TAD Labs CR-1TX Stand Mount Speakers

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TAD Compact Reference 1 TX Speakers

Nick-named the ‘CR1’, it has the ability to truly shock listeners such is the scale of the sound image it produces given its modest dimensions.

The Tad Labs Compact Reference (CR-1) can be considered a TAD Reference One ‘in miniature’. In every way a reference speaker, but in a more compact form factor than the sublime 150kg floor standing Reference model 1 .

More than ten years in the making, its design objective was to achieve, in a compact stand-mount speaker, point-source sound of such transparency and high fidelity that as a music lover you will forget about the existence of the loudspeaker and just enjoy the music.

The Compact Reference employs the same CST ‘coaxial’ driver with beryllium tweeter dome and mid-range cone featured in the flagship R1, in a three-way vented design coupled with a 20cm (8in) woofer of astonishing dynamic capability. Frequency response is 32Hz 100kHz.

Accompanying stands are optional. If you prefer an alternative design of speaker stand it will need to be substantial: the CR1 measures 34.1 x 62.8 x 44.4cm (WHD) and weighs 46kg as heavy as many high-end floor-standing loudspeakers! This is because its engineering quality is peerless; the integrity of the CR1’s enclosure and its luxurious finish is identical to that of the flagship Tad Labs R1.

Over the years many of the world’s finest orchestral recordings have come from Prof. Keith O. Johnson’s famous Reference Recordings record label of California.

In the modern era the company records in 24-bit high resolution DXD format at a sampling frequency of 176.4kHz, its recordings, available as hybrid SACDs and ‘Master’ files supplied on DVD-ROM media.

What does the company use for monitoring and playback of its ‘reference’ recordings? Naturally, the finest ‘compact’ loudspeaker in the world: the TAD CR1.

The Tad Labs CR-1 has to seen and heard to be believed, its ability to reproduce every nuance of the artistry, emotion and power of musical performances simply breathtaking.

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Compact reference One TX Specifications

  • Design: 3-way bass reflex compact loudspeaker
  • Drive units: 20cm woofer coaxial mid-range/tweeter – 16.5cm cone/3.5cm dome
  • Freq response: 32Hz to 100kHz
  • X/overs: 250Hz, 2kHz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V, 1m)
  • Required amp output: 50-250Wrms
  • Dimensions: 341mm x 628mm x 444mm (W H D)
  • Weight speaker each: 46kg
  • Weight stand each: 16kg

Price for CR-1 matching stands £4995

Price for standard Pommele Sapele veneer £79,495

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