Quadral Aurum Aktiv Alpha 9

From 1981 through today, quadral AURUM loudspeakers have been setting standards. Every generation combines consistency and innovation in a unique way. “AURUM 9 is the best we have ever built”, says Sascha Reckert, lead developer at quadral. It is the love for details, the meticulousness that is put into the development and manufacturing of AURUM products, which makes these loudspeakers so unrivalled. Nothing is left to chance; everything is merged to a harmonic unity. Do not only listen, but experience AURUM 9 – the power, the dynamics, the sublime spirit.




  • Integrated amplifier
  • High-resolution streaming
  • DIRAC® LIVE room calibration
  • Inclusive premium measuring microphone
  • Remote control app
  • The new quadral AURUM active streaming loudspeaker AURUM ALPHA – Wi-Fi, USB-A, UPnP/NAS, S/PDIF (optical)


Concentrated power and sophisticated control are the central features of the new AURUM active electronics. Both models are powered by high-performance Class D amplifiers for the sub-woofer and mid-woofer range. Musical analogue amplifiers are used for the tweeters.

The larger AURUM ALPHA achieves an impressive 700W@1%THD. The modules are controlled using a high-power digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP sets extremely precise requirements for each speaker chassis. To minimise the room influence, a full version of the multi-award-winning DIRAC® calibration system is included in the package. The performance is polished by analogue symmetrical/unsymmetrical inputs and an optical S/PDIF digital input.


Maximum performance from the smallest box – the new AURUM active model in short. To produce such great output from such a compact device requires a sophisticated overall design.

The basses play in a closed chamber: this concept is ideal for the cleanest impulses and a melodic, musical bass. It saves space but it needs a long-throw, low-distortion sub-woofer and lots of power – no problem for the new AURUM active model. The full active loudspeaker with 350W and 700W guarantees unlimited dynamic.

To ensure the resulting heat for this enormous performance doesn‘t become a problem, the electronics are situated in a separate chamber with a flue-effect ensuring effective heat dissipation. This chamber alone requires as much space as a small tower speaker.

To create a slim front with good all-round emission, the woofers are placed on the side – a particular challenge for the mid-range. These are isolated from each other and require a huge amount of power but still have very low distortion. The 15 cm and 18 cm mid range of the AURUM passive series pass this test with flying colours.


The best feature of the AURUM active model is undoubtedly its option to stream music from different sources. The simplest way: insert a USB stick with music files, select it in the app and enjoy listening immediately.

You can also connect your home network through the app in just a few clicks to play the entire music collection saved on a favourite network drive. If you like listening to the radio now and again, the AURUM active loudspeaker can also access hundreds of radio stations or podcasts through airable®. To cover the many streaming services, we have also integrated Tidal® initially due to its high-resolution data format, with vastly superior sound to standard compression.

  • Type  3-way  fully active speaker
  • Design principle closed
  • Frequency response (Hz)  17…48.000
  • Output power 700Watts @1% THD
  • X/Over frequency 110/2900Hz
  • Tweeter   qu-sense Aluminum ribbon 90mm
  • Mid-range  2 x 180 mm Altima
  • Woofer 2 x 265mm quadral Altima
  • Size (w x h x d) in cm  121 x 28 x 51 cm
  • Weight in kg  71 kg
  • Finish High gloss black or white and Piano black

Price from £14995 per pair