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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Sales and service from Coherent Systems

Hi Tony, Just to say thanks for the great service.

Recently I visited a good friend of mine who had not long moved house and had installed a couple of individual mains filters to work in conjunction with his PS Audio P10 mains re-generator. So I felt pursuing the mains filtering route could bring similar benefits to my systems.
So I spoke to Tony @ Coherent Systems who suggested a route method to try first to see if this would be more beneficial for me. Around a week later Tony brought an Audio Magic Transcendence with Coherent upgrades for me to try, comparing to the excellent PS Audio P10 re generator.
Even from the outset I found it good, Tony advised it would further improve over the coming week and it did. There is solidity and depth in the mid and bass I have never heard from my systems before. This sitting on a Torlyte platform on carpet compared to the P10 on a Creaktiv rack Midi reference rack on Black Ravioli.
I also tried the Coherent BD mains cable feeding each in turn and was stunned at the improvement in sound, especially even when compared to the superb Coherent 6D. More detail, solidity, musicians enjoying themselves more.
My observations in the time that the Audio Magic was providing the system:

More detailed and nuanced sound, the space between instruments was far more evident, greater width of the sound stage, with improved solidity to the mid range and bass.
In my system comparing the PS Audio P10 and Audio Magic is almost like comparing mono to stereo. So much,more resolving of the music in a larger space.

Moving the Audio Magic onto my Creaktiv rack with Black Ravioli underneath took the sound quality up even further.
The Coherent BD mains cable and Audio Magic Transcendence are staying.

Thanks again to Tony for recommending this and letting me try it out. Now back to the music

Mr M Griffiths, Surrey
Date of Posting: 12 May 2017
Posted By: M Griffiths Surrey
Sales and service from Coherent Systems

Hi Anthony, Just to say thanks for the great service.

Damping kit arrived today. Fitted this morning and as advertised, what a difference. Everything is much better defined is the best way i can describe the change. Bass is tighter and treble is smoother. Great upgrade.

Thanks again David

Mr David Mc Roberts Scotland
Date of Posting: 08 March 2017
Posted By: David Mc Roberts Scotland

Sales, service and cables from Coherent Systems

The purchase of a Zanden 3000 preamp a few months ago prompted me to upgrade the mains power feeding the system. I had installed a dedicated spur with a Furutech double socket. With a change of power conditioner to an Isotek Nova & addition of an Isotek Synchro mains cable to feed the Nova gave audible overall improvements. A small gain but still worthwhile for the outlay. The other need was to get a mains cable was that would do justice to the Zanden. Keeping things in proportion I set a budget of £1000. I auditioned three mains cables; the Isotek Synchro, a Coherent Systems 5D & A N Other highly praised cable.

All three cables acquitted themselves well but the Coherent 5D was significantly superior; from the very first notes there was a heightened sense of musicality. The music became further freed of the speakers giving a more unified sound image. The speakers have three drivers each and they have a tendency to separate the sound image slightly. It was significantly less so. The 5D is also quite flexible, it was a bit of a wrestling match installing the other two.
Eager to try a second 5D mains cable to feed the phono pre amp I called Tony. He was interested to know about my setup then advised me to that the best placement for the second 5D would be as the power input to the Isotek Nova. Trying out both configurations proved that his recommendation was the right one. Again the improvement was quite significant as to belie the modest outlay. The law of diminishing returns not!
Enthusiasm rekindled the introduction of Coherent Systems 5D speaker cables into my system, delivered more of the same. It had replaced & surpassed the Antipodes Reference cables that had decidedly trounced the Audience au24e.

These cables could do no wrong so to I ordered the Coherent 6D interconnects for my Viva Fono phono stage & Zanden preamp. The Viva Fono had replaced a Groove+ SRX, bettering it's performance with consummate ease & not withstanding that the latter is highly lauded in the audiophile domain.
Completing the signal loom reduced the further noise floor making for deep black background the music spookily real. Low levels were highly resolved as whisper low choir voices were crystal clear. A very slight hum from the speakers had vanished too. Dynamics,bass, mid band,treble, sound stage etc became more natural & even closer to the live event.
Conclusion: this is one one hell of an upgrade!
My thanks to Tony for his no pressure, helpful service to ensure total satisfaction. I've heard some very fine systems that were way out of my bracket. They were highly impressive. But there did seem to be some subtle artifacts still present to make the equipment completely invisible. .I would bet that these amazing cables would provide the answer.

