MC END Earth Noise Dissipation System

MC Audio Earth Noise Dissiaption system, can deliver very positive results in audio system sound quality. With possible benefits of a more natural and relaxed sound, great flow to the music and zero loss of dynamic insight.



MC audio’s long term research into electrical noise whether conducted, raditated or imunnity generated.  When dealing with circuit board design/transmission line noise/serial data impedence mis matches. Mains bourne interfernce has many aspects that can affect the sound quality of an audio system. From common mode noise, harmonic flicker, DC offset. Ground (return line noise) is oftem over looked in this application.

Noise in the electronics realm is a random or undesired fluctuation in the electrical signals or voltage source. It is often conducted through interconnect cables and conducting metal
parts such as brackets, shields and chassis.

Common mode noise currents often follow a large loop area which then radiate to the environment adding to the system electromagnetic emissions. It can also create spurious
conducted signals within a system that causes communications errors and malfunctions
due to signal disturbances. Sensitive measurement devices & digital circuitry particularly microprocessors/oscillators/PLL/FPGA etc  can malfunction or interpret the noise as data and result in erroneous data or affect sound quality.

Common mode noise is the ac disturbance from one or more signal or power lines and an external conduction path, such as an earth ground or chassis or other conductive material not intended to conduct the power or signals.

Common mode noise current is returned to the source through a different path from the normal signal or power path. Examples include chassis or earth ground and adjacent
conductors. This is possible due
to impendences to that conductor. The noise source may be from the AC mains, the power supply or even the electronic circuitry being powered.
The parasitic impedance is often not always obvious, but understanding it is essential to finding
optimum mitigation methods. One also needs to be aware of the impedances to the common path may be components added to help filter noise.

MC Audio’s Earth Noise Surpression (END) system have been designed specifically to tackle the electrical interference that is present on the earth line (safety) of the incoming a/c power (mains) line.

The END can be responsible for a lower floor, more natural and fuild sound, with improved sepration and cohesivness.

The unit is totally self contained and comes with the only cable you will require to use it. It just needs to be placed in the same supply circuit as the audio system and that’s it, just sit back and enjoy music with more reality and ease of listneing without losing any dynamic contrasting or tonal layering.

Some END users feedback


I gave it some thought and my analogy for the change since adding in the End, is the competent amateur musicians have been replaced by the professionals



“The improvements I’ve had from each of the sequence of changes… END, Nexus, little RTZ, big RTZ have not been small.  Each change has given a seriously big and noticeable improvement… all very impressive.

Steve B”

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