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Creaktiv Systems

Creaktiv Systems are a high end German manufacturer of high quality audio and storage furniture who's fit and finish is absolutely first class. Creaktiv have been trading for many years and have built up a great reputation in Germany and the continent

From the Trend rack to the Twister stops which have use a unique and ground breaking technology which suppresses and helps eliminate the effects of electromagnetic interference in your home.


Creaktiv systems manufacture a wide range of audio furniture and accessories that will enhance not just the looks, but could also improve the performance of your system as well. Tried and test products produced to an exacting standard that the German's are famous for. Creaktiv systems has the products that really can bring harmony to your domestic audio system.

The technology is called ci2p and it will fundamentally change opinions on the effect that electronic smog has on our listening environment and our living environment. This isn't any kind of voodoo, this is measurable scientific research, the results are significant and the products really work. The ci2p material can be also be included in the racking systems as well to take the sonic performance to a new level entirely.

Also the stunning 'Box it' range of audio furniture that features modern design, practicality and sonic improvements together for the first time in this way coming soon!

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We are one of the foremost digital audio specialists in the country with over 25 years of specialist experience in this area, from CD players to high resolution playback we can deliver a sound that will delight.


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