Thank you Tony

Mr Peter Fong, London
Date of Posting: 21 November 2015
Posted By: Peter Fong, London
Sales, service and cables from Coherent Systems

I first heard of Tony and Coherent Systems through a friend who was not happy with the sound of his system. After having unsuccessfully tried a number of different speakers he contacted Tony who spoke to him at length on the phone and then visited him at home to hear his current system and to ask him precisely what sound he was looking for. Tony recommended Harbeth speakers and arranged for my friend to loan a pair which turned out to be just what he had been looking for.
My own system is valve based and I predominantly listen to vinyl and having recently retired, I contacted Tony with a view to seeing if it were possible to upgrade to current spec my 30 year old Oracle Delphi 3 as Coherent Systems are one of the reference dealers for Oracle in the UK and are qualified to carry out upgrades.
After speaking to Tony on the phone for about an hour, it became apparent that whilst the basic design was the same, the number of changes over the past 30 years meant that the best that could be offered was a partial upgrade and he sent me an email detailing what could be done and how much it would cost. I said I would think about it and get back to him.
A few days later he phoned me to say that Oracle had just launched a new version of the Delphi and that he was selling their current demo Delphi which was identical to the new one apart from a split platter. So a PX deal was struck.
He came over to my house and installed the new Delphi with one of his SME V arms as he suggested it would be a good idea to send my 30 year old SME V to SME for a service and said that he would return and install my arm when it came back. He also loaned me a pre-amp so that I could use the Oracle whilst my own preamp was being upgraded and serviced.
Having had a music system for most of my life and having dealt with a number of dealers over the years with varying degrees of satisfaction and frustration, the thing that struck me most about Tony when I met him is that although he sells hifi equipment for a living and is a highly competent and experienced audio engineer, he is first and foremost a music lover. Furthermore, his prime concern is for you the customer to get the most out of the system you've got in terms of synergy, coherence, musicality and listening pleasure, rather than try to sell you a new one. He's not critical of the components in your system; he asks you what you feel is lacking and how you would like to improve it. Unlike most salesmen he doesn't try to impose what he thinks on you.
In my case it immediately became apparent, both to my wife and myself, how much better the new Oracle was compared to the old one in terms of bass, transparency, detail resolution and background noise. Tony then made some suggestions re speaker placement and isolation and listening position which further improved sound staging and imaging.
Tony also makes his own mains, interconnect and speaker cables and as he demonstrated, they can make a marked improvement to sound quality and the listening experience. If my experience is typical, then he is more than happy to loan you cables so you can decide for yourself whether or not they are for you.
When my CD transport failed, he recommended the Bel Canto CD transport and one of his digital interconnects which he came and installed and which I am very pleased with. I didn't think CDs could sound that good!
My experience of Tony and Coherent Systems has been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone or contacting him again if I ever had a problem or desire to upgrade my system.

Thank you Tony

Tony Ayres, SE London
Date of Posting: 15 November 2015
Posted By: Tony Ayres, SE London

Sales, service and cables from Coherent Systems

Thanks so much to Tony for his great patience, Tony came to see me and I went to Tony's to hear different equipment and cables. Some tracks show their quality recording and some just don't. Good news -There are more that improved than I thought!

