TAD Labs M1000-K/S Stereo power amplifier

With the TAD Labs M1000 power amplifier, TAD continues its mission of providing audio quality that sounds truly natural. Using Class D circuitry in a completely balanced structure, TAD amplifiers achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

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The Essence of Music Is Woven Rhythmically into Each Note.

Tad Labs have adopted a design that matches that of the superb TAD-D1000 and TAD-DA1000 electronics (launched in 2013). TAD has given the TAD-M1000-K/S a finish that is fitting of the agility, high-definition and high-level sound quality of the Evolution series.

The amplifier is available in a choice of two colors—silver and black—making it easy to choose the best match for the domestic home environment.

The TAD-M1000-K/S power amplifier adopts Dual Logic-Circuit Technology, enabling accurate driving of the speaker diaphragms by ensuring that positive and negative electric current supplies are exactly the same. While ensuring symmetry in all other respects, including circuit-type and structural aspects.

The amplification circuitry adopts a BLT-type topology (Balanced Load Tied) in which two completely independent amplifiers (from the input terminals to the output terminals) are connected via a balanced connection.

The power supply circuity is designed such that not only are negative and positive power supplies symmetrical, but all power supply circuit channels are independent, including power supply transformer, rectification circuitry and stabilization circuitry.

In terms of structural aspects, the TAD-M1000-K/S adopts a dual mono structure which considers identicalness in terms of power transformer positioning, circuit board pattern configurations and even wiring length.

The TAD-M1000-K/S achieves vibration control isolation mounting by adopting a three-point support structure using built-in spike insulation.

By clarifying load points, reducing the effect of vibrations from the floor, and enhancing isolation performance, these functions have improved the power, clarity and amount of information contained in the sound produced.

It is also equipped with the same robust, high-grade, large-sized speaker terminals used in TAD’s Reference series, which serve to reduce stress on speaker cables connected to the rear side of the amplifier is rack-mounted.

By improving mechanical and electrical connection stability, the TAD-M1000-K/S enables maximum effective utilization of the owner’s high-grade speaker cables.

The amplifier’s Class D output stage employs a power MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor) which eliminates lead terminals and boasts ultra-low on-resistance.

This achieves high-efficiency power characteristics with power usage rates of 90% and above, conveying energy from the power supply directly to the speakers.

The lead-less power MOSFET offers low-loss, high-speed performance, and adopts a simple single configuration which also contributes to achieving cleaner more organic sound quality.

The TAD-M1000-K/S adopts a transformer-dropper type which is unaffected by switching noise, and increases the power supply’s signal-to-noise ratio.

It also utilizes a 1kVA-class toroidal power supply transformer which utilizes high-quality electromagnetic steel, which helps to reduce energy-conversion loss through strong coupling between primary and secondary-side coil windings.

The rectification circuitry consists of a large-capacity 33,000μF electrolytic capacitor (developed specifically for TAD) and high-speed Schottky barrier diode configuration, which helps to support the speedy and dynamic sound quality delivered by this refined Class D amplifier.

The TAD-M1000-K/S is equipped with Bi-Amp functionality which achieves improved separation characteristics, eliminating interference between units by enabling direct connection between each speaker unit and each amplifier.

This enables users to take full advantage of the original true performance of both the speakers and the amplifier itself and enjoy crystal clear, undistorted organic sound reproduction.

TAD M1000 Specifications

  • Rated output 500W (JEITA, 2-channel simultaneous drive, 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, T.H.D. 1.0%, 4Ω)
  • Input terminals: Balanced (Xlr) unbalanced (Rca)
  • Input impedance 1.5 V/220kOhms (Balanced) 0.75 V/47kOhms (Unbalanced)
  • Gain 29.5dB
  • Power consumption 250W
  • Stand by power consumption 0.5W
  • Rated 0.05% or less (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, 250W, 4Ω)
  • Frequency response 5-50Khz -3dB
  • S/N Ratio >112dB
  • Size 440 mm (W) x 148 mm (H) x 479 mm (D)
  • Weight 29kg
  • Brushed Silver or Satin Black

       Price £19,495


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