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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Coherent Systems Repair Service Belcanto CD3T

Good evening Tony,
CDT-3 delivered at five to six this evening.
Slotted back into the rack after tea and now spinning some nice tunes!
Many thanks for the very fast turnaround and repair!

Many Thanks

R. Heaney

Date of Posting: 18 October 2020
Posted By: Rodney Heaney
Coherent Systems sales and service

I trust you got your demo Mutec back without issue. The new replacement sounded enjoyable right out of the box, which is so rare for an item of hifi equipment. What a great piece of kit - relatively not too expensive and yet a definite and very big improvement as soon as it's plugged in.

When you recommended I try it I must admit I was a bit skeptical. The Dac manufacturer keeps writing how they've got their usb to be as good as any input, and I'd worked on improving my usb input quite a bit with endless magical boxes. But with the offer of a demo I thought I had nothing to lose and I'm so glad I did try it as it's such a large improvement and resulted in some very enjoyable evenings of listening. All the advice you have provided me has resulted in some very worthwhile improvements in my system. Thank you.

Paul H

North West September 2020
Date of Posting: 28 September 2020
Posted By: Paul Hudson
Coherent Systems upgrades and audio consultancy

I had discussed with Tony further areas for improvement, and he had proposed to upgrade selected components in my Audiolab M-Dac. However this proved non-viable, and since the Audiolab could no longer be returned in working order, Tony graciously offered to replace it gratis with an ex-demo Bel Canto model, which now has proved a big step forward with addition of improved power supply...many thanks Tony!
Further areas of improvement are further Black Ravioli pads for various components, giving better definition and detail. I was able to trial these without pressure to purchase, but once trialed, they don't go back!
I felt that the clarity from my Quadral Chromium 8 speakers was affected by the loose-lay engineered wood flooring in my listening room. Tony suggested the use of out-rigger feet designed for these speakers. Now installed, the sound-stage has definitely improved.
Its so helpful to get expert advice and thoughts without any pressure to buy. I am looking forward to further areas for gradual improvement.

M Trevers

Date of Posting: 03 August 2020
Posted By: Martin Trevers
Coherent Systems repair service

Wadia 121 DAC repair
I sent my broken DAC to Anthony at Coherent Systems for Investigation / repair. It was very reassuring to talk to Anthony who was very knowledgable and filled me with confidence that it could be repaired successfully. I was updated regularly both with progress made and any possible costs. I have now received my DAC back in full working order.
Great job thank you


Date of Posting: 07 July 2020
Posted By: Nigel lester
Coherent Systems QP-1 power supply and service

My Coherent QP-1 super-cap power supply was originally bought for powering a 5V Pi and 12V DAC. It was then re-purposed for twin 5V to power an Asus Tinker Board S and Mutec MC-3+ USB. Recently I had it upgraded again to Tony’s latest specification, providing extraordinarily low noise performance and high current demand capability. The Asus streamer guzzles over 2A while booting up, settling down to 0.9A when playing music. The QP-1 handles it, and the Mutec reclocker, with ease while providing a very low output impedance and noise specification.

The QP-1 brings clarity, nuance, dynamic clout, bass heft and scale to my system. It has remained totally reliable while performing its job of feeding my components with ultra clean DC power.

M Taylor

Date of Posting: 27 June 2020
Posted By: Martin Taylor
Coherent Sales and Service

Having been introduced to Tony in January 2020 by a fellow audiophile to discuss the addition of a Mutec Ref10 external clock for my DCS Vivaldi set-up, I was immediately impressed by not only his knowledge of the hifi world but also the technical understanding of how products are made.

During the next couple of weeks we organised a session where Tony would come over to me and bring with a Mutec Ref10 so I could try in my system. He had assured me the difference would be significant and that is what was heard. I duly placed the order, or so I thought!

I was then made aware of a superior product which was not released and that it would be possible to obtain this, although there would be a delay since it wasn’t due to be available until April. Tony was honest and upfront, whereas others may have tried to do the quick sell. I agreed to wait until this was available and placed the order.

Tony was very kind and allowed me to borrow his unit (and clock cable) until mine was available. Considering this was a matter of months and not days or even weeks, I was very grateful (again exemplary service!). My unit actually arrived slightly early and was installed by Tony.

I would highly recommend Tony and the services / products he offers. There is no pushy sales person, just a very interesting and engaging person to talk all things hifi with.


South East
Date of Posting: 26 March 2020
Posted By: Marc Kellinger
In August 2019 I went to see Tony at Coherent Systems with my long term Oracle turntable. Having owned the turntable from new, it was now time to bring the deck into the 21st century. It was cosmetically, mechanically and electronically in a real mess.
After leaving the TT with Coherent Systems for a few weeks I received a call from Tony to say the Oracle was ready for collection. I was presented with a perfect turntable in every respect .Tony had sent it to Canada to have a new drive motor and electronics to be installed and upon its return and rebuilt it for me.
Tony also suggested a cartridge which is superb and saved me a few grand over the cartridge I was going to buy. Tony set up the whole deck, arm and cartridge to perfection. Tony has a huge knowledge of all types of hi-fi gear and music also. He spent a lot of time explaining my options and even sent me pictures of my deck being built and set up.
Really enjoyed meeting him and dealing with him and he would be the first person I would talk to about future upgrades. Andy Mcfarlane

Andrew McFarlane

Date of Posting: 23 March 2020
Posted By: Andy Mcfarlane
Coherent Systems 6D cabling and service.

