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3rd Dimension Cables

Coherent Cables
Eighteen months in the making. the 3rd dimension cable range was our first big leap in signal transfer since the Connoisseur first hit these shores in 2003 Building on the solid reputation of the Connoisseur. Coherence's next stage in cables technology takes into next Dimension!
Coherent Cables
Coherent Cables
Coherent Cables
Coherent Cables

The 3rd Dimension range is no small leap in performance over the Connoisseur, offering greater intimacy and musical insight into the listening mix. the 3D ranges gives improved detail and openness over the Connoisseur and also carry along the rhythmic flow with more naturalness, again coupled with much improved bass extension.

dynamics and presence too have all been greatly enhanced to produce a a truly high end cable at realistic price

Our 3D range offers a great system upgrade across a wide range of equipment, letting you hear the music in a total coherent and music fashion

Our prices for the 3rd Dimension Cable Range are:

  • Speaker Cable 3m..............£1250.00
  • Analogue 1m.......................£750.00
  • Digital 1m...........................£500.00

Cables are supplied with either Neutrik XLR, Eichmann Silver bullets, Furutech or Oyiade IECs.



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We are one of the foremost digital audio specialists in the country with over 25 years of specialist experience in this area, from CD players to high resolution playback we can deliver a sound that will delight.


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