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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

David Allen - Coherent sales and service

WARNING! Coherent Systems can damage your health
Having asked to demo the Bel Canto CD3T/DAC 2.5, Tony dropped them to my house on a Saturday morning as he was visiting the area.
What I didn't count on was him staying for 4 hours and totally transforming my system.
I had become despondent with the sound from my Focal speakers, but after 15 minutes Tony had them sounding just as I had hoped they would.
From then on each new interconnect/cable raised the level of my system further.
All this was done with his usual knowledgeable and friendly manner, a model of customer service.
At the end he played some tracks he had mastered and really showed how Cd's could sound before they were compressed for the mp3 market.

I strongly recommend you contact Coherent Systems as you will not find better.
I used to keep fit by cycling most days but now I look for any excuse to stay sat on the sofa and continue listening to music.
You have been warned!
David Allen Worcester, November 2012
Date of Posting: 12 November 2012
Posted By: Dr. David Allen Worcester

Simon Granger - Coherent sales and service

I recently decided to change my amplifiers and the Belles range by David Belles looked very interesting, relatively affordable and had had good reviews. I phoned up Coherent Systems, the Belles distributor and retailer, and spoke to Tony Sallis and told him of my plans.

My (then current) NuForce Reference V3 SE monoblocks as "Good entry level" - so I took them along for a demonstration against the Belles. He wasn't wrong - there was absolutely no area where the NuForce came close to either the Belles SA-100 or the Belles SA-30 power amps.

This was before Tony introduced the pre-amp into the equation - going straight from my Nagra CDC was good - going from the Belles pre-amp was magnificent. So I bought the pre and power and after a evaluation period upgraded to the LA-01 Pre (from the original Vt-01). The sound is now spectacular, and as ever, there is probably more I can do, but I very happy now.
This is in no small part due to the standard of the support and service from Coherent Systems: beautiful demonstration rooms that are just like a room people will actually listen to music in, superb hospitality, a policy of letting the music speak for itself - all backed up with a very good understanding and technical knowledge of the products. Tony even dropped my amps to me at Chelmsford as he "Was in the area".
The Belles amps have an open, honest and forthright view into the music, they do everything superbly well and make listening an absolute pleasure. You could also say that of the whole Coherent Systems approach.
Huge thanks to Tony and Anne at Coherent Systems
S. Granger, December 2011
Date of Posting: 08 December 2011
Posted By: Simon Granger Chelmsford
Steven Baxter - Coherent sales and service

Coherent Systems engineer systems to provide what individual listeners want. I have had very good relationships with retailers of high end audio equipment but Coherent Systems provide an entirely different service

Coherent systems know that individual listeners want different things from an audio system. A musician who plays to a high standard in a string quartet may want a system which can accurately recreate the exact tone of the instruments with which he is familiar.

For example a listener with severe loss of high frequency perception may gain most from a system designed to provide very high definition in mid range frequencies. A listener interested in small group jazz recordings may have different priorities, for example very accurate imaging.
The common denominator is a commitment to give these individual listeners what makes music most real for them. This is of course why we listen to music; for the sensation of involvement and communication.

The stated intention at Coherent Systems is to make listeners smile and make them want to find another recording to put on, for the system to get out of the way and to allow the listener to enjoy music rather than "listening to hi-fi". I had always aimed for a system that did this but did not achieve it until my system was re-engineered with the help of Coherent.

In particular, Coherent's vibration damping and bespoke cables were a revelation. More costly "reference" standard cables from a very well known manufacturer simply did not come close to Coherent's 4d series.
Date of Posting: 17 November 2010
Posted By: Dr. Steven Baxter Buclinghamshire
Simon Jeffrey - Coherent sales and service

I was introduced to Coherent System through a friend that has used Coherent services very successfully before. I could easily see through the company's website that quality products and services were available so I was happy to give them a call.
In fact my first "chat" was over email and then I meet Tony at a few HiFi shows. I was impressed with the systems that were on demo and his room was always one of the best sounds at these shows.

I was kindly invited to one of his open days which was a total revelation on how to take a very modest system, apply Coherent's skills and end up with a fantastically sounding system for a modest outlay. I have heard these components together before and they normally don't work well but that all changes in Tony's hands. This seriously impressed me and I wanted to learn how to achieve this on my system.

