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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Excellent service and would recommend highly.

I first inquired regarding purchasing a Belcanto used pre amp and power supply, however when contacting Tony he realised that one of the items had been sold, on the website have not been updated.

However he did offer me to send and demo another power supply which he made himself, so with no money exchanging hands yet he sent me my pre-amplifier and a lovely power supply.

Used for a few days and decided that it was definitely right for me so he let me keep my demo power supply while he made my new one and sent it out to me before I have to return the loan PS.

So to sum up excellent first-class service and items were excellent too, I can definitely recommend Tony’s QP-1 power supplies

G Barlow

North West
Date of Posting: 13 March 2019
Posted By: Gary Barlow
Hi Tony

Just to let you know the Spazios arrived today and in perfect condition – amazingly well wrapped!
They look and sound great too!

Many thanks

North West
Date of Posting: 08 March 2019
Posted By: Antonio
Used Entreq Silver Minium grounding box and Coherent RTZ C1 cables

After reading a lot about grounding boxes and getting in touch with people who have actually tried one in their systems, I have decided to take the plunge and recently bought a second hand Entreq Silver Minimus and some cables off Tony at Coherent Systems.…

Tony was really a gent as he delivered them personally to me and gave me some recommendation on the best way to use this pretty little wooden box.

I was very sceptical at first but after a few minutes of listening, my systems which was already well balanced and lovely imho was transformed ... Lower noise floor, increased soundstage, texture and depth ... The changes have even improved since ... All with 2 cables connected to my Pre.

I can honestly say that this has been one of my Best Buy to date...

Trying & listening is believing and it seems that most of the negative comments so far are from people who have not tried a well developed grounding box in their systems. If you believe that quality cables can make a difference, you might be amazed by the improvements brought by a grounding box!

I have no other connections with Entreq or Tony from Coherent Systems. Anyone in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area (and beyond) is welcomed to have a listen to my systems (mainly analogue).

Date of Posting: 02 January 2019
Posted By: Bernard
Focal Electra 1007be speakers.


Thankyou.I receive your Focal speakers on Today.Everything fine.Nice to buy with you again.


Hong Kong
Date of Posting: 14 December 2018
Posted By: Percy Lee
Quadral Galan 9 Speakers

After a fairly long time, out of the game, I contacted Anthony.
The main reason was that he supplied a speaker I’d seen glowing reviews of.
After some correspondence, I discovered early on that he knew his stuff and was also familiar with some electronics designers that I admire.
The demonstration at his facility was relaxed, informative with no pressure.
He personally delivered the preferred speaker (not the one I initially inquired about) to my home for demonstration that same evening.
I was and am delighted with my choice.
The finish of the speaker was chosen and ordered.
Anthony duly delivered them to my property and set them up for me.
He then stated he would return again after a period of “run in” to fine tune them.

I cannot recommend Coherent -Systems highly enough.
Anthony Sallis is obviously a very knowledgeable gent and has greatly improved my listening pleasure.

Jim E Hertfordshire
Date of Posting: 27 November 2018
Posted By: James Ettridge
Belcanto Dac3 and VBS repair

Tony really does know his stuff!
I sent a unit in for repair.....it turned out to be a complex fault but his persistence was admirable. He sourced a part that the manufacturer had informed him was obsolete. I'm sitting here listening to the repaired unit and the system is sounding glorious
Excellent service. Thanks Tony


West Midlands
Date of Posting: 26 November 2018
Posted By: Matthew
The Coherent QP-1 ‘Supercap’ Power Supply

This is a review of my individual QP-1 power supply. Each one is created bespoke for the customer’s needs but the principles remain the same: ultra tight voltage regulation, ultra low noise and the ability to meet variable demands in audio circuits by use of high value supercaps for a large reservoir of storage.

Mine provides +5V via two USB sockets for powering my Raspberry Pi and DigiOne separately, and +15V via a DC connector for powering my Caiman SEG DAC. The whole black box is large and heavy and suggests an over-rated toroidal transformer inside.

Connecting it up, what this high quality PSU does is quite dramatic in outcome, more so with my DAC than the Pi but the whole comfortably outweighing just powering the DAC alone. The soundstage becomes far larger, extending left and right outside of my speakers. Depth is profound, which is not something my system has been notable for in the past. Voices jump right out of the mix and it becomes easier to distinguish vocals in general. Bass tightens up and is more tuneful. Music sounds more dimensional, more detached from the speakers and more vivid.

One important thing to note. This PSU took a good two weeks and longer to give of its best, most likely because of the length of time it took the industrial grade super-capacitors to ‘form’ and settle. Do not judge it at all within the first week of operation, just keep it powered up.

Having stepped up from the stock switched mode power supply, through a good linear power supply, then 12V lead acid batteries and now to this supercap power supply has been a progression from decent sound quality to something quite unexpectedly extraordinary. I’ve always known that power quality determines overall sound quality but this is a surprise even to me. Highly recommended, although the QP-1’s contribution is going to vary from one component to another.

- Custom 120VA transformer with electrostatic screen, RFI/EMI shield, potted and specially designed mounting system
- From 3.3V DC - 18V DC, also can be produced to deliver up to dual rail +/- 25V DC, current capability now at 18A peak, 5A continuous up to 18V DC
- Use of two independent super-caps, one @ 470kuF, the other at 68kuF, fitted after main custom rectification and first stage smoothing / storage capacitors, which can vary according to individual specification
- Two year warranty and can be reconfigured if customer changes equipment
- Price from £495
Date of Posting: 06 November 2018
Posted By: Martin Taylor Basingstoke
“I bought a lightly modified CD Transport, which has turned out to be a really excellent performer and superb value for money. The entire transaction was very straightforward; timely responses to inquiries, updates on delivery and the unit arrived very nicely packaged. I shall doubtless be back for more at some stage!”
Date of Posting: 01 October 2018
Posted By: Simon G
While back in England last month on a trip to the homeland (from my now permanent residence Australia) I made the short drive up to Tony's place to check out some of the brands he represents, listen to some tunes, have a chat and of course pick up my Coherent 6D cable loom (speaker cables, 2 interconnects and 4 power leads). I want to share what I heard with you, as best I can.

