Quadral Aurum Galan9 Stand Mount Speakers

Quadral Aurum Galan 9 Stand Mount Speakersin high gloss balck ex demonstration



Our ex demonstration pair in really superb condition, with original boxes and paperwork. Very little use and the finish is like a black mirror. Quadral’s are one of the best at making ribbon tweeters integrate wonderfully well. These speakers are real gem, I personal use a pair myself. They utterly belie their size, yet have a superbly open, detailed and yet smooth sound scape. Their thrive on good amplification and quality equipment. pound for pound these are seriously hard to beat. They hold a tune exceptionaly well and deliver a great musical performance. easy to drive and so much fun to fall in love with. New cost £2395

Asking £1575 ono

Summary from Hifi World March 2017 5 Globe review

GALAN 9 FROM £2000 -•••••£ OUTSTANDING- amongst the best.

VALUE- keenly priced. – VERDICT A cracking little loudspeaker from Quadral that impresses more and more the longer you listen.

FOR- extended treble, good bass, excellent build quality

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