DC Power Cables

Coherent cable ranges have proved to be our most popular over the last eighteen years, with a great many customers trading up from the 4 or 5D ranges The DC umbilical power cable is now an essential part of many audio systems and is one area that is over looked in terms of performance upgrades.



With today’s audio trends moving towards streaming, network bridges, separate digital to analogue converters, up-samplers, Chord M-Scalers and dedicated aftermarket high quality clocking devices more and more equipment uses those pretty basic noisy ‘wall wart’ style switch mode power supplies. While these may be adequate for basic power requirements of the product, they really do no favours for the sound quality.

There are many aftermarkets linear power supplies now available for the quality audio branded products (Including our own QP-1) that will enhance your audio products performance, however the DC umbilical cable is virtually always overlooked when selecting an alternative off board power supply.

Coherent Cabling solutions have been producing bespoke dc umbilical cables for just as long as we have been producing speakers’ cables! So, it was time to have a dedicated web page for the products.

We can produce virtually any configuration of dc cabling you require from a basic single rail supply right up to many multiple dual rail supplies in one carrier. Voltage ranges from 1.8Vdc right up to 100Vdc with currents ranging from 250ma up to 120amps.

All our cabling is fabricated from a raw drawn wire (our own material design and manufacture), bespoke high voltage dielectrics and the now legendary Coherent shielding products. We have an extensive design and electrical lab facilities where our products are rigorously developed and tested. Especially with in-depth spectral analysis for conducted and radiated emissions plus harmonic noise identification.

What this means for you is the potential for hearing your music in more natural, relaxed manner focusing on fluidity and ease of listening. Other possible traits include: – lower noise floor, improved bass response, sound staging depth and spatial awareness.

Prices start from £195 for a single rail 1m DC power cable


 Coherent BC/DC Belcanto VBS lead

Identifying a need for a quality DC power lead for the Belcanto VBS/VBL equipment is something most people would not consider. However over the ten years we have been refining a design for an aftermarket umbilical cable to truly compliment Belcanto’s superb pieces of audio equipment

Coherent Systems have fabricated this particular product into three options culminating in our superb 6D range variant. Which can give you the listener the possible traits greatly improved texture, openness, detail and musical flow. Other benefits can include lower noise floor, better bass extension and detail, improved sense of rhythm and timing coupled with a greater sense of realism.

Available in 1m lengths (or custom lengths to order) the Coherent BC/DC lead makes for a superior upgrade right across the audio spectrum a very worth while investment for Belcanto e.One equipment owning music lovers.

Prices start from £275 for a Belcanto DC power lead (CD2/Tuner)


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