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Hi Tony

Cable arrived today thanks, a nice clean upgrade to the system.



South Wales
Date of Posting: 27 July 2018
Posted By: Chris Davies
Good morning Tony, hope you are well.

Just a quick line to say the amp arrived safe and sound and is a nice product and heavier than it looks,very well packaged I might add. Thanks for the extra care taken with the packaging as well to protect it from the rigours of travelling.

Thank you again!

Best regards

Joe Sweeney
Date of Posting: 16 July 2018
Posted By: Joe Sweeney
Just thought I would send you a quick email and let you know how the unit is getting on after the repair and upgrade.
I am glad to tell you all the previous issues have all been resolved, so definitely happy about the repair. I have also managed to let the unit fully break-in (100 hour), the sound has definitely improved after the power supply upgrade. The bass is somehow more refined, the separation of the instrument is definitely more pronounced even when I though this can’t be improved through headphone.

I had a chance to hook up the cantata to a pair of KEF LS50 last week, the image it projects was almost holographic. It is definitely not how i remember when connecting to a stereo set up. Definitely a happy customer!

Best Regards
Date of Posting: 25 May 2018
Posted By: Sei-Him Essex
I first came across Coherent Systems through their website about 4 months ago, when I was searching for ways in which to improve the sound quality of my system, and during this time I have exchanged many emails and phone calls with Tony. I soon realised through our conversations, that he was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of audio in general and all things digital in particular.

When I inquired about the possibility of clocking my CD/DAC in order to improve the sound, he explained to me, respectfully, and with great clarity, that this was possibly not the best way forward and that it was far better to concentrate on upgrading the power supply and power rails, and current to voltage stages first before considering clocking. In other words, there was a specific sequence to follow in the upgrades which would yield the maximum benefit.
From then on, I knew I could trust Tony to guide me through all the possible upgrade paths for my system. He listens carefully to exactly what it is you’re aiming for and then offers free, honest and unbiased advice on how best to achieve it. There is no hard-sell, no attempt to push products or services that are unsuitable for your needs. From the customer’s perspective, this is not only a refreshing change from the usual, but also saves you time and money in the long run. How so? Well, I like to think of it like this: If I had only discovered Coherent –Systems years ago, and had had the benefit of Tony’s professional advice back then, it would have helped me avoid all those wrong turns, dead-ends, and wasting of money on those now long-abandoned pieces of kit, that once seemed to promise so much, but in reality, delivered so little.
When it was suggested that I demo the Coherent 4D digital interconnect, I have to admit to a little scepticism; I have tried many cables over the years and even with the best ones I have usually been left feeling a little disappointed. Well then, when I hooked up my CD player to the DAC with the 4D cable, I can honestly say I was transported to another world. Not one given to overstatement, and all too often underwhelmed when it comes to auditioning cables from big-name manufacturers, I’m not going to trot out all the usual over-blown phrases; the simple truth is (to my ears, at least) this cable enabled my somewhat modest system, to produce music which was much more natural and realistic, than I ever thought possible. And when it all boils down to it, isn’t that the ultimate aim for any of us seeking musical heaven?
Having purchased, and been delighted with, a pre-owned Bel Canto CD2 player from Coherent , it was rather unfortunate that it developed an intermittent fault soon after. I returned it while it was still under the Coherent 3 months warranty, and Tony got to work on it and discovered the problem. It turned out that the main smoothing capacitors in the player were past their best and needed replacing. Job done: replacement capacitors upgraded free of charge; and player returned.
Thank you Tony for your work, your patience, and your sound advice.
Date of Posting: 16 May 2018
Posted By: Chris Docx North Wales
I recently got in touch with Tony to see if he could help. I had fallen out of love with my system following an impulsive second-hand purchase of some Focal Electra 1028Be Loudspeakers and was hoping he could advise. I’d spoken to Tony at a recent Hifi Show and he’d potentially recommended a Belles integrated amplifier, which he said would match the Focal’s, which he knew quite well from his time as a Focal distributor.

We arranged a time for Tony to come over here. I’d been advised by a couple of friends who are also customers, that Tony was a great audio diagnostician and they weren’t wrong. He quickly recognised areas I could make improvements to the system without having to spend big money and then made a few recommendations following a discussion about my available budget.

I ended up buying a Belles Aria Integrated amplifier, a pair of Coherent 5D interconnects and a Creaktiv Hifi rack (as the previous rack I used was too small for the amp).

These purchases and Tony’s recommendations have transformed my system and are allowing me to enjoy my extensive music collection once again. The system has gone from being too bright to listen to for more that 5-10 minutes and me always looking for the volume control to turn it down, to a system that I want to listen to more and more and turn up and up.

There is so much more detail, but in a manner that is easy to listen to, without any harshness or unpleasantness. Timing is so much better, Bass is tighter and more controlled and the speakers sound more controlled, whilst vocals are sweeter and clearer.

I would highly recommend Tony to anyone that wants to improve their system as he knows his stuff better than any other Hifi dealer I have met and clearly knows how to match components to make up a very balanced system. Plus he’s a thoroughly nice chap.

Many thanks

Date of Posting: 15 May 2018
Posted By: Paul Downs Newbury
I first came across Tony & Coherent Systems while searching the internet, looking for UK Bel
Canto specialist, having just purchased a Bel Canto CD2. After my initial conversation with
Tony, I was left with the impression here is a guy who is passionate about what he does and
really knows his stuff, Tony suggested where I could make some improvements to my
system, and we left it at that point.

