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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Coherent Sales and Service

Track Audio isolation devices

"Thank You Anthony for the excellent customer service ....they are in perfect condition THANKS A MILLION"

Gary Crosby

Phoenix Arizona USA
Date of Posting: 16 April 2021
Posted By: Gary Crosby
Martin Schroder: Hovland HP 100 Pre-amplifier overhaul and upgrade

I contacted Coherent Systems by email out of the blue regarding a 20 year old Hovland Pre Amp that had some faults and issues that required technical electronic expertise to resolve.

I had not met or been in touch with Tony previously, but he was very welcoming and gave a clear timeline to investigate the issues. Once he had looked at the unit he detailed possible actions and associated costs, but with an emphasis on retaining the natural sound of the amplifier.

The amp was subsequently overhauled, capacitors replaced and a new stepped attenuator installed. The sound is very much improved, much more detailed with a wider and deeper sound-stage. We are very pleased with the outcome and It is absolutely obvious that Tony knows what he is doing! I am now in discussion with him over a pair of power amps.

M. Schroder
Date of Posting: 23 March 2021
Posted By: Martin Schroder
Coherent 6D Xlr balanced analogue cables and service

Paul Hudson Coherent 6D Xlr analogue cable and service 23/3/31

Thank you for the cables they came earlier than expected; as you predicted it might.
So I have had a fun weekend listening. I'm actually surprised by the amount of improvement which has resulted from swapping just one balanced cable, which was already a quality item.
The music is now more holographic, fluid and richer sounding. Plus there is a much more natural purity to the high frequencies which now seem to hang in the air when a note has finished, a little approaching like which occurs a concert. I've never had this in a system before. I am looking forward to completing the set and getting coherent cables right the way through.

Paul H

North West
Date of Posting: 23 March 2021
Posted By: Paul Hudson
Martin Taylor Coherent audio upgrades and service

MUTEC MC3+usb internal upgrades

The overwhelming impression can be summarised as 'precision'. Not in the slightest bit cold or clinical, I mean precision in focus, precision in instrumental clarity, precision in soundstage width, depth and note decay. There is more 'shape' and 'texture' to sounds, helping to define what they are, how they are being played and where they are positionally. Noise floor is further reduced, giving the impression of even more dynamic swings. Drum beats are startling while a singer like Van Morrison, who varies his loudness from soft to belting it out, can easily be the most dynamic 'instrument' in the song. Delicate instruments like the dulcimer used in many of Christina Pluhar's recordings make tiny sounds that are exactly like hammers striking strings from a distance in a defined space. The harmonic decay just goes on and on.

I could continue but I think I've described the effect well enough. In short, Coherent have taken an already excellent product and brought me closer to the master tape than I ever could have dreamed of.

Thanks again.

Martin T

Date of Posting: 21 March 2021
Posted By: Martin Taylor
Ray Duggan Coherent Sales and Consultancy

After recently selling my ARC CD5 player Tony at Coherent suggested a NovaFidelity CD Ripper which would give a much better sound than I was getting with the ARC....and Boy he was right.
Well I have my Nova Fidelity X50D and a Topping DAC connected up now, that was sourced by Tony and after having a one to one tutorial from him I can now say that I am up to speed with this digital device all thanks to Coherent Audio.
So I am very happy now with my current set-up which of course includes a Coherent RTZ grounding system and would highly recommend Tony to other audiophiles searching for that Valhalla system!
As soon as the player has been run-in I shall look into a re-clocker, so no doubt this will involve another conversation with him.

Regards Ray D

Date of Posting: 16 March 2021
Posted By: Ray Duggan
Dan Waldman Coherent Repairs and Service

I had an issue with my Bel Canto REF600M power amps and was put in touch with Tony by Padood (Bel Canto’s UK distributor).
I called Tony and while on the phone he advised that as my amps were low serial numbers the fault was likely to be related to the power supply - he had seen and repaired this issue on a few pairs of early model REF600Ms and Bel Canto had subsequently upgraded the part.

He gave an estimate for repair if this turned out to be the case, but reassured me that he would confirm the issue was and repair price once he had received and inspected them. Tony arranged for the amps to be picked up and within hours of receiving them had tested them and confirmed that it was the power supply issue that he had suspected. Genuine parts were sourced and I had the repaired amps back in just over a week.

Tony also asked me to let him know how I was getting on with them once I’d got them back. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service that I received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Coherent Systems services.

Dan Waldman
Date of Posting: 10 March 2021
Posted By: Dan Waldman
Coherent Systems Consultancy, Sale and service

I've know Tony for a couple of years. I originally inquired about a Mutec MC3+ and a Ref 10 with a dealer in the North of England, where I live. Tony (Tony is the distributor for Mutec) joined him at my house, a drive of around 250 miles for him. He listened to my system and made some recommendations, some of which were either cheap, or free. He also introduced me to his Coherent cables, for Mains, Digital and Speakers. I bought the MC3+ and Ref 10, and Tony left me with some cables to try at my leisure. After a couple of weeks of trying different cables I chose to buy 5 of the 6D digital (BNC) version. (I also tried the free recommendations and every one improved the sound quality.) These cables are musical, with superb sound stage capabilities and lovely bass. They really are the nicest sounding cables I have found so far, for digital and clock data. Recently I managed to cause a little bit of damage to two of the cable plugs. Tony asked me to return them and he got straight on the case and has turned them around very quickly. So, would I recommend Tony and Coherent systems? Yes, without a show of a doubt. His knowledge is superb, he is a lovely guy who will go out of his way to help the customer and his after-sales service is first class. Like me, many will go and buy what they think is the best available, only to become dissatisfied with the sound quality months later. (For me it was Linn, Naim, Wilson Benesch etc etc as well as some very exotic cable names). They will upgraded and upgrade but never find that sound they are looking for. With a bit of luck, again like me, they will eventually find Tony.

Russ Wood

North East
Date of Posting: 03 March 2021
Posted By: Russ Wood
Coherent Systems international sales and service

Buying audio equipment from half way around the world.

I recently inquired about a TAD cd player that I saw on Coherent's website and after a few emails chatting with Tony a purchase was organised.
My reservations about shipping and packaging were answered before I could even ask the questions. The entire packaging and shipping process was fantastic I’m so glad good old fashioned principles and care still exist.

Was equally impressed with the product knowledge and advice I was offered, an absolute pleasure to do business with Tony.

I would without hesitation recommend Coherent Systems as a company to deal with regardless of where you are in the world.

Thank you Tony.

Dean Compassi
Date of Posting: 17 February 2021
Posted By: Dean Compassi
Coherent Systems sales,service and advice

Tony is highly knowledgeable. I received very good advice regarding purchase of accessories as well as repairs. Not someone who is interested in just shifting boxes. Genuine person. Coherent cables are brilliant. Highly recommended. Thanks ?

Maran M

Greater London
Date of Posting: 16 February 2021
Posted By: Maran Mariyathas
John C. Coherent sales and upgrade service

I recently tried the Mutec MC 3+ for a week and really liked what the improvements in sound quality
Tony kept me informed as due to lock-down and Brexit the shipping was delayed. I asked Tony to look at improving the unit so a stage 1 modification was initiated.
It took a few days to hear what the Mutec MC3+ is capable of but even straight away I could hear more depth detail and bass. Very happy with the speedy service and the best thing I can say is listening to music without a ounce of fatigue.

John C
N. London
Date of Posting: 12 February 2021
Posted By: Jon Cahill

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