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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Alan Magwood - Coherent upgrade service

Last year I decided to replace my ageing Trichord transport and DAC which had given sterling service over the years, before the transport gave up the ghost. I auditioned what I thought would be a comparable two box set-up alongside my Trichord at the local hi-fi store, expecting a significant improvement in performance, considering the age of my set-up was, however I was surprised to find how close the two sounded. The dealer told me I'd have to spend about £3,500 for a CD player to get a significant improvement.

At this point I decided to research a good mid-priced player that I could have modified with a Trichord clock and a Never Connected power supply to hopefully give me a cost-effective improvement.
So a PIONEER PD DG9 Mk2 was ordered, which had the bonus of playing SACD's as well. Out of the box, the PIONEER displayed increased detail and staging but lacked warmth, presence and texture in the mid range.

I contacted Coherent Systems to discuss the above modifications. Having examined the Pioneer, Tony explained that improving the function of the power supplies for both the analogue and digital output stages along with reducing the noise floor across the main power circuitry would deliver the results I was looking for. Installing a new clock and PSU and this point, he said, would throw the sound out of balance. Rather like putting a powerful car engine into a standard Mini.
So deciding to proceed I took his advice and a couple of weeks later he returned the player in person and installed the Pioneer. Tony contacted me after a few days to check on initial findings and I was able to report that the sound was more solid and assured.

Due to some of the parts installed like Sanyo Oscons capacitors, Silicone Carbide ultra fast diodes and other high quality components that the finial sound would take a while to burn in. Sure enough, when he called a couple of weeks later, the sound had opened up, the mid range was now open and rich without losing any of the detail. Music seems more real, with greater depth and shape to the notes.

I've no doubt that I'll be returning the PIONEER to Tony to have the Trichord clock and power supply installed.
Many thanks

Alan Magwood, South West
Date of Posting: 09 January 2014
Posted By: Alan Magwood Somerset
Andrew Bellamy - Coherent sales and service

About a year ago I decided to replace my now ageing Oracle record deck although I was very happy with it, but I felt it was time for a upgrade , as usual I started to check out the options available to me ,I was looking to spend in the10k region I had some decks in mind.

Some I had seen and heard at shows some i had just read reviews and audiophile opinions , after a lot of research I had my final list of three decks , I contacted each dealer and went through the pros and cons of each of the decks I was interested in.

I have been a audiophile now for many years and have built up a very expensive system. Invested a lot of time and money I getting the room acoustics right so I wanted something that would complement the rest of my system and of course my arm and cartridge. I am very particular in the sound I like, and the equipment I buy which gives me the most pleasure to listen to.

As we all know times are hard and I wanted to get the best sounding turntable for my hard earned cash. So do I go for the solid mass or for suspended sub chassis design?
I was more and more leaning toward the sub-chassis design so contacted Coherent Systems to get some info on the new Oracle V1 , I spoke to Mr Anthony Sallis who by the way is a very nice chap , I was surprised at his totally unbiased opinions when I told him of the other two deck I had in mind.

He first of all asked me what I wanted from my turntable and the kind of sound I liked. He then went through the various differences of the decks never once in any way pulling down the other two in fact he was telling me all the benefits of all three decks I had in mind , after a long and interesting conversation I decided to think long and hard about which way to go.

Sometime later I contacted Tony again and he was more than helpful (This guy knows his stuff) He emailed me lots of info regarding the New Oracle, after reading and more research I decided this was the deck for me.

After contacting Tony again and making the purchase, He said he would deliver it in person and set the deck up for me. He arrived as promised on a hot summer day and brought his wife for the company (who by the way nearly stole me most precious item, my Springer Spaniel friends for life I think)

Tony very carefully set up the deck I was impressed by his regard for the gear he was very careful, I like that. Tony went through the operations of the new deck and showed me how to put the belt on in one easy movement....easy for him to say!

>I couldn't wait to play this new shining turntable so to the first LP one I know very well I was horrified, what had I been listening to for the last few years nothing like this the grace, sound-stage, depth, space ,noise floor, tightness of the bass were light years from my old turntable ,the sound was exactly what I had been hoping for, the more records I played even LP's I has not listened to for a many years sounded wonderful the oracle sang like a bird I was hearing things I had never heard before it totally exceeded my expectations in every way even down to the ease of use I am a very happy customer!

