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Tad Labs

TAD Labs mantra is applicable to every product they produce from the ME-1 to the mighty R-1 reference speaker:- "Embodying the skills of master craftsman who pay obsessive attention to every minute detail and allow no compromise!"

Coherent Systems are the longest established TAD dealer in the UK with over eight years of top flight experience with this prestigious brand. From the stunning ME-1's to the Sublime Reference One speakers. Coherent Systems fully understand how to extract the best all round performance from these superb Japanese pieces of Audio engineering and integrate them into your living space seamlessly.

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Inc. (Tad Labs) grew from the spirit to discover technologies to perfectly recreate the pure sound of life performances with uncompromising craftsmanship.

We have inherited our philosophy from Bart Locanthi recognized across the globe as the ultimate sound technologist‐who believed that genuine technology is true to the basic and that genuine technology places greater importance on sound quality than on technology for its own sake. At TAD Labs, we are honing our technology to create equipment that reproduces musical sounds that evoke both the energy and impact of life music.

At TAD Labs nothing is ordinary, from the smallest specially selected component. Tad Labs has the world's only facility for vapour deposition of Beryllium on the amazing CST drivers. All painstaking assembled with the utmost passion, care and attention to detail by truly dedicated artesian Japanese craftsman and woman to the highest standards today. TAD labs delivers sonic which is truly from "Source to Sound" in a supremely musical and engaging manner, it has no equal in bringing you the most faithful playback possible. Tad Labs is for those music lovers who desire no compromise with their replay systems.

Tad Labs produces some of the finest audio equipment available today, not just in sheer quality of build but in sound reproduction as well. With no exception all of their products have a musical fluidity and involvement factor that just captivates the listener imbibing a long term love affair with the brand.

There are a few companies in the world which make truly outstanding speakers and yet cannot seem to match their speakers with electronics. Tad labs also produces world class speakers, but unlike those few, can match their speakers with their own electronics delivering you a complete package from 'Source to sound'



  • We are working to optimize the pleasure and pride of ownership with the wonder and thrill of listening.
  • We are devoted to our high-level technologies and carefully craft each product by hand, even as the times, technology and audio environments advance.
  • We are innovating to effectively incorporate the latest materials and technologies in our basic design policies and concepts.
  • We are maintaining design quality to ensure long-term use, fusing Japan’s unique materials and technologies to improve artistic qualities.
  • We are actively promoting socially responsible activities for environmental conservation to balance consumption and production

Our Brands

Tad Labs

The Company

We are one of the foremost digital audio specialists in the country with over 25 years of specialist experience in this area, from CD players to high resolution playback we can deliver a sound that will delight.


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