Belles Soloist Range

Soloist is the introduction range of Belles electronics, now most people ‘equate’ introduction as base level or ordinary performance, well in the case of the Soloist range nothing could be further from the truth!

Some of the technology powering the more illustrious models of the Belles portfolio can be found in the Soloist range of equipment, giving quite special performance at this price point and way above.



With the introduction of the long awaited Soloist integrated amplifier and the Soloist 1 phono stage has now been completed to Dave Belles satisfaction.

What can you expect from the Soloist range? Simply excellent performance for your outlay, from the musical gem that is the Soloist3 pre-amplifier, amazing flexible and neat looking too. The little dynamite power house that is the soloist 5 will surprise you. Do not let looks deceive you this pre / power combination is quite something, above all wonderfully musical.

The new additions to the range have kept up the tradition with honours. The integrated is simply stunning, with such a high enjoyment factor 125Wrms of power and all the flexibility of high class Belles brand you come to expect.

The final piece in the soloist puzzle is the S1 Phono amplifier, careful designed to help eliminate those stray RFI and EMI signals that can cause many a vinyl lover stress. Capable of handling both moving coil and moving magnetic cartridges. Utilising fully discrete circuitry (with separate circuitry for each output) and bespoke casework the S1 phono stage delivers a involving and musical sound coupled with superb bass and sweet open highs a great addition to any analogue lovers system.