I can very easily and highly recommend Coherent Systems for any high end equipment or for any impartial information I never felt in any way any pressure at any time during the conversation with Tony.

Andrew Bellamy, North East

Date of Posting: 24 August 2013
Posted By: Andrew Bellamy North East
Tony Ho - Coherent sales and service

It's my first time of overseas purchase of pre-owned audio equipment. I was very worried about this kind of risky purchases for money being paid without physical inspection of a used item. Thanks to Anthony, my purchase was 100% successfully and satisfactory. It took only 3 working days from remittance of money to receipt of item. Anthony is truly professional and efficient. He even shared with me his experience in CAS system and his valuable advice's on selection of other audio gears. I've saved a lot of money in my "audio path". Actually, Anthony has become a good friend of mine.

Tony Ho Hong Kong
Date of Posting: 28 July 2013
Posted By: Tony Ho Hong Kong
Kari Salonius - Coherent sales and service

Sorry, I have not commented Belcanto pre3 and your cable before now, just came back yesterday from my holidays. Everything came by courier as said and the sound quality rose when adding those to my system more black background and more detailed music.
Thank you Anthony

Kari Salonius Finland
Date of Posting: 22 July 2013
Posted By: Kari Salonius Finland
Jim Ross - Coherent sales and service

I received the Focal Micro speakers in great condition. Thank you for the care that you obviously took to ship the speakers to me in Inverness. It was a pleasure to deal with you from the start, through to a successful conclusion. I look forward to dealing with you in the future and would not hesitate to recommend your service
to others.

Jim Ross Inverness
Date of Posting: 09 July 2013
Posted By: Jim Ross Inverness
David Allen - Coherent sales and service

WARNING! Coherent Systems can damage your health
Having asked to demo the Bel Canto CD3T/DAC 2.5, Tony dropped them to my house on a Saturday morning as he was visiting the area.
What I didn't count on was him staying for 4 hours and totally transforming my system.
I had become despondent with the sound from my Focal speakers, but after 15 minutes Tony had them sounding just as I had hoped they would.
From then on each new interconnect/cable raised the level of my system further.
All this was done with his usual knowledgeable and friendly manner, a model of customer service.
At the end he played some tracks he had mastered and really showed how Cd's could sound before they were compressed for the mp3 market.

I strongly recommend you contact Coherent Systems as you will not find better.
I used to keep fit by cycling most days but now I look for any excuse to stay sat on the sofa and continue listening to music.
You have been warned!
David Allen Worcester, November 2012
Date of Posting: 12 November 2012
Posted By: Dr. David Allen Worcester

Simon Granger - Coherent sales and service

I recently decided to change my amplifiers and the Belles range by David Belles looked very interesting, relatively affordable and had had good reviews. I phoned up Coherent Systems, the Belles distributor and retailer, and spoke to Tony Sallis and told him of my plans.

My (then current) NuForce Reference V3 SE monoblocks as "Good entry level" - so I took them along for a demonstration against the Belles. He wasn't wrong - there was absolutely no area where the NuForce came close to either the Belles SA-100 or the Belles SA-30 power amps.

This was before Tony introduced the pre-amp into the equation - going straight from my Nagra CDC was good - going from the Belles pre-amp was magnificent. So I bought the pre and power and after a evaluation period upgraded to the LA-01 Pre (from the original Vt-01). The sound is now spectacular, and as ever, there is probably more I can do, but I very happy now.
This is in no small part due to the standard of the support and service from Coherent Systems: beautiful demonstration rooms that are just like a room people will actually listen to music in, superb hospitality, a policy of letting the music speak for itself - all backed up with a very good understanding and technical knowledge of the products. Tony even dropped my amps to me at Chelmsford as he "Was in the area".
The Belles amps have an open, honest and forthright view into the music, they do everything superbly well and make listening an absolute pleasure. You could also say that of the whole Coherent Systems approach.
Huge thanks to Tony and Anne at Coherent Systems
S. Granger, December 2011
Date of Posting: 08 December 2011
Posted By: Simon Granger Chelmsford
Steven Baxter - Coherent sales and service

Coherent Systems engineer systems to provide what individual listeners want. I have had very good relationships with retailers of high end audio equipment but Coherent Systems provide an entirely different service

Coherent systems know that individual listeners want different things from an audio system. A musician who plays to a high standard in a string quartet may want a system which can accurately recreate the exact tone of the instruments with which he is familiar.

