Kirmuss KA-RC-1 Ultrasonic Record Restoration System

The Kirmuss Audio Model KA-RC-1 Revolutionizes The Way We Clean RESTORE Records.

Retail Price £1,795.00



First and foremost; our Patented and Patents Pending record suspension system assures that records of any speed and size see their grooves cleaned SAFELY. No damage to the record by mechanical intrusion of skewers and the like. FOUR RECORDS AT A TIME MAY BE PROCESSED. The distance between records is critical. Any less distance between the records sees a high standing wave negating the benfits of cavitation.

Secondly; only distilled water with a maximum of 40 mL (1.4 oz) of ISA (Isopropyl) 70% solution constitutes the initial de-grease bath. IT DOES NOT CLEAN THE GROOVES. The alcohol in safe quantity per the PVC Chemical Compatability Chart is used to kill the live and dormant fungus that resides on records.  Only in the first 5 minute  initial  wetting cycle does this remove some of the surface dust, fingerprint oils, sand.. This as both the record and the water retain the same charge.  In subsequent RESTORATION CYCLES  (of either 2 or 5 minutes, followed by a 5 minute rinse, we apply a PVC FRIENDLY, WATER SOLUBLE, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static  Ionizing Surfactant spray onto the record. When brushed in using the supplied goat hair brush, the application now changes the charge of the record with relation to the water in the ultrasonic’s tank.  …Thus starts the groove cleaning and groove restoration process.  The 500 MPH (805 KPH) plasma wave created by cavitation is now attracted to the both the record and the record’s groove. (Patents Pending).  With the plasma wave now brushing against the applied surfactant, this now first  removes accumulated surface contaminants present from other cleaning systems and processes.  Then as we process the records in multiple cycles, ( of 2 or 5 minutes),  we then finally remove the release agent found below and the contaminants that were microwelded into the grooves by the heat of the needle that were causing those unwanted pops and crackles.

Ultrasonics need an ionizing  surfactant to aid  the plasma wave to be attracted to the record, as vinyl typically repells water. Without this, groove restoration and cleaning may not occur.  Putting our agent onto a recoird or into a tank of water with any other ultrasonic for the reasons explained below will not work.  DO NOT USE OUR SURFACTANT WITH OTHER ULTRASONIC SYSTEMS AS PERMANENT DAMAGE TO RECORDS MAY OCCUR. SPECIAL NOTE: With the AudioDeske system, we gum up the pump and gear mechanism. ONLY USE OUR KA-AS-1 with our system.

As to determining when a record is clean and restored, our process allows you to see this first hand. As the surfactant is brushed onto the record and into the grooves over multiple 2 or 5 minute cycles, a  rise and then a fall,  or decrease of the appearance of a toothpaste-like substance that has been brought up by the goat hair brush is noted; this is of materials that were softened by the prior cycles of the ultrasonic cycle process as witnessed. This  validates the effectiveness of the system: removing fungus, contaminants, as well as agents applied in prior cleaning methods and systems. The Last Cycle is determined  when these materials rapidly evaporate or diminish in quantity. RECORDS COME OUT VIRTUALLY DRY as water is repelled by PVC.  The record is clean and is  RESTORED.

Retail Price £1,795.00


IN YOUR KIT: Main Restoration System Components.


On Washer


3.5 mm plug on end of cable plugs into the 3.5 mm power jack on right side of washer

(Model supplied depends on Country of use.)
AC Line Cord Receptacle and on/off power switch located on the backside of ultrasonic washer.









NOT INCLUDED: i) Distilled Water. (Available at local grocery store or pharmacy). Aprox.6.5 L / 1.75 US Gallons ii) 40 mL / 1.4 ounces of 70% IPA Isopropyl Alcohol. NOT RUBBING ALCOHOL! NEVER USE MORE THAN 40mL (1.4 OZ) OF ALCOHOL added to the basin. Higher amounts will see the loss of the plasticizer/ stabilizer on the record. The alcohol is used to kill dormant and live fungus, not used for cleaning. Use in a well ventilated area.

The above sundry supplies should be replaced very 15 to 20 records or daily, which ever comes first.

KA-AS-1 (*) Combination Anti-bacterial/anti-static surfactant spray solution. (60 mL/2 ounces).

To also use as an anti-static lubricant. Comes with 6 sq. inch (15 sq. cm) lint free KA-MF-2 optician’s cloth. AVAILABLE ACCESSORY KA-AS-1-R1 300 mL / 10 oz. REFILL BOTTLE.

KA-B1 Combination “2-in-One” 1M Carbon Fiber and Parastatic Felt Brush. In the system we use the parastatic felt to polish the record’s grooves after the mist of distilled water is removed using the Opti- cian’s microfiber cloth. When not used with the record restoration process: The carbon fiber brush side removes static and dust from the grooves before playing a record.







KA-B-1 Goat Hair Bush. Used to apply the surfactant to the record’s surface.

KA-MF-1 Microfiber “Rabbit Cloth”.
Used as workspace mat. Also to dry the Goat Hair Brush between applications of surfactant.

KA-MT-2 (5”/127 mm), KA-MT-3 4”/101 mm felt mat to

suspend records over the workstation cloth while applying surfactant and polishing.

KA-N-1 STYLUS (**) CLEANER Used to clean turntable stylus.

Retail Price £1,795.00