Quadral Aurum Speakers

From 1981 through today, quadral AURUM loudspeakers have been setting standards. Every generation combines consistency and innovation in a unique way. “AURUM 9 is the best we have ever built”, says Sascha Reckert, lead developer at quadral. It is the love for details, the meticulousness that is put into the development and manufacturing of AURUM products, which makes these loudspeakers so unrivalled.


Nothing is left to chance; everything is merged to a harmonic unity. Do not only listen, but experience Quadral AURUM 9 – the power, the dynamics, the sublime spirit.

Your wishes are our motivation to develop and build loudspeakers that leave a lastingly stunning impression is our priority maxim. Loudspeakers that impress with clarity and multifacetedness equally as much as with vigor and power.

Ensuring consistently excellent sound reproduction of all music genres means ensuring that the cabinet itself doesn’t bring itself into play, in other words it should be absolutely rigid and free of vibration. It should also not generate intrinsic sound and instead should serve one purpose only, namely the acoustically authentic reproduction of incoming signals. For this reason our cabinets are not avant-garde design sculptures that are subject to short-lived trends and bring with them dubious acoustic characteristics. We believe in building cabinets featuring timeless design true to the principle of form follows function and the elegantly sober lines of which correspond optimally with absolute acoustic functionality.

Blu-ray has now been established as sole successor to the DVD format, and this means changes to both the visual as well as acoustic preconditions. Drastically increased sampling frequency levels and a significantly greater bit depth as against the DVD enable previously undreamt-of re sults in terms of sound. In the form of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio there are two HD sound formats available which ensure loss-free compression of the audio data. The result: sound with precisely the radiance intended by the sound engineers when doing the mixing. Greatest possible dynamics, outstanding transparency and incredible acoustic precision are the stunning characteristics of the new HD sound formats. With our AURUM loudspeakers we offer you the right instruments for getting the very most out these formats. Their tremendous frequency response characteristics, superb high-tech chassis units, painstakingly built cabinets and incredibly high power-handing capacity make each and every one of our AURUM sound system components the right companion for entering the acoustic HD age.

The Quadral GALAN is the smallest member of the Quadral AURUM family. Still, the compact loudspeaker is able to effortlessly build and delivery a big stage presence. A well balanced sound picture with amazing depth captivates immediately. Fine resolution through the quSENSE-tweeter excels and depicts every sound detail with perfect placement. AURUM GALAN is suitable for stereo alignment, and is excellent for small to medium spaces. It’s the perfect supplement for bigger home cinema installations too.

The new AURUM SEDAN 9 is technically a floorstander in a compact size. That’s the impression you get when you’re immersed by voluminous sound as the sound stage unfolds around you. The presence is impressive, the level stability phenomenal. As if they were made of one piece, the quSENSE-tweeter and big quadral ALTIMA®-driver play so smoothly together. SEDAN is the perfect loudspeaker for everyone who prefers discreet optics without having to lower their expectations.

Absolutely exquisite, the new floorstander AURUM RODAN barely towers one meter tall – but looks can be deceiving… Despite, in comparison to others, the more compact dimensions, it still provides all of the classic AURUM attributes: quSENSE tweeter, powerful quadral ALTIMA® midrange and a pressure chamber with two gripping woofers. Combined, they help the RODAN go on to produce a truly life-like sound picture. The sound converter works its spaces entirely, almost explosively and enthrals with fantastic resolution all from such a fine and compact cabinet which works on a pressure chamber principle and provides unexpected and impressive bass volume.

“Keep calm” this is the motto describing the Quadral AURUM MONTAN. Effortlessly, and almost casually, this impressive loudspeaker renders everything superbly that it’s supplied through the aluminium terminal. It works extremely harmonically therefore, knowing how to convince and how to combine rich foundations with crystal clear highs. The musicality of the MONTAN is nothing less than impressive and thrilling. Even low passages are reproduced in full bloom. Turn up the volume level control and see the MONTAN keep its cool – it fills even big spaces with voluminous sound.

The more calmly you dedicate yourself to a task, the more authentic and accurate the result. The new Quadral AURUM VULKAN is capable of sheer inexhaustible reserves of power and also finesse, which is why it renders naturally and with ease at the highest levels. As a result, it takes you on a musical journey, one that’s shaped by power and sovereignty. Crystal clear highs bewitch, while rich and dry basses make music a totally perceptible experience. Its neutral tuning keeps the VULKAN close to the original too.

Like the big TITAN, the VULKAN also utilizes a high / midrange area of D‘appolito-arrangement. The rendered frequency range melts in to harmonic unity, powerfully supported by a pressure chamber with two 235 mm quadral ALTIMA®-drivers. AURUM VULKAN 9 is outstanding, and a perfect pairing for exquisite stereo pleasure but also a rampant delight for “level-orgies” in your home cinema.

In 1981 the first TITAN made history. With its presence and its exceptional sound it has inspired trade press and customers equally throughout time. Now, 35 years on, the 9th generation sees the light of day. Again it makes its mark: 145 cm tall, more than 80 kg of pure handcrafted excellence. The high / midrange area is a combination of quadral ALTIMA® and quSENSE in a D’appolito-arrangement. In the low range area, you’ll discover a powerful pressure chamber with two strong drivers.The result is impressive: extreme dynamics paired with an enormous sound stage and incomparable sovereignty. The room becomes a concert hall, massively fuelled, and as always, with an unrivalled ability to pamper the most delicate of moments too. The quSENSE- technology works with exceptional low distortion into highest level areas. The powerful low bass provides the necessary foundation for a typical neutral AURUM sound. TITAN 9 excites audiophile connoisseurs as well as owners of high-quality home cinema installations.

Classy and impressive – this is the big one, the Center BASE TITAN which takes design cues and snaps glances from the original TITAN. Therefore understandably, this BASE TITAN demonstrates the same musicality and abilities as our Quadral AURUM top model. Together with a TITAN, or VULKAN for that matter, there arises a homogenous companionship. This massive center works powerfully and with effortless strength, whilst still remaining sophisticated and delicate a truly sublime experience.

AURUM PHASE 9 are low, elegant wall mounted loudspeakers that are individually adjustable (to 60 degrees bendable for wall/ceiling installation). Therefore, they are perfectly suited for classic surround settings (5.1) and three dimensional sound effects (e.g. 11.2). Convert your home cinema into a rousing world of experience with exciting sound from all sides. Two qudral ALTIMA®-chassis provide pressure and volume, the quSENSE-tweeter a crystal clear sound.

Dive into the acoustic depths of movie and sound. Experience dynamic effects, subtle bass fogs and even loose explosions. Enjoy the deepest notes of an organ or a double bass. There’s 500 watts and a powerful 32cm woofer providing brutal violence and in the same breath, perfect control and delicateness where needed. All this together in a very compact chassis and optically tuned to the new AURUM series.

Starting prices high gloss black/white/Oil Walnut

Premium lacquer extra