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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Coherent sales and service Aurora Sound Vida phono stage

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Tony for taking all the trouble of delivering himself Aurorasound Vida I purchased from Coherent Systems .
Month or so ago I started thinking about replacing my Paradise phono stage - a highly regarded DIY Audio effort of Joachim Gerhard (Audio Physics, Sonics, Spiral Groove), what I was looking for was small footprint and closely matched performance and Vida seemed to tick all boxes .
First impression , visual , was oh my God I really do not like it's appearance , that Japanese looking wooden sleeve is not my kind of thing but quick conversation with Guy/Pure Sound and problem solved , sleeve could be easily removed to uncover nice aluminum finished case , well done AuroraSound.
Still early hours but Vida definitely is a world class phono stage , so far I find it very difficult to decide which stage I should keep.
Vida is very clean/fresh sounding with plenty of detail also excels when it comes to the lower register , bass is very textured and diversified.
Where it slightly looses is building an atmosphere, Paradise despite being SS design has that valve alike fluidity but the difference is fractional really

Once again many thanks to Tony for first class customer service , definitely will use Coherent Systems again

Equipment used :
Amlification : McIntosh MA2275 , Paradise and AuroraSound Vida phono stages
Speakers: KEF Reference 201/2
Source: SME model 10 turntable ,SME 309 tonearm , Cadenza Bronze cartridge


South East June 2019
Date of Posting: 23 June 2019
Posted By: Slav
Coherent Systems 6D Analogue interconnects

"The cables are quite thick and not terribly flexible, very well made and come with an unknown brand of tightening phono plugs or nicely made XLR locking plugs. A silver coloured shield is visible through the sheaf and that is pretty much it as far as understanding the materials are concerned. There is a family appearance with the power cables, speaker cables and interconnects all having a similar look. I know they are all hand made by Coherent but I know nothing else about them except that shielding is taken very seriously, a characteristic that becomes obvious when listening. They are all cooked on a cable burner before being delivered. However, having spoken with several owners, we all agree that it's just the beginning of the burn-in process and they take a couple of hundred hours at least to give their best performance. This is the same as for the mains cables, although the speaker cables are more 'ready to go'.

So what is it that they do that makes them so special and worth the cost? They are incredibly transparent and seem to add no character of their own. In the best 'cables can only subtract' manner, they do the least manipulation of the signal of any cable I've ever heard. Comparing them with two of the best cables in my possession, the Black Cat Airwave 3202 and Townshend Fractal F1, they reveal the BCs to be quite upfront, vivid and a little loose (similar to the NVA TIS) and the Fractals to be a little recessed in comparison. The high quality of the shielding is revealed as the noise floor is the lowest I've ever heard and music emerges in a sometimes quite shocking manner from absolute dead silence. The 6Ds appear to do nothing to add any flavour to the mix. What you do get is a level of insight into the music that is above what any other cable I've heard can do. The pinpoint focus within the soundstage is the first and most obvious sign of a classy cable. Next is the pin-drop level of fine detail. Finally, its dynamics are obvious but natural and not exaggerated. Headroom is significantly improved and the music doesn't become strained on peaks: for instance, Sade's voice in Why Can't We Live Together doesn't strain yet I can pick up a very slight croak when she's at full stretch. Timing is relayed extraordinarily well in both Steely Dan's Gaucho and Rosie Vela's Magic Smile. The soundstage is very well developed and makes my speakers image like very good small boxes, with the music being completely detached from them. This stands true for good analogue recordings like Dire Strait's Water of Love and Mazzy Star's Fade Into You. If it's dynamics you want, Alt-J's Dissolve Me gives it in spades. Finally, there is so much fine detail in Rickie Lee Jones' cover of Rebel Rebel that it's like listening afresh to something I know so well.

In conclusion, cable naysayers need not apply. If you have a well developed, highly resolving system, on the other hand, and want cables to do it justice, then loan a pair of Coherent interconnects. It's unlikely that you'll want to give them back.

M Taylor

Date of Posting: 03 June 2019
Posted By: Martin Taylor
Belcanto Ref150s repair

I was having some problems with my Bel Canto REF150S; it stopped working and made some horrible noises. I was advised to contact Tony at Coherent Systems as apparently he has a great deal of experience with this brand. It turns out that Tony doesn't just supply audio equipment, he has a sound grounding in 'how these things work'. Tony not only diagnosed the issue and repaired the amp, whilst he was working on it he 'breathed on it' and made a few subtle improvements to the power supply.

One caveat is that Tony may introduce you to some of the equipment he represents, and in some cases designs/builds. This is great fun because it will at the very least pique your interest in some extremely accomplished equipment that you may never have heard of.

Coherent Systems are highly recommended for repairs and they will open your ears to other possibilities in the world of Audio.

