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Mutec Clocks

Mutec Clocks have the ability to really draw out the performance of your digital audio playback system with the carefully designed and thought out products. From reclockers to sample rate converters or the Stunning Ref 10 master clock. Mutec delivers!

Since 1989 Christian Peters has been involved with electronics whether it was pro or consumer audio he mind has never been to far from his passion of music.

Rebranded ‘Mutec’ in the late 90's which is an amalgamation of music and technology this was in part to help bring the brand to a wider more global audience.

Usually found in cutting edge broadcast and TV studios, well respected recording and mastering studios as well as renowned musical theatre, Opera houses and Universities all over the world. Now with its the new line of consumer audiophile products Mutec bring their considerable expertise in the broadcast and pro audio arenas to the home audio market with highly affordable and great performing products to suit many tastes and pockets.

Mutec has more recently focussed on the home audio market with its range of smart clocks and sample rate converters.

The MC3+ Smart Clock USB is a wonderful device that enables a multitude of digital inputs to enable not just sample rate conversion but highly accurate reclocking of the incoming digital signal. Especially with the less than perfect USB method, delivering a palpable three dimensional, detailed open sounds with zero digital artefacts.

Last year Mutec launched its Empyreal Class range with the superb Ref 10 master clock specifically designed for audiophile systems with multiple digital boxes. Its reference 10Mhz signal has an industry leading low phase noise (jitter) to significantly improve digital playback systems.

Mutec are a professional long standing company that design and produce class leading high quality products that will help you achieve your audio goals.

New for 2020 ref 120 SE-120 special edition clock ultra low phase noise below -172dBm @ 100Khz

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We are one of the foremost digital audio specialists in the country with over 25 years of specialist experience in this area, from CD players to high resolution playback we can deliver a sound that will delight.


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