This lead to Tony offering a no obligation home visit to see what could be done to improve my system. I cannot express enough the quality of the service that followed with numerous home visits trying different speakers, cables and isolation techniques which took my system to the next level. I just would not have achieved this on my own.
Tony works in a very friendly manner with no aggressive sales technique and no pressure to purchase at all. The visits were never rushed and actually turned into very enjoyable listening sessions with us both enjoying the music, that's what it is all about hey. His passion for music and getting the best from systems was very evident. He often sat there, eyes closed, absorbed with the sound analyzing what to do next. He was prepared to leave some of the items for me to enjoy in my own time to make sure no rush decision were made. He follows up for a friendly chat to see how I was progressing and if I needed any further assistance. I actually did and he was happy to return yet again to assist.
Some, including me at that time, often wondered if some of the isolation products really delivered or was it all a bit of snake oil. Tony clearly shows how these devices help to get the best out of your equipment and proves it through demonstrations to let your own ears decide. It was soon very obvious to me the improvement gains are there if you are prepare to open your skepticism and try it.
It is very evident as you get to know Tony his understanding of the subject and his superb electronic knowledge and background really shines through with the results he achieves. The service I received is just not normally heard of these days and it was a very refreshing experience especially when purchasing relatively expensive equipment.
Since then Tony has kept in touch and I really would like to thank him for all his valuable experience and advice which has transformed my system. Simon
Date of Posting: 14 August 2009
Posted By: Simon Jeffery Southampton
Simon - Coherent sales and service

Hi Tony,

I hope that you are well.

Just to say thanks for coming down the other day with the clock cables, also for the photo session.

I have to say, and even though I am not running on full capacity yet, I was very very pleased with my listen this am. The system does seem to have been transformed radically. Its past incarnation seemed one dimensional by comparison- flat and neutral. The sound now stomps if that is the right word. Anyway, thank you for that and for taking me out of the dark ages. This little bit of sonic dragon chasing has proved worthwhile and no side effects as yet except curiosity about the higher levels of Nirvana.

Thank you
Date of Posting: 18 June 2009
Posted By: Simon White London

Robert Ryan - Coherent sales and service

Over three years has passed since our first visit to Coherent. We had, and still have, a high end Audionote system and were looking to change our loudspeakers. The first change in 30 years! Joyce (my wife) and I listen to classical music together almost every day so the music system is an important shared part of our life. In a two month period we had travelled to Glasgow, Nottingham , Luton, Bath and others before arriving at Coherent to hear some Focal speakers.

We arranged a demonstration and, as Tony had recommended, arrived with all our Audionote equipment. He took great pains to set up an excellent demonstration . The care he took was the first of many things that impressed me and I will highlight a few of these. One of the first things Tony did was to get a feel for the type of sound we were seeking so he could understand our needs. He is a firm believer that there is no 'right' or 'best' sound for all but only for the individual. He takes a lot of pride in being able to select components to tailor the sound to suit the individual. I have never heard him 'rubbish' any manufacturer's equipment but give a fair and balanced appraisal of it.

During the demonstration we never once felt under pressure to purchase or feel subject to constraints of time, throughout Tony sat with us, eyes closed, listening to the music. He is passionate about music and to get the very best from a system. Yes, we did buy a pair of Focal speakers and I was further impressed with the substantial concern, care, interest and service we continued to receive. Delivery and installation were exemplary, equipment was left to run the speakers in and regular phone calls to check on progress. Another visit ensued when speakers had run in to fine tune and position.

Since then Tony has kept in touch and recently phoned to tell me about the virtues of 'Black Ravioli'. Despite the beautiful sounds our Audionote and Focal system was producing one could not escape the inherent problems that make CD problematic. Harshness with massed violins, choirs, congestion on crescendos etc., really all those things that analogue enthusiast complain about. Once before I had ignored his advice and used spikes on our speakers only to find, nine months later when I removed them, how much better they sounded! Normally I would have dismissed the claims Tony was making regarding 'Black Ravioli' but, as I had developed a healthy respect for his opinions, it would have been foolish not to try it.

A visit was arranged and Tony spent the day gradually introducing the BR under each piece of equipment. One of the first things we did was to remove the expensive cones and granite from the system ( he is not a great lover of granite and it's removal converted me to the same belief). There was a very noticeable and cumulative improvement as the BR was placed under one piece of equipment at a time. The music became very organic and lost the harshness that is associated with CD replay. Violins now had texture, individual voices could be heard in choral music, sections of the orchestra could be clearly defined during crescendos and so very much more. Dynamics increased, low frequencies instruments had far more weight, sound stage increased in focus, depth and width. Faults I had attributed to recordings/digital disappeared and listening pleasure increased enormously with an air and sweetness that took me back to my vinyl days. The Black Ravioli has released the potential of the other parts of our system and as time passes just gets better. It defies my logic and understanding. I didn't want the hassle or expense but the emotional involvement and pleasure it has brought to our listening would make it almost impossible to live without.
Appreciation for all your time, help and advice ............ Robert
Date of Posting: 12 March 2009
Posted By: Robert Ryan Northampton
Ron Wiggins - Coherent sales and service
I took advantage of this down time by leaving the 21A running for two weeks to burn-in the new caps and diodes. It's sounding pretty amazing, the layering, depth and bloom is fantastic and the caps are probably not fully broken in and the cable has another 200 hours before they began show their colour.

