Acoustic Revive Lan Isolator RLI-1 GB

Acoustic Revive are one of those great audio companies that quietly work away in the background producing high quality audio system and room enhancement products to an exacting standard with one of those rare traits in audio:- they real deliver the sonic goods!



Network audio performance can be significantly deteriorated due to the noise generated by network players, HUB, NAS, etc which goes back and forth through LAN cables. Furthermore, invasion noise is also mixed in through the internet line which can also remarkably degrade the sound quality.

Acoustic Revive’s RLI-1 has succeeded in cutting the transmission noise to an extremely low level via the combination of an Isolation transformer and Choke coil for common-mode noise. As you can see from the below measurement results, the noise-cut effect of RLI-1 is far superior to that of medical LAN isolators which are only based on isolation transformers.

In addition to this, by designing for the audiophile approach, RLI-1 does not generate side effects such as the feeling of energy loss and reduced dynamics which is not avoided when using LAN isolators for medical treatment, and in this reason, the more it increases the number of units, the more the effect increases without generating any negative side effects.

Acoustic Revive’s RLI-1 is equipped with PT shielded PCOCC-A solid-core conductor which is used in our audio LAN cable LAN-1GB is 0PA cable. Additionally, 100% shielding by a copper-foil shield containing tourmaline further improves the sound quality without reducing the transmission characteristic.

Acoustic Revive Lan Isolator RLI-1GB Specifications:

  • Body dimensions: 24W * 41D * 21H (mm) (Excluding a cable)
  • Cable Length: 79mm
  • Weight: 40g (Including the cable and connector)

The effects will differ depending on your network system and devices used with it.

Price £240.00

Additional information

Body Dimensions

24W * 41D * 21H (mm) (Excluding a cable)

Cable Length



40g (Including the cable and connector)


The effects will differ depending on your network system and devices used with it.