The ZAP is the VOX-partner dedicated low noise power supply. It can be fully controlled via touch-screen display or with our custom remote-control app for Android abd iOS. It provides clean power supply for the VOX line-up: symmetrical analog, digital and reference voltages.



The Digital supply is a low noise, low impedance, ultra-capacitor based power supply. It features a large capacitor bank of 2 x 310 Farads. The charging process is a seamless, microprocessor-controlled process with progress tracking graphics on the ZAP display.

The ZAP provides a very clean reference power supply needed for the VOX. It is made using discrete regulation and can be manually changed in case the ZAP is used independently.

For the headphone amplifier, the ZAP has a section of complementary adjustable discrete regulators. These are shunt mode high rejection stages based on proprietary Audiobyte technology.

The Hydra.ZAP has extensive monitoring and control capabilities. All voltage values (except reference voltages) and current consumptions are shown in real time on the product display. The complementary analog voltages powering the headphone amplifier can be manually adjusted in fine steps or by directly input of the voltage.

Technical Specifications

  • INPUT: 110v or 220-240v AC
  • OUTPUTS: 5V/2A fixed, 12..21/ 0.5A Vdc adjustable, Vref supply