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Ex Demonstration and Used Equipment for Sale

A carefully chosen selection of quality used equipment that is fully checked and inspected. A Coherent Systems full three month guarantee is standard for all used sales.

We also take selected trade ins against our used stock call for details


Quadral Aurum Galan 9's in Piano Black finish.

Our Ex demo pair of these quite superb speakers highly regarded and reviewed, they produce a wonderfully open, sweet articulate sound with a big stage, really engaging and involving speakers, easy load works well with valves to. 5 Globe winner Hifi World 2017.

Excellent condition with all boxes, paperwork and jumpers.

New cost of Piano Black finish £2295

Asking £1495

Product Information

Review One




Nova Fidelity X35 in black with 1TB HDD our ex demo unit in black, excellent condition, original box leads set up with latest firmware and DB database, very little use. Cracking piece of equipment.

A genuine all in one decent sounding music playback system. New cost (with HDD) £1850 5 Globe award from Hifi World March 2018

"A do-it-all package that is hard to beat- offering digital, vinyl and streaming playback in one box."

Asking £1200 ono

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Oracle CD 250 CD player/dac/pre amplifier

Our ex demo unit in excellent condition in polar white, all boxes and paperwork, very low hours under 300.

A very musically engaging player, non fatiguing but also involving. Nice dac section as SPDIF in and out 24/192Khz 2016 model.

New cost £3495

Asking £2250 ono


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DCS Debussy dac in silver

We have a superb example of this model in silver. Superb sounding DCS dac in excellent condition with all original boxes, paperwork and remote, one owner from new, child and smoke free environment. new cost £7395

Asking £3250


Product information

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Renaissance Amplification RP-02 phono stage

A real natural, open musical phono stage, great British engineering done well. well reviewed and like by the late Tony Bolton of Hifi World and awarded a recommended 5 stars in Hifi Choice by Neville Roberts in 2016. Easy to use dip switches on the back.The unit is in excellent condition. New cost £795

Asking £450

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Entreq Silver Minims grounding box

This excellent condition Silver Minimus grounding box from Entreq does exactly what it says on the tin, lower noise floor, improved dynamics and detail, more natural sound.This unit comes with a adapter that allows more than one connection whilst improving the sound over the K2 extra wooden caps from Entreq new Cost is £480

Asking £295


Product Information

Audio-beat Review

Stereo-times Review







 Belles IA-01 Integrated amplifier Gen II

 Just arrived, a really nice example of the Belles IA-01 integrated amplifier in black with the Gen II upgraded applied, original boxes also in excellent condition.

Originally supplied by ourselves, very careful owner from new, non smoker and zero children or pets.

Based on the award winning Belles M B200 and LA-01 technology, the Belles IA-01 is a marriage of the above two superb pieces. One of the most standout features of this amplifier, is its ability to remove itself from the equipment equation and just leave the music.

These superb amplifiers very rarely appear on the market due to owners not wishing to part with them. New cost with Gen II upgrades £6750

Asking £3250

Product review

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Piega P4 XL MK II

We have an almost brand new pair of these great speakers from the early 2000's these are 2004 used only once, not even run in yet!. Pristine condition still will warranty form, original boxes. Big opens clean sound, superb imaging and separation. Tall and elegant these floor standing speakers would grace many a home, 89dB and 4Ohms load work well with valves to. New cost £2000+

Asking £795

Home Theater Review

TNT Review of Previous Model


PMC GB1's in Walnut finish

Just arrived, not much to say the PMC's are very well regarded and just do what they say on the tin. This pair is in Walnut, has all of the plinths, spikes etc. Original boxes and just one owner from new. In good condition, a couple of bruises on one top edge (images available) other wise really good. New  £1495

 Asking £450

Product information

Soundstage Review




Coherent Systems 6D SME phono lead 1m long

One of our best phono leads made in the 6D configuration, wonderfully open, fluid and natural sounding. 1m in length, though the ground lead is around 1.3m. Constructed with the top of the line Furutech 5 pin right angled plug and matching rca locking phono plugs new cost £1795

Asking £825

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Aliante Acoustics Spazio book shelf speakers


New this week these quite special small footprint stand mounts Aliante Spazio possess some very special traits. Aliante are an Italian based company which have been manufacturing very decent under the radar speakers for over 25 years. These models are from 2005 and have been sealed in the box until last week, we have put around 20 hours on these essential new speakers. Totally out of the box experience sound stage wise, great cohesiveness and deliver a great engaging and unfatiguing sound yet always musical. Pretty easy load work well with valves and low powered solid state. new cost £625

Asking £345

Product review

Manufacturer Information




Oracle Audio CD1500 MK II

Just arrived, one of the the most iconic CD players ever produced the Oracle Audio CD1500 in very good condition with factory boxes.

One owner from new originally supplied by ourselves, well looked after.

