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Black Ravioli

Black Ravioli
The Black Ravioli System uses combinations of metal, polymers and high modulus reinforcements to both collect and dissipate energy that can present a threat to the performance of an audio or visual system. The original Black Ravioli pad, which we introduced nearly ten years ago, provided a simple solution to address the impact of harmful energy on the performance of system components. The original is now discontinued, however the concept they presented remains and has received much accolade from independent reviewers, and the public.
Black Ravioli
Black Ravioli
Black Ravioli
Black Ravioli
Black Ravioli

BR Next Generation

From the new top of the line BR Base has been designed to give equipment a stable platform that captures and dissipates negative influences. Works with standard supports, racks and structures to give comparable performance with specialized engineered audio supports at a reduced upgrade cost. Handles components up to 440mm wide with a weight capacity of 20Kg for 3 feet supports and 30Kgs for 4 feet models.

The Black Ravioli  Riser (34mm) high. These units directly couple to your equipment and demonstrate both internal separation and dissipation. The higher versions are for large amplifiers and power supplies to decouple the existing equipment feet. The lower riser is aimed at speakers due to its lower center of gravity also can be used on source and low level components to. BR risers have a weight capacity of 25Kg per unit dimensions are 160mm L x 80mm W x 34mm H.

Black Ravioli Big Pads is the ideal solution for decoupling existing equipment component feet when more dissipation capacity is required.

Black Ravoili Pads were directly designed to interface with equipment to dissipate energy. Ideal applications Laptops, power supply boxes and speaker stands.

Black Ravioli Prices

  • Individual pads...................................£27
  • Individual Big pad...............................£66
  • Individual BR Riser...........................£210
  • Equipment support shelf....................£900

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