Oracle Paris CD250 Player

Oracle CD Players are praised as much for their appearance as their performance.

It is our belief that achieving simplicity in design is a combination of knowledge and common sense. A properly designed device creates its own form, one that reflects the beauty of its function.

True artistry combines these elements by means of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.



Paris a city of chic design, sophistication and great taste. Oracle’s Paris CD 250 has these traits embedded into its superbly sleek and elegant design. Very easy on the eye and adored by those who catch sight of it. This most desirable of CD players performs with grace and poise too. Make no mistake the Paris is a musical communicator par excellence’ With its fluid and engaging sound it will entice current digital enthusiasts as well as a whole new generation of music lovers.

The distinctive design of the Paris CD250 with its elegantly sculpted chassis carries the unique signature of the Paris series.

The secret behind the overall tonal balance and performance of the Paris CD250 lies in the careful selection and combination of the different components. The internal structure of the Paris CD250 combines an optimally calibrated power supply stage, a digital to analog conversion board using the Burr-Brown PCM1792, 24Bits/192Khz, proprietary fully discrete analog modules and a distinct wiring for the analog and digital signals.

Oracle Audio has spent a great deal of efforts into making sure that the power supply circuit of the Paris CD250 is a clean, stable and efficient power source. The CD transport motor benefits from this high quality power supply by operating with very low speed fluctuations assuring a very precise reading. The digital to analog conversion circuit functioning with very low parasites in its power input can process the digital input signal more precisely and produces less errors and thus, less compensations of those errors. Similarly the fully discrete analog output modules of the Paris CD250 can achieve their full potential working with a silent noiseless background. They can efficiently reproduce the harmonic structure behind every note with a very high dynamic contrast giving to the Paris CD250 all its softness, finesse and musicality!

The Paris CD250 one beautifully sounding and looking digital replay equipment that would grace an quality audio system with aplomb!.

  • Oracle Audio Paris CD250 Specifications
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz @ +/- 3dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.001% @ 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Digital input : Coaxial RCA 75ohm
  • Digital output : Coaxial RCA 75ohm
  • Input sensitivity: 0,2mV and up
  • Dynamic response: 125dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: > 110dB
  • Analog output level : 2V RMS, both XLR or RCA
  • Power requirements : 100 / 120 / 230 volts 50 / 60 Hz
  • Standard colours: High Gloss, Black Red, Silver, White, Yellow.
  • Custom finishes available on request.
  • Weight: 8Kg

Prices from £4795