Belles Statement Series

Right from the outset the statement series was conceived as Belles’ ‘all out’ approach to creating beautifully engaging and realistic music, with a huge long term enjoyment factor.

Moving into the separates now with the monoblock amplifier combinations from the sublime MB-01 80Wrms class ‘A’ musical masters right through the MB 200’s.



Hifi Plus remarked “As soon as you fire the MB-200s (award winning) up you realise that there’s something special going on. There’s an instantaneous and lucid clarity that revels in instrumental detail without being overstated”. Hifi plus further commented “But the Belles have that necessary ability of any really good amp – invisibility. They are so devoid of grain and dynamic constraint that music flows from the soundstage completely unimpeded. It’s a skill they share with the Hovland and Ayres, but in combination with their astonishing transparency and sheer clarity, they produce some quite breathtaking musical moments, a host of captivating instrumental detail” we feel they have a soft spot for these truly great pieces of audio art.

The LA-01 award winning preamplifier is too cast from the same mould as the monoblock, as in no compromise sonic excellence. A two box unit, one housing a separate power supply the other the amplification stages

The LA-01 too has that special ability to totally disappear from the replay chain, it’s sheer transparency, openness and liquidity can beguile even the most demanding of music lovers. It’s dynamic contrasts and tonal layering of the soundstage sets itself apart from all but the very top echelons of audio hierarchy.

It displays an ability to set the music ‘free’, communicating all the Musial ebb and flow with consummate ease. One of the truly great pre-amplifiers available today

Hifi Plus observed “It manages to combine excellent solidity of sound with the sort of slippery-fast transient speed of the darTZeel” , “The pace is incredible”, “The LA-01 has the kind of quality that Louie Bellson displayed by turning the drum kit into a fluid legato instrument”

“The Belles pre-amp is not simply a speed freak though; there is a lot of dynamic weight and solidity to the sounds too”, “The Belles LA-01 is surprisingly good, it’s one of the fastest and most exciting pre-amps you can buy, in very much the darTZeel mode”

“In a package that challenges considerably more expensive preamps, that could prove irresistible for those seeking top class sounds over fancy frills”, “that’s a heady brew.”.