Track Audio Precision Speaker Stands

Track Audio precision 600 speaker stands Ex Demonstration



We have for sale our ex demonstration track audio precision speaker stands (stand mount version) in the black with the later large domed feet, also with the Black Ravioli pads for further decoupling these are absolutely the top of the tree for speaker isolation we have used a great many isolation devices and nothing get close to these wondering engineered and perfoming stands. Fit and finish of these is areospace standard no question. Our stands have a couple of buises on them one on a top plate the other on a bottom plate at the back (does not neffect performnace in any way. Otherwise is damn fine condition. New cost was £1575 in 2016 plus £220 for the extra BR pads. These stands have not been made for around four years so are very hard to find used simpley as owners do not wish to part with them! Also Editor choice winner in 2012 from Hifi News. new cost £1700

These just do not appear on the used market for a good reqason they just work so well

Asking 1275 ovno

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