Belcanto Amplification

Bel Canto’s new generation of e.One analogue switching audio power amplifiers emerge. These amplifiers incorporate performance enhancing technology resulting from our on-going research in analog switching amplifier technology

The new Belcanto Ref 600m monoblock amplifier with NCORE® technology. The new design takes e.One power, performance and musicality to greater levels, advancing the recognized high value we build into all our audio components.


High common mode rejection, wide dynamic range custom input stages are added. This input stages improved the drive to the amplifier, resulting in lower noise and distortion and wider dynamic range in real-world operation.

The input stage uses the latest advanced amplifiers and passive components including: Caddock resistors, Solid Electrolytic ultra-low ESR decoupling capacitors and low noise regulated power supplies. These devices ensure that the input section is utterly transparent, enhancing the performance of the core amplifier.

Both and Re500s use 3rd generation switching amplifiers for lower High Frequency distortion, increased clarity and better high frequency extension.

Outstanding performance in a small, neat package good looking package. The E.One series of amplifiers will drive most loads with ease, very transparent, open and powerful, yet musical too. Superb with music and home cinema alike.

Bel Canto continues a long history of amplifier design, partnering with the most advanced analog switch mode amplifier technology available today. We combine NCORE® amplifier technology with our unique input filtration, custom loading design, and compact chassis to deliver serious power levels that will drive and control speakers with ease.

Now more than ever, audio amplification must deliver the pure treble of Class A, the slam of the best Class D architectures, and the mid band presence that brings life to your music. The REF600M maintains the sonic balance and delivers true-to-source, natural sound. John Stronczer says. Never before have we seen this level of measurable performance from a switch mode amplifier that rend rs the musical note in space like our original SET amplifiers, and goes beyond with unprecedented low frequency control, yet retains the simplicity and ease of use expected in an e.One amplifier.