This player also comes with four (4) Black Ravioli big feet worth over £400

Wonderfully musical and engaging sound as you would expect form a company such as Oracle Audio. New cost £8500

Asking £2995

6 Moons review


Chord Chrysalis 5m interconnect

Nice simple interconnect that just does what it says on the tin 5m long

Asking £165



Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval In 1m Xlr

We have a superb condition pair of the these great interconnects, original UK units with genuine boxes and paperwork.

A great even handed presentation with an open top end and great tonal quality. New cost £650

Asking £295

Product Information

6 Moons Review

Audio Review feedback



Black Ravioli Big Feet Various


New in this week we some of Black Ravioli big feet isolation devices, one (1) triple, One (1) double and three (3) singles.

New cost £110 each for the singles, £195 for the doubles and £270 for the triples.

Asking £65each for the singles, £100 for the double and £140 for the triple.

Inner Ear review

Positive Feedback Review




Rel R205 Sub-woofer

New in this week a lovely example of the Rel R205 in high gloss black with original packaging, one owner from new in really nice condition. Not much to say other than a quality sub woofer. No grille though New cost £695

Audio-review Feedback

Asking £250




De Capo Reference 3a speakers 2 pairs

We have two (2) pairs of these highly regarded Canadian stand mount speakers, one pair is brand new sealed in the box, the other (image above) are in first class condition, have been used all of four times in their entire life, genuine use around 150 hours. Both pairs are 2005 vintage the pair in the image has been dry stored for 12 years. They have the original box and paperwork, both pairs are high gloss black. Superbly natural musical sound with a wide open stage, very easy drive 92dB so valves and low power solid state will work just fine with these great speakers. new cost was £2750 in the high gloss black finish

Stereophile Review

Sound-Stage review

Asking £1275 for the pair in the image and £1500 for the new pair





 Coherent Cables 6D mains cable 1.1m  gold plugs

New in this week , One of Coherent most popular high end mains cables, in excellent condition with Furutech FI 1363 UK mains plug in gold  complemented with an MS gold IEC, Highly regarded with superb all round performance condition New cost £1400

Product information

Asking £875





Coherent Cables 4D speaker cables 3m with  4mm bananas

New in this week , a real great sounding set of Coherent 4D speaker cables, in excellent condition with Furutech 4mm bananas. Highly regarded with superb all musical round performance condition New cost £2250

Product information

Asking £975



Belcanto Dac 1.5 and LNS power supply

Just arrived this great sounding combination, originally supplied by ourselves to the original owner. Unit is in excellent condition all boxes and paperwork, customer upgraded to LNS a few years later nice improvement over stock psu. Cared for in smoke free + child free environment. New cost £1900 with LNS +cable. Great sounding dac with many features. Can also improve the LNS with Coherent upgrades please do inquire. Comes with 3 months warranty

Asking £775



Belcanto Dac 1.7



New in this week a lovely condition Belcanto Dac1.7 in the satin black, really great condition, all boxes and paperwork. One previous owner smoke and child free environment. Great sounding dac with many features USB/AES/SPDIF/TOSLINK new cost £1900

Asking £925


Cyrus Mono X amplifiers

A really nice pair of Cyrus Mono X amplifiers in quartz silver, excellent condition not the usual scratched boxes, all paperwork and original boxes only two owners from new fully tested and ready for music. New cost £2500

Asking £750



Cyrus 8Vs integrated amplifier in Quartz Silver

New in this week a really nice condition Cyrus 8Vs integrated amplifier in quartz silver, really nice condition, no nasty marks or other cosmetic issues that usually give away tell tale signs of less than careful use!. All original boxes and paperwork. New cost £1100

Asking £395



Cyrus PSXR's two (2) off in Quartz Silver

New in this week a pair (2off) of really nice condition PSXR external power supplies for Cyrus equipment. All original boxes and paperwork again these Cyrus pieces have been really well looked after, not the usual E-bay fair! New cost £550 each

Asking £225 Each



Audiolab Mdac in black.

A really example of the breed in black this excellent condition  Audiolab M-dac has had one owner form new, all original boxes and paperwork has also been upgraded with the John West-lake firmware which takes this unit to another level. New cost £600

Asking £295



Belles Soloist One integrated amplifier

For sale Belles Soloist 1 integrated amplifier, in great condition with original box and paperwork. The unit is black in colour. Rated @125Wrms Hifi News found it delivered 185WRms @ 8Ohms with 31 amps of currant at its disposal. New cost £3500. A really musical and easy to listen to amplifier, plenty of power, yet subtle and engaging. Can drive non standard load speakers with ease.
Asking £1695