A quick sidenote;

This isn't the first time I've met Tony; he made a trip to my former residence in London, back when I was living in the UK, some 4/5 years ago. I remember then him bringing around a full 4D loom (sans speaker cables, they were Analysis Plus - silver something’s) and being massively impressed with what it did for the sound of my system. It's from the strength of that initial engagement that I decided to choose this brand.

Back to the present; the system that Tony had setup was something like:

Speakers: TAD ME-1 (on dedicated stands, with Track Audio isolation feet)

Amp: Not sure - a Tony bespoke special. PWM switching done correctly.

Preamp: See above, another Tony special - with a noise floor of -140db!

Source: Nova Fidelity X50D


Mains: Oracle 'conditioner' (does something other than condition), all American plug sockets

Other: 'Return to zero' grounding by Coherent, everything sat on Black Ravioli, all cabling was a complete loom of BD+

Tony ran my friend and I through a few warm up tracks and within about ten seconds I knew I was listening to something very special indeed. He played a few example tracks of Acapella performances, where the speakers had nowhere to hide and they didn’t trip up once.

A lot of the music we started with I'm not familiar with, but was of Red-book standard. Things that immediately leapt out at me was the sheer clarity of the sound; from top to bottom it was as clean as a whistle, fast and had a real sense of immediacy and palpability.

I recall my (non-audiophile) friend and I sharing a look with one another, about two minutes in - raised eyebrows and a kind of cheeky grin - this was going to be fun!

I remarked to Tony how impressed I was with the clarity of the ME-1s, despite the volume we were playing at; he remarked we're not even tickling them yet and he wasn't lying! I must state, from hearing these speakers, they've redefined what I expect to hear from 'just a pair of bookshelves'. They could go louder, clearer and more enjoyably than my old Usher Mini Dancer II floor standers (which for the record weigh in at about 55kg each). They didn't go lower, but the 37Hz they did present was impactful and fun.

Honestly, I’ve always lusted over humungous floor standers, but this experience redefined what I feel I’m looking for in a hi-fi system now.

We asked Tony to play some tunes we were familiar with and it was enlightening to hear them played with a noise floor of about zero. He played me Hey Now (London Grammar) and there was a whole new sub-set of sound to the music I didn’t ever know existed. I’ve experienced this sort of lowering before, but not to this extent. Other songs were more confronting as the system laid bare poorly produced / mastered tracks. Personally, I like this in a system as it means you’re getting the unvarnished truth (…high fidelity).

One thing that particularly leapt out at me from this system was just how good the high end was; high-hats on drum kits had such force and clarity, without stripping my ears of their lining, I’ve not heard that in any system before and I’ve heard some pretty high end stuff at people’s houses (I’m talking Magico S5 with full Accuphase top end pres and amps and Jorma Prime cabling or Active ATC 100s driven by Mola-Mola preamps with Stealth Sakra Cabling).

The only concern I had with this system is the comfort you could listen to music at 90db (average, not peak). This could damage your hearing quickly as it’s such good fun and not painful. What made me smirk was that he said the speakers weren’t good enough to show the ancillaries he had behind them. That’ll make an interesting demo, the next time I’m looking for new speakers.

As a side note, Tony is an incredibly smart guy, he can go as deep into the technicalities of his products as you’re comfortable and is good at explaining things in plain English where necessary. He’s also a great host. The demo, along with these characteristics help me to feel confident in the products I’m buying into; they’re backed by a guy who’s not a fly by night operation, knows what he’s talking about and even turns away opportunities for a quick sale, if he doesn’t feel it’s in his client’s best interests.
I’ll be returning as a customer in the future and look forward to doing so

Martin Johnson

Victoria state
Date of Posting: 13 August 2018
Posted By: Martin Johnson
"Some weeks ago I was visiting a good friend , who like myself shares a passion for music, he uses a very similar digital front end to mine. (I have a Allo One digital output board in my Raspberry PI which is connected to a Beresford Caiman SEG dac) My good friend had commissioned Coherent Systems to construct a new type of power supply for his SEG dac. Both of us having had experiences with the new super cap Beresford version as well before this happened.

After listening to my friends Coherent PSU sounded like he asked Tony (Coherent Systems) to construct his own for him.
I asked Tony if he could build be a similar unit for myself, this power supply also can power both the PI and Allo one board separately as well as the SEG dac.

I have known Tony for a good few years and he has never tried to push or overly suggest any kind of sale on me at all. A few weeks prior to this Tony had upgraded the Caiman dac, with some carefully chosen components, I was very happy with the updates carried out on the dac.

Over time I have played around with a variety of different Linear power supplies, also used dedicated batteries too. With the linear power supply units I bought or heard previously there was no real difference between using batteries.

All that has now changed, The first day I could hear it had potential, certainly more detail coming through but not as flowing I am used to.A week later I can honestly say that after my change of speakers, this has given me the biggest difference in terms of sound quality. I always find it hard to describe sound, yes there is a rich deep sound stage that just hooks into music, but for me it always about the emotional connection I have with the music and this adds to that connection. At times I am just stunned by the dynamics and depth I hear.

For those wanting a bespoke design that can be tailored to your own requirements I cannot give this PSU enough praise and Tony's service is second to none. He works with and understands systems like no one else I know."

John C

North London
Date of Posting: 04 August 2018
Posted By: John Cahill

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