Having my cheapskate self arguing with my 'must get more out the music' self was always going to be a struggle. Anyway Tony cleverly provided me with 3 of the 6D cables so I had to try the 3rd.The Isis was the box chosen usual good on the 4D, better on the 5D and great on the 6D I thought it couldn't make so much difference but it did. Another 6D. Cheapskate self writhing in agony.
there's more. Martin raved about how the 6D really made a difference on the P10 and the Chord power amp so Tony made me up a 6D with the special IEC the Chord needs. I could see this was probably going to be a keeper but me and the boss were surprised about how much better the 6D was.
The system really sings now with the 4 in place and that's what I ended up buying. Have to confess there are some albums that deliver little extra, but some deliver a huge amount of extra detail now that takes the breath away. Not finished. There are the 2 types of connector. Having heard the 5D with Furutech and the specially rolled on a virgin's thighs (well, blasted and coated by Tony's artisans) I wanted the latter.
System playing the vanilla Furutech's was wonderful With the super duper connectors it was noticeable better and that was from brand spanking new and cold. I know cables get better with use and, placebo or not these are getting better to my ears. A great step up to my system that you could not imagine could come just from mains cables. Thanks to Tony for his patience and various visits.
I am a happy bunny!

Thank you Tony

Mr Michael Griffiths
Date of Posting: 10 September 2015
Posted By: Michael Griffiths, Surrey
Sales, service and cables from Coherent Systems

I first discovered Coherent Systems in 2011 when seeking to purchase the Townshend Stella Stands for my active speakers. I bought them from Tony, as a Townshend dealer, and he came to West Wales to install them and give me the benefit of an audio diagnostic which was both illuminating and invaluable.
Since then, I have addressed all my hifi needs through Tony and in the process acquired two wonderful Belles pre-amps and numerous Coherent cables, power conditioners, and upgrades. He also introduced me to the Black Ravioli isolation range.

For an electronics dumb head like myself, his expertise is breathtaking but perhaps more to the point, given how subjective audio appreciation can be, his aesthetic judgment, in my view - or rather to my ears- is spot on and entirely reliable. If he suggests that a product will provide a deeper, more articulate bass or more texture and spatiality, then you can bet your life it will.
I have spent a fair bit since that fateful visit but it has transformed my listening experience. Tony's mantra is 'musical flow and engagement'. All his cables make the music sing in a way that is engrossing and enveloping. You just want to keep on listening.
Finally, for someone naturally averse to sales pitch of any kind, I find that Tony has a refreshing no-bullshit approach. You can depend on him to deliver on any claim he makes, both in terms of the quality of his products and the reliability of his service. All done in a friendly, relaxed and cheerful manner.

Thank you Tony
Date of Posting: 05 September 2015
Posted By: Richard Edwards Carmarthenshire

Ayre C-5xe MP Upgraded by Coherent Systems

Just having a chat with Tony Sallis of Coherent Systems is inspiring and, at the times he has visited my system, he has proven to have great hearing and insight into system performance and the reasons behind the way a system sounds.
We discussed my Ayre C-5xe MP SACD/DVD-A/CD player and Tony reckoned he could improve on its already superb sound quality. I trusted him and delivered the machine round shortly afterwards
Just over a week later and Tony declared the player ready. He had worked the power supplies and applied selective decoupling where it matters most, especially around the all-important clock circuits. Some of the components, like Dubilier pancake caps and three-pin soft recovery rectifiers, had come from the USA so his suppliers obviously work double-quick time for him. I collected the player and a bag of some 55 removed components, including surface mount.
Tony's work focused around the power supplies in order to remove noise and let the clocks work more accurately with less jitter. I was warned to give the machine at least 72 hours of soak playing, so I left various discs playing on loop.
My immediate impression upon playing some favorite CDs was that it felt like a big sub had been added. My system is not lacking in extended bass but the very lowest octave was now noticeable in the sound of air moving around the auditorium, like the thrum of an underground train approaching a station, really widening and deepening the sound stage and making it more of an immersive experience. Music with actual deep bass content was tighter and more potent. The sound stage on good SACD recordings was simply immense, a completely analogue-like portrayal of a big acoustic space. Despite being more extended, bass was actually tighter with great texture and impact in the upper bass.
Further playing has revealed that there is a reduction in noise floor, voices starting and stopping with an immediacy that can be shocking. Dynamic transients like most hand-held percussion instruments have more shape to them, the cues that tell you how they are being played, and their reverberation around the performance space is more perceptible.
The high frequency shimmer of cymbals, even on CD replay, has harmonics and decay that are more fully formed, defying red-book's limited encoding format. Cymbals on SACD are amazingly realistic.
The Ayre has interestingly differentiated the sound of SACD versus DVD-A in that they more obviously play to their strengths: SACD with that simply huge sound stage and the feeling of being there; DVD-A with incredible detail, slam, micro-dynamics and effortless high frequencies.
Overall this is a set of modifications that have strengthened the Ayre's already superb performance without in any way damaging its fundamental characteristics. Thank you Tony, your work has certainly improved my enjoyment of my collection.