A few weeks later I purchased one of Tony’s 3D interconnects to replace my current
interconnect, and the difference was immediate and very positive, over the next week the
interconnect just opened up even more with better tone, texture and a more pleasing
presentation of the music.

Tony also suggested I should try one of his Bel Canto DC cables to go between my VBL and
CD2, the said cable was swiftly sent for me to try. Tony suggested It would get better and
the sound would open up over the coming days and week, and true to his word it did just
that, it was such an improvement deeper, tighter bass, a top end that was so clear and
inviting and better instrument separation, needless to say that cable was staying where it
was. Over the next 12 months I upgraded all my interconnects to the 5D and my speaker
cable to 4D, this has taken my system to the next level for me, more open, tight, textured
well defined bass, a silky-smooth presentation to the music.

I also upgraded some of my equipment, and received impartial, sound advice from Tony,
with the added benefit of being able to try items in my system first.

I recently upgraded my power cables to the CD & DAC, and at Tony’s suggestion tried his
recommendation of cable, and wow what can I say, more detail, where did all that bass
come from, more dynamic and very musical. For anyone sitting on the fence regarding
mains cables, speak to Tony and try some.

I would just like to thank Tony and Coherent Systems for the great advice, and the time he
has given me in getting my system to where it is now. I find myself spending more and more
time listening to music, and I love it.

Mark Hodkinson
Date of Posting: 02 December 2017
Posted By: Mark Hodkinson Sheffield
Coherent electronic upgrades and repairs

Everything is performing excellently , and the P30 continues to sound splendid. Depth of focus and tonal texture continue to impress - for an 18 year old player this seems to me remarkable.

Best wishes. Mike Bakowski.

Mike B Hampshire
Date of Posting: 24 November 2017
Posted By: Mike B Hampshire
Sales, installation, service and upgrades from Coherent Systems

A big thanks to Coherent Systems for their help and guidance since my last review in September 2014. Significant changes have taken place since that period and I would like to the sequence of events that have led my to my finial musical place.
It started by replacing my ageing Bryston 4BST amplifier with the Belles MB200 Mono blocks, this was the start of a new experience with just how good reproduce music can be.
Recognizing my Denson CD player was the weak link in replay chain, Tony (from Coherent Systems) spent the time setting up and alternative A Belcanto CD2 player with my (then) existing Krell 250p pre-amp, which made a great step forward in terms of naturalness and musicality , then by the addition of a Belcanto 3.5 Dac MK2 and VBS power supply. Things were definitely moving forward musically and with a nice improvement in palpability. What next I felt?
It was definitely time for the Krell to move out, Tony suggested trying the Belles LA-01 2 box pre-amp as it complimented the MB200’s perfectly. At this point my system had given even more enjoyment than at any time previously. Which allowed me two thoroughly enjoyable years of high quality audio.
In 2017 I was fortunate to now have the ability to my system further than ever before; this time my Martin Logan speakers. Coherent Systems had advertised on their website as pair of quality Focal for speakers for sale. The advice given was that they would not work well in my room due to their physical size and placement issues.
Stand mount speakers were settle upon due to room constraints. However this was not going to impede performance if the correct pair was chosen. I was advised, that if I could increase the budget a little more, that a pair of TAD CE Ones would be top-notch and work well with my current system.
Prior to the conversation at that time I had no idea how good the CE-1's really were, now six months later I am the proud owner of said TAD speakers.
Curiosity got the better of me and so I inquired about the new TAD D1000 MK2 CD player and was promptly loaned one. It didn't take long to hear the D1000 MK2 was far superior to the Belcanto (In all fairness the Belcanto combination was very good).
Tony advised me that the TAD was delivering all of its potential and suggested I tried Coherent BD mains cable to run from the wall socket to my Isotek Mains block replacing my Isotek Syncro 3. WOW, I could hear the sound opening up, more clarity, a new level of musical enjoyment. Was the Tad worth the extra? Definitely yes!
With funds allowing all cables were upgraded to 6D, a new mains block from MS power, rewired with Coherent ‘s own wire, and fed by an BD Mains cable.
The house hold internal wiring was replaced by 6 mm T + E, seperate consumer unit and switch less sockets another good upgrade for sure. So where am I now? I have a very musically involving sound from my system, along with a natural flow, full of detail orchestras ebb and flow as you would expect.
I am pleased to say that I've come to trust the judgement and expertise of Coherent Systems (Tony Sallis) in putting a well balanced system together. I can sit back and enjoy without looking for the next level because I'm already there!
Date of Posting: 12 September 2017
Posted By: Peter Smyth London

Coherent Systems - Reviews

Sales and service from Coherent Systems

Hello Tony,
I just wanted to thank you for your first class service regarding our recent transaction regarding my Belcanto purchase.

Mr A Morris
Date of Posting: 21 July 2017
Posted By: A Morris West Midlands
Belcanto repair and upgrades from Coherent Systems

Hello Tony, the eject mechanism on the CD3T has been faultless. Sound wise the most obvious difference is that it is more 3 dimensional especially percussion and bass. Notes seem to take longer to decay and vocals are clearer. All in all a good step up in performance. Who said cd was dead!

Regards, David
Date of Posting: 14 July 2017
Posted By: Dr. David Allen Worcester

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