MC Audio QP-2 Linear power Supply

Coherent Systems QP-2 linear power supply is an ultra-quiet and incredibly stable high quality linear power supply with much less ripple noise lower than Keysight linear test bench equipment power supplies which are typically around 350uv (micro-volts)



The Coherent Systems QP2 power supply is one of the quietest (electrically) and robust linear power supplies that are currently available on the market today.

Designed & constructed entirely in the UK using over 85% non chinese components. We have a custom dual rail 5Vdc supply for sale in our QP2 Gen II package configuration.

Client has taken delivery of a five rail monster for his new project. The QP2 has the stage II regulation modules and Black Ravoili O.E. feet fitted.

These power supplies can deliver a transformative leap in performnace to almost any component they are connected to Dac’s/streamers/clocks/DDC/Headphone amps/Phono stages etc.

With two rails, this gives the owner much more flexibility with which compomponents will benefit from this truly ultra quiet supply This model is 14 months old. New cost £2400.

Asking £1495ono

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