TAD Labs CE-1 Speakers

“Embodying the skills of master craftsman who pay obsessive attention to every minute detail and allow no compromise!”



Designed and developed entirely in-house, the TAD-CE1 is the next step in the brand’s commitment to develop and manufacture products of the highest possible sound quality. The TAD-CE1 inherits the groundbreaking loudspeaker technology from the TAD-R1 Reference Series, and comes in a compact, stylish enclosure that fits both modern and traditionally styled interiors.

TAD’s philosophy has always encompassed the belief that audiences should be able to access the richest and purest sound experience possible in their own home environment” said Andrew Jones, director and chief engineer for TAD Laboratories. Adding the TAD-CE1 bookshelf loudspeaker to the Evolution series is an important extension of our line-up that provides us the opportunity to take the most discerning of audiophiles on a true sensory experience from source to sound.

As the second loudspeaker in this category, the TAD-CE1 further completes TAD’s high-performance function meets form Evolution Series, consisting of the D1000 Disc Player, DA1000 D/A Converter, C2000 pre-amplifier and M2500 / M4300 Power Amplifiers. The Evolution series provides precise audio quality that sounds completely natural and achieves unprecedented levels of performance.

Design of the TAD-CE1 is closely aligned with that of the TAD-D1000 Disc Player and the TAD-DA1000 D/A Converter. In addition to the initial release model – pictures above – the introduction of additional cosmetic variations based on combinations of two side frame colours (black/white) and two aluminium panel colours (silver/grey) is envisioned to respond to customers’ demands.

TAD’S CE-1 speaker system uses a bi-directional ADS (Aero Dynamic Slot) port system. On either side of the cabinet a bi-directional slit-shaped port (duct) is covered by an aluminium side panel. The openings are horn-shaped to achieve a smooth airflow. This design reduces port noise – even at high amplitude – and prevents leakage of internal standing waves. The bi-directional (forward-backward) and symmetrical (left-right) layout of the port openings further offsets the driving force to the port to guarantee a responsive and natural bass sound.The exclusive, custom designed TAD-ST2 speaker stand is a natural extension to the TAD-CE1, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. The stand is available separately and is finished in a stylish combination of black matte and black piano coating (TAD-ST2-K). A white version of the stand is foreseen as well.

The TAD CE-1 has the perfect partners in the TAD Evolution series of electronics, however it complements a great many other electronic brands beautifully, those looking for a true high end speakers that delivers superb musical performance, stylishly in an effortless grain free manner then the TAD CE-1 will be on the top of your audition list.

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TAD Compact Evolution One Specifications

  • Design: 3-way bass reflex bookshelf
  • Drive units: 18cm woofer coaxial midrange/tweeter – 14cm cone/3.5cm dome
  • Freq responce: 34Hz to 100kHz
  • X/overs: 250Hz, 2kHz
  • Sensitivity: 85dB (2.83V, 1m)
  • Required amp output: 50-250Wrms
  • Impedance:4 Ohms
  • Dimensions: 341mm x 628mm x 444mm (W H D)
  • Weight speaker each: 30kg
  • Weight stand each: 16kg
  • Colours :-Grey on White/Grey on Black/Silver on Black/Silver on White Black Edition
  • Bespoke finishes¬† superb Japanese Urushi version in Black and White, plus Neal Feay’s creative aluminum again in White or Black

Price for standard colours and Black edition including matching stands £21,395