The speed and pace of the music is more involving with great timbre between soft and loud passages. My Rega Apollo does not have the resolution of the Bel CD2 and Dac3 the Bryston BDA-1 should give my Vandersteen 2 CE Sig II more top end extension and low end grunt. I'm still impressed by those monitors, Cabasse Bora’s was it? I play the Canon D cd often and the mid-bass and highs do not even come close to the monitors, I'm sure the Belles IA-01 has something to do with that.

I am quite happy with my modded 21A and I thank you for going above and beyond what you would normally do on a mod, your love of music and design is truly displayed in the work you do and me and the boys are grateful we had the pleasure of meeting you in person. We wish you and your family much happiness and success.

God Bless,
Date of Posting: 26 January 2009
Posted By: Ron Wiggings USA
David Hall - London

Dear Tony

Thank you for sending my cables so promptly - I now have a complete Coherent Systems cable loom. As you know, I was shocked by the increase in sound quality the Connoisseur interconnects gave me. I really wasn't expecting this degree of improvement, especially as my current set at the time were quite expensive.

With the mains cables and speaker cables now in place the whole system has been elevated to another league altogether - if I'd been blindfolded, I honestly would not have believed it was the same system - fantastic!!

I've auditioned many cables before, and, like many people, have been left scratching my head comparing the different strengths of different cables, wondering which one was 'best'. Not this time. I found your cables to be so obviously 'right', simply giving me more of everything I look for in music - texture, timbre, timing, naturalism, detail and depth. Coherent? Yes, absolutely!

I love listening to music, it's a passion. Now I have found a whole new world in my cd collection. I am totally delighted. Thank you very very much.

Kind regards
David Hall

PS A30 Amp also absolutely fabulous - it's a little gem!
Date of Posting: 12 October 2008
Posted By: David Hall London
Philip - West Midlands

Having spent many months getting advice from Tony I finally made it down to Malvern to demo some lovely focal stand mounts in the real world setting of his front room.

Although I didn`t buy them , what I learnt'd helped me choose my speakers later [B &W 804s].
After much thought about upgrading my bel canto ref 1000 to the mark 2 version I decided to have some of the modified ones instead. They were immediately deeper in bass and sweeter to listen to.

I also bought a 4D interconnect to replace my chord indigo . Although it was equal in detail to the indigo it was more natural , Very linear in presentation and is a good match for my virtual dynamics interconnect pre power.

Having experimented with so many mains cables in the past, Krystal Kables, virtual dynamics, nordost and coherent I firmly believe in them making a difference . So tony offered to come up and gradually replaced all the cables with 4 D mains and his power master and ravioli [some of which I was using already].

The greatest difference was replacing the inbound cable to my sigmas conditioner. And as we continued more of the speakers seemed to be used. The musicality of the system and the sheer naturalness was impressive.

There is no pushiness with tony , you almost have to winkle stuff out of him, especially black ravioli !!!
Currently my system is predominantly coherent 4d and 3d mains cables and listening to a 5 piece guitar naim album recently every guitar sounded so natural.

The cables are not cheap but beautifully made and eclipse many others on the market. I am grateful for his advice and assistance.

System is:

Leema Antila cdp
Bel Canto Pre 3>
Bel Canto ref1000 modified by coherent
Cyrus Fmx tuner
Isotek mains conditioner
Supports: tillpoints and black ravioli on mdf supported on iso clear springs
Speakers: B & W 804s
Date of Posting: 23 May 2008
Posted By: Philip West Mids
Jon Nicholls - Coherent sales and service

I would just like to write to you to thank you for the excellent service I have received from yourself. I, like many others, was a cable skeptic until I visited your premises and heard the little Bel Canto integrated amplifier and CD player through Focal 1007Be using the amazing 3D cables. The lovely detailed and textured sound was quite amazing from such reasonably priced equipment, and to coin your phrase it certainly had some "juice"! I was immediately sold on the Focal 1007's and as you know had your lovely Zebrano demonstrators off you, including an inter-connect!

What I would really like to thank you for though is the after sales service and the visit to my humble home to set up my equipment and speakers. Many dealers do not demonstrate such a level of service and commitment to their customers, especially when they are not necessarily big spenders. The 4.5 hours or so you spent at my home, and at no cost, probably made the biggest difference and improvement to the sound of my system yet. Just getting the speaker positioning as correct as possible within the limits of the small space has made a huge improvement to my set up and sound.

At no point during the demonstration at your house or at mine did I feel any pressure or commitment to buy, the performance of the equipment was persuasive enough!! This is also another rarity among dealers. Also your willingness to engage in discussions on Hi Fi and provision of advice off line goes above and beyond the service I would expect from a dealer and I really appreciate your opinion. Anyway, many thanks for all your advice, cables and especially the gorgeous Zebrano 1007s!! I will definitely be seeing you again for more cables and when the time comes amplifier and beyond........!
Jon Nicholls, Bracknell
Date of Posting: 19 May 2008
Posted By: Jon Nicholls Bracknell

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