Martin Butcher - 24/5/2019

Date of Posting: 24 May 2019
Posted By: Martin Butcher
Bel Canto VBS 1 power unit for CD 2 and Day 3.5/3.7.
I noticed about a month ago VBS 1 was not supplying correctly,on making inquiries with Bill of Aanvil Audio the original distributor of Bel Canto in UK was given Tony's number to hopefully repair the unit.
Phoned Coherent Systems and spoke to Tony and was advised to send unit back for assessment and hopeful repair ( please note these units are no longer in production at Bel Canto VBS 1 in the US however Tony has several modular s which are only available to him ).
Returned VBS 1 unit Thursday Tony received unit the following day, repaired Saturday and I received it back Tuesday the following week. Excellent prompt service and gave a additional advice on the way my distribution block was arranged and advised the power amps should be on a separate supply, this has proved to be invaluable.
I would suggest anyone with this Bel Canto VBS 1to have it checked to see if the particular modular is working correctly (for peace of mind and low cost).
Also check out the Coherent Systems power leads for CD2 and VBS 1 units, they are a big improvement.
Again thanks for the prompt service and advice.

Gordon H

South West
Date of Posting: 10 May 2019
Posted By: Gordon Hurden
Coherent Systems products and consultancy service

Several years back I auditioned the Quadral Chromium 8 loudspeakers, alongside others in the Quadral range. Tony Sallis spent a good number of hours letting me listen, before I decided they were the right speakers to my ears. Tony said I should contact him so he could come round to 'dial them in' correctly.
I thought that can't be difficult.
They were duly delivered and installed by me. Between extensive business travels, I tried to tweak the setup to get the perfect balance, but I just couldn't get it right. So, after several years, I decided to contact Tony, and we agreed a date for his visit
On arrival, and after a short listening session, he looked at my room (which is not a perfect shape), and adjusted the toe-in of the left speaker, to an angle I could not comprehend....but the sound was already so improved
Tony had also brought some accessories, so over an extensive period; we tried successive changes, each adding further balance, sound-stage, and listening pleasure. Black Raviolis under the valve amp and CD player, Coherent speaker cables, digital interconnect, and RCA interconnects, which knocked the socks off my TQ Ultra Blacks. A Coherent power cable into my balanced power supply also provided a big improvement. Finally I was getting the sound I hoped for, and Tony gave me the time and space to make up my own mind.

So the moral of the story is:
- I should have taken up Tony's original offer, it would have saved me much wasted experimentation
- get the right accessories, it will make your equipment come to life, and probably save unwarranted upgrades
- Tony knows what he is talking about, and is a great guide to help get the most from your equipment
Thanks Tony!

Martin Hertfordshire
Date of Posting: 09 May 2019
Posted By: Martin Trevers
Ian Russell Belcanto CD3T investigation and repair.

I can't fault the service you provided. Replies to emails were prompt, the work was carried out when you said it would be and my fixed CD transport was returned to me with minimal delay. There prices were clearly explained and seemed fair for the work being carried out.
I'd be happy to recommend you to someone requiring your services.


Central Region
Date of Posting: 07 May 2019
Posted By: Ian Russell
Coherent Systems Power Master II mains conditoner

I have known Tony for a few years but it took awhile for me to build up trust in his knowledge and expertise. This is due to some bad experiences I have experienced with other dealers.
living in area that is close to a small industrial estate. This has a knock on affect to sound quality during the working week. The sound becomes more edgy. I finally get plucked up the courage to ask for help. We talked about the issues and potential remedies. Tony said to wait as he had a Furutech e-TP80E for me to try.I liked what the unit did so I asked Tony to build me one.
I now been listening to the system for a week and what I am hearing is no sense of harshness but the added bonus is that with the better cables I am using every element of what I am heading has improved.

The best way I can describe the improvement is that it is like I was driving a car with the handbrake not fully released.

Just fantastic service Thank you Tony


West London
Date of Posting: 04 May 2019
Posted By: J Cahill
Pre Loved Oracle Delphi MK VI

Hi Tony

Thanks for all your help with the turntable…or maybe I should say, thank you for your expertise which has been forthcoming in the (very few) instances when I needed it. The turntable arrived in fine form and was soooo easy to set up (a nice difference from a Linn!).

The sound is superb as it stands. By the way, did I tell you that my wife really likes the Oracle: her first words when she saw it was “that’s funky”, and she then insisted on having a little dance!
All the best


Date of Posting: 04 May 2019
Posted By: Professor F Pedersen
Hello Anthony

Thank you for the message. The 6D mains cable I purchased from you, and connected to my dac, has made such a wonderful improvement to my system that I certainly want more. I am totally memorised listening to music at the moment, so I feel one on my power-block is an absolute must.

Thank you.

P Hudson

North West
Date of Posting: 26 April 2019
Posted By: Paul Hudson
Hello Tony

After a few false dawns, final RTZ setup is; connection to CD3T spdif; connections to Dac, spdif 1 and 2; 2 connections to Belles, pair of inputs; connection to grounding terminal of Whest; 2 connections to Questyle headphone amp, pair of inputs.
Connecting to pre inputs of Belles and Questyle resulted in delivering the most musical performance,

I reckon to achieve the SQ I have now from digital, analogue and headphone playback I would have had to spend three times the cost of RTZ in terms of new boxes!

Many thanks,

Dr D Allen

West Midlands
Date of Posting: 02 April 2019
Posted By: David Allen

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