lyd Ranges

Alto Extremo built on solid German engineering principles which can help you achieve a more involving and musical sound. Through our wide range of products, you have the opportunity to optimize your audio equipment in all areas. "With Alto Extremo absorbers you will be able to reach unprecedented acoustic patterns with a better spaciousness, clearly defined device and starting dynamics." Volker Behrens CEO Alto Extermo

The Alto Extremo Lyd absorbers are our most popular product we manufacture for a variety of applications and reasons. Particularly with loudspeakers there (Lyd models) high load capacity and isolation properties make them ideally suited to help achieve a more homogeneous and clear spatial sound. The effect is readily comprehensible and immediate. Using the Lyd isolation absorbers under hifi components can deliver an image that is more stable with greater spatial depth. Due to the combination of different materials and damping rings, high resonance dissipation is accomplished without vibrations travelling through the device. This function is particularly beneficial for higher bass precision coupled with a more open and clearly distinguishable sound definition improvement . Also using the the Lyd Absorbers with damping rings to the device as well as from the installation surface can also bring further possible improvements.

Alto-Extermo Lyd 1 is most successful absorber can be used optimally in virtually every system. Sporting a superior design consisting of precision brass interior components; stainless steel exterior parts, as well as the two damper rings all come together to achieve excellent resonance transfer without allowing any vibrations to reach the base of the Lyd device. This design philosophy can allow for higher bass precision (both depth and texture) and for an open and clearly distinguishable sound staging.

Our Lyd II we consider the best Non Magnetic absorber ever produced. Optic, haptic and its total operation are precise. Alto Extermo Lyd II is one absorber product that really does justice to its design criteria. The Lyd II works optimally weill under audio components, mains conditioners and speakers. Specially tailored to combat more difficult floor surfaces, such as older floors or glass racks, the Lyd II really does deliver high end isolation performance.

As will all types of isolation devices of this nature results can vary form system to system due to different components situations and environmental conditions, contact ourselves  for more information and application suggestions.


Alto-Extremo Lyd Specifications:


  • Weight capacity: 100kg per puck
  • Diameter: 49mm
  • Puck height; 30mm
  • Thread size 8mm
  • Three (3) Pieces £275
  • Four (4) Pieces £375


Alto-Extremo Lyd II Specifications:


  • Weight capacity: 50kg per puck
  • Diameter: 64mm
  • Puck height; 42mm
  • Three (3) Pieces £425
  • Four (4) Pieces £575



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