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Belles Ampifiers

Belles Electronics
We have long be admirers of the quality and Sonics of this great brand over the years, now it can be your turn to sample some of these wonderful products, not yet heard in the UK. Dave Belles has been designing and manufacturing some of the finest sounding amplifiers for over 30 years. Power Modules products are among the finest audio components available, at prices that make high-end audio an attainable reality for most consumers.
Belles Electronics
Belles Electronics
Belles Electronics
Belles Electronics
Belles Electronics
Belles Electronics

All Power Modules products are state-of-the-art designs, using top quality components. Each unit is hand assembled and tested to ensure it meets our high quality standards for fit, finish and audio performance.

Belles have designed several different ranges to meet a variety of power and price requirements. From the awesome MB550 mono block statement amplifiers , to the truly wonderful Aria range of products. The belles Aria integrated award winning amplifier delivers music performance that is genuine hard to approach even at ten times the cost!

With the new addition of the Virtuoso range a whole new approach to amplification has been created by Dave Belles, from the brand new custom designed discrete 32 point precision resistor volume circuit, each step is controlled by discrete reed relays which are capable of hundreds of millions of operations. In turn this is controlled by optical encoder which offers a level of accuracy, reliability and performance, that potentiometers and digital volume control chips cannot begin to compare to.

All of these great products are at very modest prices along with a five year warranty, Belles amplification deserves a serious audition, understated greatness can surprise you especially with Belles supreme musicality.

High quality components, top class engineering skills, careful listening tests all go together to reproduce an audio performance that’s as accurate and as musical as possible. This is the Power Module philosophy; this is Dave Belles and his great affordable products.

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We are one of the foremost digital audio specialists in the country with over 25 years of specialist experience in this area, from CD players to high resolution playback we can deliver a sound that will delight.


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