For example a listener with severe loss of high frequency perception may gain most from a system designed to provide very high definition in mid range frequencies. A listener interested in small group jazz recordings may have different priorities, for example very accurate imaging.
The common denominator is a commitment to give these individual listeners what makes music most real for them. This is of course why we listen to music; for the sensation of involvement and communication.

The stated intention at Coherent Systems is to make listeners smile and make them want to find another recording to put on, for the system to get out of the way and to allow the listener to enjoy music rather than "listening to hi-fi". I had always aimed for a system that did this but did not achieve it until my system was re-engineered with the help of Coherent.

In particular, Coherent's vibration damping and bespoke cables were a revelation. More costly "reference" standard cables from a very well known manufacturer simply did not come close to Coherent's 4d series.
Date of Posting: 17 November 2010
Posted By: Dr. Steven Baxter Buclinghamshire
Simon Jeffrey - Coherent sales and service

I was introduced to Coherent System through a friend that has used Coherent services very successfully before. I could easily see through the company's website that quality products and services were available so I was happy to give them a call.
In fact my first "chat" was over email and then I meet Tony at a few HiFi shows. I was impressed with the systems that were on demo and his room was always one of the best sounds at these shows.

I was kindly invited to one of his open days which was a total revelation on how to take a very modest system, apply Coherent's skills and end up with a fantastically sounding system for a modest outlay. I have heard these components together before and they normally don't work well but that all changes in Tony's hands. This seriously impressed me and I wanted to learn how to achieve this on my system.

This lead to Tony offering a no obligation home visit to see what could be done to improve my system. I cannot express enough the quality of the service that followed with numerous home visits trying different speakers, cables and isolation techniques which took my system to the next level. I just would not have achieved this on my own.
Tony works in a very friendly manner with no aggressive sales technique and no pressure to purchase at all. The visits were never rushed and actually turned into very enjoyable listening sessions with us both enjoying the music, that's what it is all about hey. His passion for music and getting the best from systems was very evident. He often sat there, eyes closed, absorbed with the sound analyzing what to do next. He was prepared to leave some of the items for me to enjoy in my own time to make sure no rush decision were made. He follows up for a friendly chat to see how I was progressing and if I needed any further assistance. I actually did and he was happy to return yet again to assist.
Some, including me at that time, often wondered if some of the isolation products really delivered or was it all a bit of snake oil. Tony clearly shows how these devices help to get the best out of your equipment and proves it through demonstrations to let your own ears decide. It was soon very obvious to me the improvement gains are there if you are prepare to open your skepticism and try it.
It is very evident as you get to know Tony his understanding of the subject and his superb electronic knowledge and background really shines through with the results he achieves. The service I received is just not normally heard of these days and it was a very refreshing experience especially when purchasing relatively expensive equipment.
Since then Tony has kept in touch and I really would like to thank him for all his valuable experience and advice which has transformed my system. Simon
Date of Posting: 14 August 2009
Posted By: Simon Jeffery Southampton
Simon - Coherent sales and service

Hi Tony,

I hope that you are well.

Just to say thanks for coming down the other day with the clock cables, also for the photo session.

I have to say, and even though I am not running on full capacity yet, I was very very pleased with my listen this am. The system does seem to have been transformed radically. Its past incarnation seemed one dimensional by comparison- flat and neutral. The sound now stomps if that is the right word. Anyway, thank you for that and for taking me out of the dark ages. This little bit of sonic dragon chasing has proved worthwhile and no side effects as yet except curiosity about the higher levels of Nirvana.

Thank you
Date of Posting: 18 June 2009
Posted By: Simon White London

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