The first 6d cable I ever bought was a big jump in enjoyment. The second set was a modest but pleasing improvement and that's what I thought I would get from the last set. However, it's almost like there is some sort of special magic in having a full set of the power cables. I just can not believe quite how good they are. Even my nine year son asked me why the music was sounding so clear.

I am a very happy customer indeed. I'm just contemplating my next step while I save up.

P Hudson

North West UK
Date of Posting: 14 February 2020
Posted By: Paul Hudson
Coherent cabling and service

Hi Tony
Happy New Year to you. Hope you managed some time off over the festive period.
The BD cable is settling down nicely. The amount I spent on audio accessories last year was a lot but the 3 BD cables and the grounding box have transformed my home listening experience. It's not just the gains in instrumental separation, spatial definition and bass realism. The whole presentation is so much more relaxed and 'liquid'. Quite entrancing.
Will, of course, keep in touch.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2020
Posted By: Richard Edwards
Steve C Coherent RTZ grounding products and service

Having followed the subject of signal grounding with much interest throughout 2018, I was loaned an Entreq Silver Tellus ground box, together with assorted cables to play around with last Christmas.

I tried different configurations (the Entreq silver Tellus having the ability to ground 4 different components) concentrating on source components and my preamp.

Early in 2019, I made contact with Tony (Coherent Systems) and travelled to his home for an audition of his RTZ3 ground box. This demonstration was enough to convince me to investigate further and Tony followed up with a visit to my home armed with an RTZ3 ground box and various cables. It was very obvious from disconnecting the Entreq Silver Tellus, that it's contribution had been negligible, compared to the improvement in detail resolution, stereo image and scale that the RTZ3 brought to my system.
Having heard the RTZ3 box at Tony's about three weeks ago, I was impressed enough by what I had heard it do in his demo system to request a further home audition. I didn't expect Tony to give up his valuable time to visit me personally as I was quite prepared to collect the demo RTZ3 box and cables from Gerrards Cross.

However, Tony does provide valuable consultation and critical analysis of customers systems and this is all part of the Coherent package of ensuring which, if any RTZ box is right for you and which grade of Coherent cables will work best with your system.
Initially, we listened to the system with the Entreq components still connected (two XLR cables from the Silver Tellus box to the Vivaldi DAC analogue outputs, one RCA phono to the Vivaldi transport SPDIF output and one RCA phono to a vacant CJ GAT2 preamp input).

Three well-known tracks were used for reference (1. After the Goldrush, from Natalie Merchant live in concert. 2. Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, a Nimbus recording by William Boughton/English String Orchestra. 3. The Blue - David Gilmour live in Gdansk).

The Entreq Silver Tellus and Apollo cables (£1750 + £540 per cable RRP) was then disconnected and we listened to the system again, concentrating on the Gilmour track.

This confirmed my evaluation over the course of the last fortnight, that I had struggled to hear an improvement in sound with the Entreq kit connected!

We both thought that the system was preferable without the Entreq.

Next up came the all-new silky-black Coherent RTZ3 box. 15Kgs on four Black Ravioli pads, nestling comfortably on one of the shelves of my rack, looking discrete and could even be mistaken for a power supply of some sort!

Using just the same David Gilmour track, Tony proceeded to connect one of his starter cables (£250) from the RTZ3 to the SPDIF output on the DAC.
Definitely an improvement in palpability, stereo image and reduced system noise floor!

Tony then added more cables, one at a time, until Transport, DAC, Upsampler and preamp were connected to the RTZ3.

I noticed an audible improvement each time a cable was added and the aspects of improvement that I mentioned increased each time and also when the base model cables were swapped with Tony's CR range (£600) and finally when a BD cable (£900) was connected to the Vivaldi Transport SPDIF output!

At the end of our listening session (which began about midday and ended at 7pm) we returned to the Natalie Merchant track and wow! This was now sounding more vibrant, with deeper bass, clearer; more focused singing and lower noise - Very impressive for a live recording!

Tony then disconnected his cables, but I stopped him when he laid hands on the RTZ3 box, which I am keeping! Coherent CR grounding cables will follow in due course as soon as Tony has replenished his stock (I just hope he comes back to me without going via Mike, who is feverishly buying up Tony's cables as swiftly as he can make them!

The only downside was the number of individual grounding planes that had to be addressed by owning a 4-box dCS Vivaldi digital front end. I had a substantial number of unused RCA, XLR, USB and BNC inputs to ground and each CR grounding cable that was added, produced yet more music from the reference track used for listening. The improvements in sound quality equated to a more palpable presence of individual instruments within the soundstage, background silence and ease and flow of the music, without harshness or digital edge.

I ended up purchasing the Coherent RTZ3, together with 6 of the CR ground cables. Tony was generous enough to include a BD grade RCA ground cable to use on my dCS Vivaldi SACD/CD Transport.

Over the next few months, I bought four further Coherent CR ground cables, bringing the total of different RCA, XLR, BNC and USB ground cables connecting my system to the RTZ3 box, to 11 (The RTZ3 can support up to 18 ground connections).

These grounding upgrades dealt with a lot of spurious RFI/EMI in my system and resulted in a more coherent (no pun intended) sound, which I am very happy with. To those that haven't tried system signal grounding, IMHO there are substantial benefits to be gained!

Steve C Hampshire
Date of Posting: 04 January 2020
Posted By: Stephen Coward

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