TAD D600 CD/Sacd/Dac

Bring the true beauty of music to life. Our goal is a truly pure sound. With unwavering dedication to our basic concepts and constantly evolving technical innovation wrapped up in eye-catching and desirable new case work.

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The TAD D600 delivers a new era of musical reproduction

The design philosophy to which TAD engineers prescribe can be stated as, Communicate the extent of music exactly as it was originally performed. To adhere to this philosophy and because the clock performance greatly impacts the precision of D/A conversion TAD engineers prioritized the development of a new master clock for the D600. This process led to the creation of the Ultra-high C/N Master Clock UPCG, which significantly reduces jitter in the frequency bands around the clock center frequency. Our original approach to engineering results in the ability to directly convey the purity of the musical performance.

The D600 employs a new proprietary crystal oscillator that improves noise level more than 50dB compared with conventional players, attaining ultra-high C/N characteristics. TAD focused specifically on C/N in order to provide the most accurate sound reproduction capability, aiming to thoroughly reduce jitter in the low frequency sideband ranges relative to the center frequencies. TAD developed the crystal oscillator in co-operation with a crystal manufacturer. Based on technologies developed for high-speed digital base station relay facilities this produces an oscillator perfect for the D600.

An important factor in the quest to improve sound quality is the ability to control noise-causing vibration. To this end, the D600 has a die-cast aluminum chassis with high-vibration absorption performance. Inside, a heavy 6mm thick copper-plated galvanized steel plate further dampens vibration and lowers the center of gravity. This two-layer structure ensures high stiffness and low vibration to greatly reduce any impact on sound quality. Additionally, the copper plating contributes to lowering the ground impedance, improving the S/N ratio.

The D600 can also be used as a high performance D/A converter. Its combination of Ultra-high C/N Master Clock UPCG and sampling rate converter achieves extremely accurate D/A conversion of digital signals input from external sources. The conversion of digital data streams output from a computer is also possible. You can enjoy high quality music sources with sampling frequencies up to 192kHz/24-bit.

Using pressure-sensitive rather than capacitive touch keys and static light-mode LED displays virtually eliminates the impact of high frequency noise on sound quality. Digital output (up-converted to 88.2kHz sampling frequency) exceeds the CD format performance capability for high-quality sound reproduction.

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TAD D600 Specifications

  • Input frequencies Xlr, Rca:- 44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192Khz
  • Output sampling Frequncy 44.1Kz, 88.2Khz CD
  • 2 Digital Inputs: Xlr, Rca
  • One digital output Xlr
  • Frequency response 5-20Khz CD 5-40Khz Sacd
  • S/N Ratio 115dB
  • Analogue Outputs: 1 XLR, 1 RCA
  • Main unit size 450mm X 185mm X 440mm
  • Power supply size 220mm X 185mm X 430mm
  • Main unit weight 26.5kg
  • Power supply weight 13kg

Price £38,500