Thank you Tony

Mr M Taylor, Basingstoke
Date of Posting: 22 August 2015
Posted By: Martin Taylor Basingstoke

Ralf Klinkhammer - Coherent upgrade service

Since Bel Canto Design isn't yet so well known here in Germany, I contacted Tony for a modification of my Bel Canto ref 1000.
Another reason was the Bel Canto Pre, modified by Coherent Systems, I purchased there to substitute my stock BC pre. I was quite impressed how much better my system sounds by putting that pre in the middle of my chain.
I knew that Coherent Systems did modify both the power supply and the pre amplifier section, adding components to the power supply and chancing capacitors on the board.
That was something I was looking for to update my power amps. Undoubtedly things like chancing binding posts, implementing better cables or using damping cloths will improve a component's performance, and this was all done very well with my monos, but together with that modification was done on and even on the backside of the board. Its my opinion that only a skillful technician, experienced with digital technique and in particular knowing how the ICE power modules inside the BC monos work, can achieve a modification with such a stunning result.
I'm very happy with the way the Bel Cantos sound. It is like something new. It may sound like a stereotype often heard, but now there's a desire to listen to one CD after another, discovering well known songs like new. It is not an improvement in one aspect or another, the power amps play on a different level, keeping their warm and involving sound, but doing everything better . They sound more open now, with much better bass control and quieter background, and most important, more musical
All through the time of modification Tony supplied me with information, both with text and pictures. Thank you very much, Tony

Best wishes

Ralf Klinkhammer, Germany
Date of Posting: 26 April 2015
Posted By: Ralf Klinkhammer, Germany
Dave Roberts - Coherent upgrade service

Hi Tony,It's Dave here who bought the Opus 21 from you last week. Just a quick mail to say it arrived safely on Thursday and works perfectly.
It sounds fantastic, comprehensively trounces the Naim CDP it replaced which sounds shut in and muffled by comparison. Then again I've realised that a bee in a biscuit tin would probably make better noises than Naim kit :-)
Many thanks for a nice and easy transaction Sir

Kind Regards

Dave Roberts, North West
Date of Posting: 07 April 2015
Posted By: Dave Roberts North West
Alan Magwood - Coherent upgrade service

I recently sent my Pioneer CD player back to Coherent Systems for a second stage modification upgrade: namely, having a Trichord clock and Never Connected power supply fitted. As with the first modifications.

Tony arranged collection of the CD player and returned it to me, installed it and sat with me while we listened to some music and discussed my system and any improvements I might consider in the future. He explained that it would take some time for the clock and the psu to burn in.
When he phoned me a couple of weeks later to ask for an update, I was able to report a quite extraordinary focus and clarity to the sound that seemed to be still evolving.
Bass is tighter, the sound stage is deeper and there is better separation and space around voices and instruments. In fact, I can now distinguish individual voices in backing vocals.
On good recordings, there's a visceral quality to the sound akin to a live performance. I was now able to appreciate the reasoning behind the first modifications Tony made to the player, to reduce the noise floor and improve the tone. Without this, I suspect the sound would have been rather stark.

I've no experience of very expensive high-end players, but I feel that taking this route of buying a well-regarded mid-priced machine and having it upgraded has proved cost-effective and very worthwhile.
I doubt I'd have found a better firm that Coherent Systems to give me this combination of expertise and dedicated customer service. Thank you very much, Tony.

Kind Regards

Alan Magwood, South West
Date of Posting: 12 January 2015
Posted By: Alan Magwood, South West

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