Bringing every music to life with the Tad Labs C1000 Pre amplifer

The Artistic Intent, Intact. Made possible by uncompromising design philosophy, handpicked materials and components, and meticulous mechanical engineering

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TADL has developed a preamplifier version of a single-stage, current-feedback amplifier originally designed for our Reference Series of hi-fi audio components and has incorporated it into the flat amplifier section of the TAD-C1000.

The minimal use of amplifying elements enables the TAD-C1000 to amplify every musical nuance faithfully.

Furthermore, to achieve the highest level of complementarity of signals, we have tested the performance characteristics of each first-stage FET device and chosen matching pairs for positive and negative elements for the flat amplifier section of the TAD-C1000.

This meticulous attention to detail has taken the stability of the preamplification circuit to a higher level.


The circuit pattern and parts are symmetrically laid out on the audio motherboard of the preamplification circuit to suppress even the smallest amplification errors between positive and negative signals, as well as between right and left channels.

The pursuit of perfectly symmetrical design does not stop there. We have even gone so far as to lay out two power transformers, the chassis construction, and rear-panel jacks symmetrically to achieve optimum weight and vibration balances.


The volume knob has an exquisite look and feel. It is mounted on high-precision ball bearings to ensure an exceptionally smooth and effortless rotation expected of TAD hi-fi audio components.

The center-mounted design of the volume knob signifies the symmetrical layout of the internal circuits. The TAD-C1000 employs a design language shared with other offerings in the Evolution Series.


The TAD-C1000’s impeccable craftsmanship is exemplified in its high-output toroidal power transformer.

The transformer’s internal coil is directly connected to the power supply circuit to make it more responsive to dynamic changes in music signals.

Moreover, the audio and control circuits are each powered by a dedicated transformer to eliminate interference between them.

Every component has been carefully selected and laid out inside the TAD-C1000 after being put through a series of demanding tests and listening evaluations to validate their performance specifications.


The heavy, sturdy body of the TAD-C1000 is supported solidly by the combination of spike-shaped feet made of chromium molybdenum steel and matching self-height-adjustable spike holders made of special steel.

The minimum contact with the surface on which the TAD-C1000 sits keeps external vibrations from traveling through the feet and adversely affecting circuits and parts inside the case.

This elaborate vibration-control design results in greater information density, dynamism, and clarity in music reproduction.


Model No.

Rated Output Voltage

1.6V (balanced), 0.8V (unbalanced)

Maximum Output Voltage

16Vrms (balanced) 8Vrms (unbalanced)

Rated THD


IHF S/N Ratio


Frequency Responce

10Hz―100kHz, –1 dB



Input Connectors

4 Balanced, 2 Unbalanced

Output Connectors

2 Balanced, 2 Unbalanced

Analog Maximum Permissible Input Voltage (-40dB)

14V (balanced), 7V (unbalanced)

Power Requirements

AC 120 V, 60 Hz (USA), AC 220 V to 240 V, 50 Hz /60 Hz (Europe, Asia)

Power Consumption

26W (0.5W or less during Standby)


440mm (W) x 150mm (H) x 424mm(D) [17-5/16 in. (W) x 5-14/16 in. (H) x 16ー11/16 in. (D)]


17.0kg (37.4 lb)

Price £19,495.00

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