 Quadral Montan Mk VIII Speakers

Our ex demonstration pair of the seriously good speakers. In the high gloss black with original boxes and paperwork very low hours just run in really around 300 hours maximum. In excellent condition. Factory warranty on these speakers.
Wonderfully open, smooth yet detailed, deep tight controlled bass, a natural music sound. New cost £4995
Asking £2995
Quadral Rhodium 400 Speakers
Our ex demonstration pair of these cracking Quadral Rhodium 400's in satin white, in really nice condition with all boxes, paperwork spikes etc. The Rhodium 400's are superbly musical, engaging and plain fun. Lovely small footprint and front porting make these easy to place in the room, easy drive and big sound. Really great speaker for sensible outlay new cost £995
Asking £475
Quadral Rhodium 200 Speakers
Our ex demonstration pairs (we have two pairs) of these cracking Quadral Rhodium 200's in satin black, in really nice condition with all boxes, paperwork  etc. The Rhodium 200's are superbly musical, engaging and plain fun. Lovely small footprint make these easy to place in the room, easy drive and big sound. Really great speaker for sensible outlay new cost £495
Asking £295
Quadral Rhodium 100  Center Speaker
Our ex demonstration model (used for three demo's only) of this great Quadral Rhodium 100' center speaker in satin black, in really nice condition with original box, paperwork  etc. The Rhodium 100 are superbly musical, an ideal match for any of the Rhodium range of speakers, easy drive and big sound a really great  center speaker for sensible outlay new cost £350
Asking  £225
 Kemp Power Source
Just arrived, one of the few mains conditioners that really can make a difference to your system. Our unit is in great condition, with original box and matching Kemp 16amp 1.5m power lead. Can easily power an entire system. New cost £1750
Asking £825
 Spendor S6e speakers
Just arrived a really high quality pair of Spendor S6e's in the lighter wood finish, with original boxes and spikes. A great two way speaker that delivers a quality sound for sensible outlay. One owner from new smoke, child and pet free environment. New cost £1600

Asking £450ono

Analysis Plus Digital Oval 1m BNC to BNC - £70.00

Analysis plus Digital Oval 1m BNC to BNC digital cable in excellent condition a solid performing cable the can delivery a very good sound for the outlay. new cost £195





Belcanto Pre 3 VBS  - £725.00

Really Lovely example of this great sounding pre, excellent condition, Upgraded to full factory VBS spec. Original boxes very little use last three years due to second system new price £1795 + £500 for the VBS factory upgrade




Belcanto VBS1 Virtual battery supply - £595.00

Really lovely example of the VBS1, in superb condition all original boxes and paperwork. Very little use in the last three years second system. New cost £1200






Belles VT-01 Hybrid pre amplifier - £2495.00

A really lovely example of this highly regarded line stage. UK model supplied by ourselves. In excellent condition with remote, paperwork and leads. Original box has been lost, however will pack in suitable box for shipping. Just been fully serviced, a couple of updates to Gen II spec plus brand new valves (Mullard) a really musical performer New £5750






Coherent 6D 1m Xlr analogue interconnect - £1,275

One of our top flight cables in excellent condition. Utilizing Furutech top XLr connectors, the 6D can deliver a big open stage, great separation with a very balanced tonal sound. Also capable of very natural and fluid sounds, very cohesive and grain free. New cost £3200 per pair.




Coherent 6D rca - £1,275

Reference analogue cable, ultra open, silky smooth, superb dynamics, superb tonality and stunning bass coupled with an incredibly low noise floor. Very few cables can approach the performance of the the 6D. New price £3000




Coherent 6D+ 1m Xlr - £1,400.00

One of our very special analogue interconnect cables, a very open, natural musical sound with superb linearity more than a match for the usual top end upper range cable brands. New cost £3250




Coherent 6D+ 1m Xlr Digital interconnect - £700.00

One of our special 6D cables 1m Xlr balanced. This cable can give a very natural, open detailed and involving sound. Puts a great many well know names to shame. new cost £1895




Coherent Special 4D Xlr<>Rca interconnect - £495

A Coherent special construction a 4D analogue interconnect 1.75m XLR (Male Xlr to Rca) superb interconnect with the added attraction of coping with balanced and single ended equipment. new cost £2500



NuForce HA200 Headphone amplifier - £195

NuForce HA200 headphone amplifier in black. Nuforce's very nice headphone amplifier in black we have two of these great units. Brand new in box. Can be paired together to create true dual mono headphone amp. New cost £350



NuForce STA 120 stereo power amplifier - £250

Just arrived NuForce STA120 power amp (we have two of them). Great small footprint 80Wrms power amplifier in black, brand new in box. Punchy, fast but not hard or forward. Drives most speakers with ease, virtually no heat generated from this box. great little powerhouse of an amplifier . New cost £500




NuForce WDC200 Wireless dac - £175.00

Wireless DAC Designed for music lovers, the WDC200 wireless DAC is all about getting the best possible sound quality from any wireless digital device. Compatible with Apple AirPlay® and Android devices, it provides a simple way to stream your favourite music from your home network or mobile device to your sound system. Great for Apple.New cost £350



Pioneer DV-09 DVD player. - £250.00

We have one fo these ultra rare high end Pioneer 'Elite' series DVD/CD players in Black, with original manual and remote. No box. This is a US model and is 110V plus NTSC. Functions perfectly. Quite a stunner in its day. New cost $2000



Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution - £1,175

Just arrived an Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution in as new condition with Ortofon Quintet black cartridge extremely low hours under 100. Second system TT one owner new cost £2300



The Company

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